Chapters Reunion

Friday night after the parade festivities, I headed to my friend Lauren’s for a reunion with some of my favourite people I used to work with at Chapters.

I worked at Chapters for about four years while I was in school, and let me tell you, it was a good time. Best part-time job ever. It’s so good there that no one ever leaves! Every time I go in there now I still run into at least five people that I used to work with. For a retail job it has an extremely low turnover rate.

I loved working there so much. Not only was I surrounded by books, had a decent discount (I spent most of my paycheques on books, ooops), and had a million stories about crazy customers, I looooved the people. Just loved them. Everyone was a huge book nerd, and that was enough common ground for us to seriously bond, and we all became pretty close. We hung out and did stuff together on many, many occasions.

One time we had a pajama party inside Chapters, after hours. We watched movies and ate snacks and played a huge game of hide and seek in the dark.

I am taking this picture, but this was the pajama party night.

And for the Harry Potter book releases we would all work until about 2am so people could buy the book at midnight. And of course we dressed up.

I am Professor Trelawney (and so is the girl next to me).

Of course, it is always hard to keep in touch with the people you don’t see on a regular basis, so I haven’t seen my favourite Chaps in about six years. Six years!!!! It was definitely time for a reunion, and Lauren graciously offered to host us all at her new pad downtown.

(From left: Ryan, Lauren, myself, Chris, Ryan, Tammie)

And a not so serious pic…

I like that we haven’t seen each other for six years, but face-licking is not off limits… It was like no time had passed at all.

I actually never had the pleasure working with Ryan on the left, and I had never met him. He left Chapters just as I started working there so our paths never crossed. I was worried about this stranger crashing my reunion (well, technically I was crashing his since he worked there first). But we knew all the same people, and knew the same stories about them, so it was almost like we knew each other. I actually kind of felt like I already knew him. And I am going to say we’re friends now.

I worked at Chapters in my prime story-telling days, and actually, I was working there when the Captain Hook incident occurred. The first time I ever worked with Chris I was trying to win him over and I was like “Hey, wanna hear about the time I accidentally choked a parrot?” and he was like “YES.” and so I told him, and then we were BFFs (this may or may not be an upcoming cartoon post…)

Chris lives on as my favourite person in the world, because he was describing me to the new Ryan and he said that I had better stories than JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien and “the person who wrote the bible” COMBINED. That is probably the best compliment I have ever heard, and I nearly dropped to my knees and asked him to marry me. I was able to hold back though. Instead I showed him the video of the piggyback fail so he would know that nothing had changed.

Yep, so he’s my fave.

Anyway, so we all met at Lauren’s and caught up and ate her amazing spinach and artichoke dip that I mentioned

It was so, so good. She told me how to make it, but I was honestly too busy eating it to pay attention. Tammie made a dip as well, but she said Lauren’s put hers to shame, so it did not even make an appearance. I was sad about this because I love any kind of dip, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a dip I didn’t like. I brought gummy worms and Swedish Berries because, well, every party needs gummies.

And then we went to the bar!

We went to Stones Place, a Rolling Stones theme bar on Queen West and I really, really like it there. They play mostly old school rock which I really enjoy, and I much prefer that place to a typical club.

We found a random fan in the bar, so we girls decided we needed to stand in front of it and let it blow our hair around like we were models.

Well Lauren and I are models, I am not sure what Tammie is doing. She looks like she may be pretending to stab me…

We were having such a great time that when the bar closed we didn’t want the party to end! So we headed to Fran’s, a 24-hour diner that serves evvvvverything imaginable. I got a poutine and a chocolate shake for under $10. The most expensive item on the menu is the surf and turf for $14.99.

Speaking of the surf and turf, Lauren had a bit of an altercation with our server about that… She had originally ordered the chicken peanut satay (which I’m pretty sure is just chicken fingers with peanut sauce on it), and 10 minutes after we had all ordered, our server came over to tell Lauren they were all out of the chicken peanut satay. Lauren was disappointed, so she asked if she could possibly have the surf and turf for the same price as the chicken peanut satay (the surf and turf was two dollars more). Our server said no. Lauren said please. Our server said no again. And so on for about 10 minutes or so. Lauren eventually lost that argument and paid the extra $2.

I was going to put speech bubbles on that photo, but I think it’s pretty good as-is.

And then I got home at 5:30am. Yowza. It was a really fun night, and I loved hanging out with my old Chapters crew!

(PS – sorry if this post is crap. I wrote it the other night and then something happened and I lost the entire thing. So I begrudgingly rewrote it, but I feel like it lost some of its passion in the process)


One response to “Chapters Reunion

  1. I love old work reunions!! I have 6 friends that are like that. We all still work for the same company but not in the same department or even buildings anymore. We all started in the same training group and ate lunch together for three years. Good times.

    I secretly always wanted to work at Chapters. I spent my four years at Staples. Although, I loved it because I worked in the copy centre. I loved those machines, I loved stamps, and oh my goodness do I love school supplies. And pens.

    And that is easily the best compliment EVER!!!! Also, not totally unrelated, I think J.K. Rowling’s new book came out today.

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