Italians Sure Know How to Eat

My recap for this weekend could easily be called “How to Gain 10lbs in One Weekend, Part Two.” I see a pattern of weekend gluttony happening here, and I am going to have to cut it out before I’m obese.

(I can’t say “cut it out” without thinking of Joey Gladstone.)

Anyway, I certainly couldn’t cut it out this weekend, I had an Italian wedding to attend!

Saturday was my friend Fran (coincidentally, she had the Full House dolls at her bachelorette party) and her new husband Shawn’s wedding.

They are gorgeous lovers. Franny is a little Italian minx, and I had never been to an Italian wedding before, but I have heard the rumours. I know Italian weddings are ridiculous on the food-front. I have been excited for the eating extravaganza since they first got engaged.

Saturday afternoon I met up with my friend Lisa and her boyfriend Helio on the subway, and the three of us took the train over to the wedding together.

We all planned to drink so we didn’t want to drive. And then we were all too full from the insane amount of food to drink anyway, so…our train adventure ended up being pointless. Ohh well.

I should mention that  Fran came down with appendicitis last weekend and had to have emergency surgery to have her appendix removed. I know it was extremely painful, and she told me she was worried her dress wouldn’t fit because her abdomen was still so swollen. She is really, really lucky that happened last weekend and not this weekend, or she probably would have had to cancel the wedding. But man, that is a really terrible thing to happen right before your wedding. Fran is such a trooper.

And she looked so beautiful!

She said we were the first people she saw as she was walking down the aisle, and she immediately started tearing up.

She also walked down the aisle to Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler, which even made me tear up. And Lisa actually had one lone loud sob, which was kind of funny.

After the ceremony, we enjoyed some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and then made our way into the hall for dinner. Around the receiving line area they had a table set up with a bunch of snacks on it, as well as some shots. I refrained though. Dinner was what I was excited for.

Let me just say, if I was Italian, I would be 400 pounds. You Italians sure know how to eat. I could not get over the amount of food, and I cleaned every single plate that landed in front of me.

We started with antipasto.

Which I LOVED. The seafood, bocconcini, and the prosciutto were probably my favourites here.

Next up was pasta.

Beef cannelloni and cheese ravioli. Which was heart-shaped and delicious. Both were delicious.

It was at this point that I started to get full. But I carried on anyway.

Chicken and steak were next. Served with mashed potatoes and roast peppers…

The chicken and the mashed potatoes were definitely the highlights of this plate for me.

And then there was a fried seafood platter…

We shared that with our table. Do not worry, that whole plate wasn’t for just me. That fried shrimp was the absolute highlight of the night for me. It was so, so good.

Anyway, that was served with salad.

And then finally, after about three hours (three hours of eating!), we had dessert.

Ohh yes, ice cream sandwich.

And that wasn’t even it. They had a late night room dedicated to dessert. An entire ROOM dedicated to dessert. It was dark in there so my pictures are crap, but picture a room filled with cakes, cookies, squares, brownies, fruit, basically every kind of dessert in the entire world. I was dying.

Man, was I full. I cannot remember a time when I’ve been more full. Luckily my dress had some room to give, but I felt like I needed to be wearing stretchy pants. Or a mumu. And I probably needed someone to pick me up in a wheelbarrow or something. I could barely move.

The centerpiece on our table included a mirror, and it was situated directly in front of me.

You know what’s not fun? Watching yourself stuff your face. I eventually had to turn the mirror of shame away from me. I don’t need to see that.

After our eating marathon, Lisa and I rolled ourselves onto the dance floor and attempted to burn off the calories by cutting some serious rug. I didn’t know a lot of Fran’s friends and family, but I had my partner-in-crime Lisa with me, so I felt comfortable dancing like a maniac. And our friend Amy was a bridesmaid.

A beautiful bridesmaid! I loved the bridesmaid dresses!

I felt like we monopolized a lot of Fran’s time, but I loved hanging around and dancing with those three, and I’m glad we got to spend most of the night together. The four of us have been friends since college, and we have had many, many photoshoots together.

So we needed to add to our collection.

I loved Fran’s dress. She was such a stunning bride.

There was also a photo booth, which we went in many, many times…

And they had props!

Oh, and guess who caught the bouquet?

Oh yes. Let’s not get too excited though. This does not mean I am getting married anytime soon. I think I just caught it because I was the tallest, and all I had to do was raise my arm. Well, and it was a competition and I wanted to win.

It was a really great wedding. I had so much fun!

Fran tried to send me home with a goodie bag of desserts, but I just couldn’t do it. Thinking about food after eating all night made me feel so sick. Alright fine, I took a couple of cake pops…

Congratulations Fran and Shawn! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and amazing food!


17 responses to “Italians Sure Know How to Eat

  1. I obviously need to make friends with some young, unmarried Italians. I’ll get right on that.

  2. That last photo turned out so nice!!

  3. OMg my brother married into an Italian family. The food was so good and there was an entire room full of cookies (Pittsburgh thing) it was amazing and I ate so much!!

  4. I’m gonna call it. That pic of you with the bouquet = prettiest pic of you EVER. You need to make that your picture EVERYWHERE.
    Also, I wouldn’t have stopped when I was full at the pasta either. All those plates of food is ridiculous. I don’t even know if I would have had any of the ice cream sandwich. I would have b-lined for the dessert room, which sounds like walking into heaven. Were there clouds in there with angels singing? Because that is what I’m picturing.

    • Aw, I love you. I do kind of wish it was my driver’s license photo though.

      The ice cream sandwich was actually SO GOOD! I wanted to go to town in the dessert room, but I was pretty conservative. I was already so stuff at that point. It was totally heaven though, complete with clouds and angels. Ohh the damage I would have done in there if I wasn’t dying of fullness.

  5. Well…I love Italian weddings for the same reason…the food is so amazing. Unfortunately, for me, the last one I went to was also very big on the “open bar” (or more precisely I was very big on the open bar) and so didn’t eat nearly as much as I would have liked. Worst part is that at my age that is most likely the last time I will ever have an opportunity to attend this kind of feast. I loved this blog and love the pictures of you girls…but I confess to sitting here drooling!

    • Now see, I was the opposite. I was excited for the open bar, but I ate too much I couldn’t enjoy it to its potential! I tried! Just wasn’t happening. I was just too full.
      And you still have Lisa’s wedding to look forward to…She is quite food oriented, so I don’t think you have to worry too much about that.

  6. If you ever need/want a plus one to another Italian wedding, I will buy a plane ticket. I’m sure I can score a Wpg Toronto seat sale.

  7. You are right Lindzo. I think food will pretty much be the most important detail of my wedding. I’d go cheap on other areas if it means spending more on delicious, quality food!!

  8. Your post made me hungry. Which I always am. When I’m really hungry I grow horns and hair on the backs of my hands, and fangs. Wait, I just went off on a tangent. Lovely pictures by the way. I enjoy your blog. Stop by and visit me some time ( Keep on writing!

  9. This is my fav blog post ever! & not just because it was about me! You were the only one to take photos of the food & I looooooooved the photos of all of us over the years! You ladies are my DC journey besties & was so happy to spend most of my night with you. xoxo

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