How to Gain 10lbs in One Weekend

It is very, very easy. Allow me to demonstrate.

I recommend starting your weekend off right with a huge burrito bowl for lunch on Friday.

That was deeeeelicious. And don’t be fooled by the lettuce. That bowl also included rice, chicken, pinto and black beans, corn, cheese, two kinds of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. So basically everything you can possibly put in a burrito bowl. I do not mess around.

Next, hopefully one of your friends will have a little potluck gathering pre-bar and will make an amazing dip that you can eat for hours and hours.

That was probably the best spinach and artichoke dip I have ever eaten. Huge credit to my friend Lauren for that warm and creamy deliciousness. I couldn’t get enough.

And if you are out with friends who you haven’t seen for six years and you don’t want the party to end, you should definitely hit up a 24-hour diner that serves everything imaginable. And poutine is always, ALWAYS a good idea, no matter what time it is (even at 3am).

I had some help finishing that, because right before I filled up with this:

A chocolate shake and poutine seemed like a really great combination when I spotted them both on the menu. And actually, my instincts were not wrong. No regrets here.

If it’s a beautiful day on Saturday, you should probably take advantage and sit out on a patio. And it’s hard to sit on a patio and not order food when everyone else around you is…

So that explains this:

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to share that, but I ate the entire thing.

And then when the people at the table next to you order the most ridiculous waffle you’ve ever seen and your eyes almost fall out of your head and you start salivating uncontrollably, you obviously have to order it too…

Because not ordering that would have been an absolute tragedy. I would have thought about it and regretted it for at least the next week. Possibly even the rest of my life. But I did split that with my friend Rebecca, so don’t worry, I didn’t get too crazy.

Oh, and you should also go out for brunch.


After all, it’s the best meal of the day!

And you should probably drink.

Yeah, definitely need to drink.

Quite a lot.

(Best mojito I have ever had.)

And that should do it. I haven’t weighed myself, but if I’ve gained 10 pounds since Friday because of my gluttonous antics I would not be surprised. Though one of my goals since I moved to the city was to try out different restaurants, so I feel I made a decent dent in that this weekend.

Now please excuse me while I go and lie in my bed of shame. Ohh just kidding! I ran this morning. All good.

I hope you guys had a great weekend, filled with amazing eats. I had a really, really amazing one, so I still have some recapping I want to do. But for now, enjoy the food porn!


24 responses to “How to Gain 10lbs in One Weekend

  1. I’ve never been more proud. You are doing life right Linds.

  2. That looks like it might have been worth it! 🙂

  3. Alternatively, you can use chopsticks to demolish banana pancakes combined with salty poutine leftovers after already consuming a bowl of surf-and-turf stirfry.
    It’s for weekends like these why I don’t own a scale…hah! Glad the rest of your weekend was as awesome! Run date soon perhaps?

  4. You and I…we need to hang out.

  5. How could you not eat all that amazing food?! I admit, my weekend started off with a Chipotle Burrito Bowl, too. So dang good!

  6. That waffle looks amazing! I’m impressed you were able to share it to be honest, I’m too selfish to share food!

  7. I think we could be the best of friends based on these photos, pants with buttons be damned!

  8. This post makes me incredibly happy. ahh, it ALL looks sooooo delicious! I want it all, right now.

  9. That waffle!!!!! Be still my heart!!!!

  10. The scientific perspective would say that to gain 10 pounds in 2 days, you would have to eat 3,8000 Calories.

    This is totally possible if you select the right food and junk, but geez, intentionally trying to eat that much would be a chore, wouldn’t you think?

    • Hmm…that is a lot of calories. That really would be a chore… I’m pretty sure I fluctuate 5 pounds on a daily basis though, seriously. Depending on what I eat. But yeah, I’m not actually trying to gain weight. That would just be silly.

      • Oh, that 5 founds of fluctuation is definitely real and perfectly normal. But it’s not caused by what you eat usually – mostly it’s water retention and/or fibre (a.k.a.poop) either clogging up or being voided from your colon (Gross, I know. Sorry!) =P

  11. I am familiar with this weight gain strategy and have tried it on several occasions. I’m here to say, it works.
    Also, I would have ordered that waffle too because that is just too ridiculous NOT to order. I hope you poured syrup all over it. Because that seems to be missing from the picture.

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