Olympic Heroes Parade

Late Friday morning my coworker Meaghan and I headed downtown to the Olympic Heroes Parade.

The event included about 200 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes parading around downtown in all their Olympic garb to celebrate their achievements, and it was attended by thousands of people.

I was so thankful we were allowed to leave work to hit this up, and actually were encouraged to go to take pictures for our Facebook page. I was pretty obsessed with the Olympics so I was looking forward to seeing all the Olympians studding around in person.

It was a really great event, and the electricity of the athletes and the crowd was ridiculous. Meaghan and I were super excited.

That is clearly the face of excitement. Meaghan and I both agreed we felt a little starstruck! I didn’t expect that at all. But I was so used to seeing them on TV being all crazy athletic machines, it was weird to see them looking normal in jeans and stuff.

Well, they had their medals. That is pretty hardcore.

And they were still a bit crazy.

Meaghan and I found a decent spot in front of the crowd and just started snapping pics of everything that went by us.

I am pretty sure Clara Hughes takes the cake for being the cutest Olympian of all time.

She was SO happy. I just wanted to run up to her and hug her. I feel like that would have been a pretty big stalker move on my part though, so I was able to hold back.

Summer Mortimer looked pretty happy and excited as well with all her bling and her studly parade partner Adam van Koeverden.

And she threw me her shammy!

I also wanted to hug her. And not just because of the shammy. I think she is super amazing and inspiring.

I am just going to say, the athletes were not unattractive…

No shortage of eye-candy there.

The swimming float was probably my favourite. It looked like a lot of fun on that thing. The athletes were all singing “Call Me Maybe” and at one point had hoisted one of the swimmers over their heads who was pretending to do the breast stroke.

After the parade was over (there was a bunch of marching bands and other stuff as well), Meaghan and I met up with friends in our work building from the Coaches Association of Ontario.

Ah, so patriotic. I love those cheeky minxes. My new office is situated right next to theirs so I have been seeing them a lot more lately and it is good times.

We all headed to the after-celebration at Maple Leafs Square, and it turned into a pretty crazy party.

Soo many people.  And then we got lunch at Chipotle, which I already mentioned.

I loved the parade! Such a good start to my weekend!


6 responses to “Olympic Heroes Parade

  1. Parades are so fun! Especially when they include celebs/heroes/hot men!…

  2. THEY ARE ALL SUPER SEKSI. wow!!! wooohoo! GO CANADA!

  3. So cool!!! And it’s true, Olympians for the most part are really good-looking.

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