My Strong-Willed Nana

I saw my beautiful little 98-year-old Nana this past weekend, and I just wanted to give you guys an update on her, since the last time I posted about her she was not doing very well.

(My Nanny and I last year)

She had a pretty bad fall back in June, and she had quite a big decline after that happened. She seemed out of it, and she wasn’t really talking, and she wasn’t moving from her bed. Her voice was even different. She sounded hoarse and defeated, and not at all like her usual positive and chipper self. We were all concerned that she may not make it… She had always been so strong and so with it that it was really strange to see her like that. We were preparing ourselves for the worst. It was not a good time.

She was bed-ridden and confined to a wheelchair for the summer. She has always been extremely mobile and independent, but she could no longer walk on her own. Her nurses were afraid she may not ever walk without assistance again. She wasn’t going to all the games the nurses put on in her home (and she always does), and she wasn’t going downstairs to the dining room for meals (also always does that).

So my family and I wanted to lift her spirits. We wrote her letters telling her how great she is and how much we love her, and sent her pictures of us all together, like this one:

She LIVES for pictures of us, so seeing all of her grandchildren together made her so happy. I will never forget the look on her face as she was going through the photos we had printed for her. I also showed her the video I took of my cousin’s wedding, which she loooooved.

And then things started to turn around. My Nana decided she was going to walk again. When I saw her on the weekend she said to me “And I said to myself ‘What kind of life is this? I am not going to stay in bed, I am going to walk!'”

She took physiotherapy, put all of her effort into that, and now she is fine. She is walking on her own. She is going around to all the games in her home again (Mystery Word is her favourite), and she is going downstairs to the dining room for meals.

She is back to normal! She is back to being a mobile ball of positivity.

(My Nana and I last weekend)

She is the most stubborn and strong-willed person I know. She willed herself to get out of bed and walk again, and she is. That was that. As she said to me last weekend, “Where there is a will there is a way!”

True that, Nana.

I think my Nana is a prime example of positive thinking, and if you set your mind to something, you can do it. She takes each and every day at a time, and she really recognizes she has so much to live for. She doesn’t love being in a nursing home, and I know she misses the independence her apartment allowed her. But she knows it is the best place for her, so makes the best of it. She makes friends, and she participates in all the activities.

She lives for the the love of her family, and pictures of her grandchildren. She saves every card that anyone has ever gotten her, and she frequently reads through them if she needs a little positivity in her day. It is the little things that make her so happy, and I think your happiness is directly related to the quality and longevity of your life.

So I just wanted to say, I am so proud of my Nanners!

I think she has set such a great example of positive attitude for her family, and I hope to one day be exactly like her.

Have a great weekend!


24 responses to “My Strong-Willed Nana

  1. Oh Nanners! Love your stories about her. She is so great!! So glad she has had a turn around. Way to go Nana!
    I do miss your incredibly loud conversations with her.

  2. What a great nana! My grandmother’s motto is “Don’t worry, be happy!” and she often tells me it’s not worth my energy to be worried or stressed out about something — it almost never is as bad as I imagine and it squanders time to be happy. Grandmas know what’s up, for real.

  3. Mystery Detective?! You tell that stubborn woman I’m proud of her!

  4. Nana needs to come to the Jack and Jill!!!! God knows mine won’t even though she’s a decade younger. Bobby can swing by and get her. She can wear Emily’s grandma’s purple polka dot bathing suit. Perfect.
    I’m glad she’s better Lindz. She’s a special human being. One of God’s special creatures if you will…

    • I wish Bobby AND my Nana could have came to the Jack & Jill.
      Maybe you and Marko can walk down the aisle to Tell Me Bout Your Fears? I’m sure Bobby will record a rendition for you as a wedding present.

      She is the definition of God’s special creature.

  5. YAY Nana!!! So awesome that she is feeling better. 😉

  6. Is it sad that this post made me a bit teary-eyed? I love grandmas. So glad she is doing better! P.S. I can totally see you in your grandma’s face; definitely a family resemblance there 🙂

  7. Awwwww!!! Love this! I’m so excited to see my Grandma at Christmas. She’s 92. It will be our first without Grandpa who passed away in June at 93. They are so awesome.

    And I see that the fact that I think you sparkle is hereditary!!

    • Aww, that will be tough. Wow though, they were together for a long time! My Papa (my nana’s husband) passed away when my mom was pregnant with me, so she has been on her own for 30 years! And she still wears her wedding ring. It is so cute.

      My nana definitely sparkles, so I hope it’s hereditary!

  8. This is awesome to read! I was worried about your Nana after the last post. SO glad to hear she is back to her feisty and wonderful self!!

  9. Great news! Very happy for her and your family!

  10. Your Nana is so awesome! We should all be so lucky to be that spry at that age!

  11. So sweet. ❤ ❤ Nana could teach my family a thing or two!

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