Food Lately

Let’s talk about food! I have been pretty busy this week and I haven’t been doing anything all that exciting, and I haven’t been blogging a lot (perhaps you noticed), but I have been eating really well and I need to address that.

On Tuesday I got together with my beach volleyball team for a little end-of-season potluck party. Actually, I forgot to mention how we ended up doing in volleyball. Our team came third in the third tier out of six in the recreational league. So not amazing, but not horrible. I am going to say we are exactly average. Hopefully we can step that up in the spring.

Anyway, we met at my friend Laura (that is her in the above pic) and her boyfriend Ryan’s house and I left there pretty ridiculously stuffed.

I brought a layer dip (from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry), which is always a hit and a half. I annhilated my own dip, and also the plain Ruffles chips and dip. I always forget what a good combo that is. I don’t know why I don’t buy it more often. Oh, probably because I would eat it all the time and then be 400lbs.

We also ordered pizza, so I had a few slices of that. And for dessert Laura made these absolutely ridiculous chocolate peanut butter bars.

I was originally hoping for cookies, I cannot lie, because she makes the best ones and I am a cookie connoisseur. However, I forgave Laura as soon as I tasted that chocolate peanut buttery deliciousness. Those bars were so good! I could have eaten the entire plate.

They were so good I brought a few in to work the next day, and they went very well with the impromptu picnic lunch our boss Margaret ended up bringing in for us.

I need to just take a moment and say I really, really enjoy working here. This lunch was ridiculous! Margaret had been talking about bringing in this amazing smoked salmon for a while, but she didn’t mention she was going to bring in all those other amazing things. When she pulled it out of her bag and started spreading it out on the table, I couldn’t help it, I told her I was in love with her.

Meals filled with various different food items are pretty much my favourite, because I love randomly snacking around my plate.

That was my first plate, but I filled it up a few times and was eating well into the afternoon. I can’t even pick a favourite item on that plate. Best lunch ever. I was so impressed.

She also brought in brownies and nanaimo bars for us.

Which we saved for the next day since we had Laura’s awesome bars.

And did I mention we have a snack station in our office?

I am totally going to gain weight working here. I am eating the chocolate covered raisins pretty much all day long.

Also, since I am temporarily still in my old work building, I have been trying to take advantage of Druxy’s being in here while I still can. This means my favourite lunch combo has been making a few appearances.

Grilled cheese with brie (BRIE!!!!), and soup. This soup was tomato mushroom florentine, but when it comes to Druxy’s soup I am not picky. All of their soups are delicious.

And that is basically what’s new with me in the food department. I get so excited about food I’m almost embarrassed for myself. Almost.

Have a great weekend!


10 responses to “Food Lately

  1. I have no self control when it comes to chocolate-covered raisins.

  2. Your snack station’s looking a little low on the goods. I’ll bet it didn’t look like that when you got there.

  3. First poutine and now nanaimo bars. What pray tell are those delicious looking things?

  4. You have a snack station? How awesome is that?!!

  5. You play beach volleyball?! How cool are you!! You’re pretty much an Olympian to me now. I love how your beach volleyball wind up kind of looks like book club. Hehe – love it.

    My old department used to have a “food day” once a month. It was amazing and disgusting all at the same time. People would be putting stuff out when they got in so we’re all mowing down a layered taco dip at 8:30. Mmmmmmm.

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