Shower Snacks & Fun Friends

My weekend of eating did not stop with the Italian wedding. Nope. It continued right until Sunday. It was my good friend Dawn’s bridal shower!

That is Dawn and her beautiful lover Mark, taken when the three of us went to “prom” earlier this year.

Man, that was a fun night.

Dawn and Mark are getting married in January in JAMAICA! Yeahhhh. I am a bridesmaid and let me tell you, I am pumped. My friend Sherrie and I are eachother’s dates, and I know it is going to be a ridiculously good time.

Just a note to people who actually know us, Dawn and Mark’s Jack & Jill is next Friday, Oct. 12 and I am selling tickets, so if you are interested in attending let me know (or contact Emily, Leanne, Julie or Melon, whoever is more convenient for you). It is going to be a tropical party and a half. And Dawn has appointed me MC of the evening, so it should be entertaining to watch me embarrass myself at least. I may even bust out Funky Town. You just never know. And you can still come if you don’t know us and it has always been your dream to party with us, but please not if you’re creepy. I do have a ticket screening process.

Anyway, onto the food, because there was two tables full of it.

Sorry, blurry. This is what happens when you try to take a quick sneaky pic. But you get the idea. Dips, dips and more delicious dips. And cheese, and kielbasa… I love party food so much.

And then there was the dessert table.

Oh, my heart! Here is the reason I love showers. Bridal showers, baby showers, whatever. The food is always dynamite. And I ALWAYS go to town.

Sunday was no exception. I went to town.


And then I dabbled in some dessert.

Oh man those marshmellow peanut butter squares. I haven’t had those in so long. My mom used to make them and they instantly took me back to my childhood. Just pure deliciousness. And that chocolate, Skor bar and whipped cream trifle may have been the best trifle I have ever had.

On Saturday night when I was complaining about how full I was from the Italian wedding food, someone mentioned that you don’t actually have to eat everything in front of you. Um, pardon me? Yes you do. It is rude not to. How can you say no to all of those amazing things? I sure can’t. Monday to Friday I usually eat oatmeal, salad/soup/sandwich/some sort of combination of those three, English muffin pizza or some sort of lazy dinner, and then repeat. So when these amazing things are in front of me I take full advantage, because this does not happen every day. Just every weekend, apparently…

After the ridiculous food fest, it was time for Dawnald to open her gifts. She received her dream present:

I am not being sarcastic when I say dream present. She really, really wanted that thing. I have never seen someone so excited about a power washer. Being a grown-up is so much fun.

Gift opening is apparently a very tough job, and Dawn had a lot of helpers.

They were so cute.

Dawn, I am coming over to eat whatever you make in your new dip tray.

Emily and I made friends with one of the helpers.

She was sitting on Emily’s lap and she had her feet on mine, so she just started lightly kicking. Emily was all “Kick her! She likes it!” so she began to kick me as hard as she could. Someone needs to put that girl in karate or something, because she has a pretty good kick. I think I had bruises.

I was going to tell her to stop, but she was just so cute I couldn’t do it.

Plus, she seemed to like food a lot.

She is a girl after my own heart.

I had a really good time catching up with all the girls, and it was a pretty funny shower.

I am seriously sucking it in here… I was so full that if I didn’t I was afraid my dress was going to rip open and I would just bust out all over the place.

I just saw all the girls on Friday also, which was great. We invited a bunch of people to go out thinking that only about four or five of us would actually be able to make it, but somehow everyone was free. So our little planned girls night turned into a massive impromptu one.

Soo many girls. A couple more met us at the bar, so at one point there was 13 of us. We were a force. An absolute force. We didn’t even need props.

My friend Leanne brought her new puppy on Friday also (just to the pre-party, not to the bar), and I need to mention this, because oh man, cutest little puppy in the entire world!

I was in love.

And that concludes my weekend recapping. And hey, this time it’s only Wednesday!

Oh. It’s only Wednesday. Ho hum…


8 responses to “Shower Snacks & Fun Friends

  1. Is a Jack & Jill party a combined bachelor/bachelorette party? I don’t know that term 😦

  2. I agree about eating food when it’s presented to you. Kudos for being brave enough to document your selections there — my plates are typically the same but I’m of the mind set “what happens (gets eaten) at a party, stays at a party” haha.

    Also, that is the most adorable dog ever!! I have such puppy fever, it is uncontrollable.

  3. That puppy is adorable! What kind is it?

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