Weekend Eats & Toonies


Before I get started on my weekend eating recapping (seems to be a theme lately), I just want to quickly explain something.

This is a tooney:


It is the Canadian $2 coin. Someone asked me in my last post what a tooney was, and I feel like that is a legit question if you are an American and not very Canada savvy. Actually, I feel like most Americans are not very Canada savvy (I have seen Rick Mercer’s Talking To Americans <- that is enlightening), so if you have any other burning questions about Canada you would like to get off your chest, feel free to ask me. But I would just like to say we don’t live in igloos (mostly), for the most part are not eskimos, don’t use dog sleds as our main method of transportation, it’s not winter all the time, I do NOT say ‘aboot’, and we don’t have Mounties roaming the streets everywhere. And I can probably count on both my hands the amount of times in my life I’ve seen a beaver. They are sneaky little beasts.

We do have a lot of maple leafs though, so that is true. We do love poutine (or I do, at least). And we really love our hockey also, and there is a big hockey lock-out right now which means no NHL this year and I’m pretty sure my dad is currently crying about that somewhere (he’s in Florida right now, so if you see a bearded man in a Speedo crying on the beach that’s probably him).

We do also tend to say “eh” a lot, and I am not even going to apologize for that. I love the word Eh. It is a legitimate way to end your question if you want someone’s opinion. It means “this is what I think, now tell me YOUR story.”

We also have a $1 coin, the looney. Which means the smallest bill we have is $5. And all our bills are multicoloured.

Oh yeah, and we like to go with the British spelling of things and add U’s to words like colour, honour, etc. And my American spell-check always tries to correct that on me.

Otherwise I think we are a lot like Americans, mostly. I hear we are more polite though.

Anyway, I’m glad that is all cleared up. But honestly, I love hearing the things people think about Canada, so I’m serious, tell me your stories and ask me your questions, I am all ears.

Saturday in the late morning I left my pal Emilio’s house and hit the road to my friend Sherrie’s for a girls’ movie day in.

(Sherrie and I, from the spring)

It was not nice out at all on Saturday, so Sherrie and I had big plans to lay around and do nothing. And eat.

We went to the Waltzing Weasel for a leisurely lunch, the same place my friends and I all went for St. Patty’s Day. They have pretty good appetizers there, and Sherrie and I ordered the nachos and the Tickle Pickle (deep-fried pickles) to split.

Ohh nachos and deep-fried pickles, how I love thee. We cleared that entire plate of nachos between the two of us, and obviously the pickles also. After a late night out with my friends and quite a few drinks, it hit the spot. And that is an understatement and a half. I loooooved the nachos.

So nacho-y delicious.

Afterwards we headed back to Sherrie’s and picked out our movies. Straw Dogs and Dark Shadows.

Let me just say, Straw Dogs was HORRIBLE. Just horrible. Not even the beautiful Alexander Skarsgård could redeem it for me. I did not like any of the characters, I did not find even one sentence of it to be believable, and I just was not a fan at all. Don’t watch it. The trailer totally lured me in! Oh well, Sherrie and I had fun making fun of the entire thing. We almost turned it off 10 minutes before the end. That is how uninterested we were.

Dark Shadows was better. I love Johnny Depp, I love Tim Burton, and I love vampires, so wins all around on those fronts. During the first 10 minutes Sherrie and I both agreed that we were realllllly going to love the movie. But then it got kinda disappointing. It ended up not being the movie masterpiece I was expecting. It had some slow parts, and overall we thought it was just okay.

For dinner Sherrie made me Kraft Dinner…

She ALWAYS makes me Kraft Dinner when I am at her house, and I love her so hard for it. She is amazing at cooking Kraft Dinner, and her noodles are always so perfectly cooked. I don’t even bother making KD myself anymore, because I know it will just be a disappointment. I can’t make it as good as her.

In other exciting eating news, on Sunday I went out for dinner at Libretto on the Danforth in Toronto, and I may have had the best pizza of my entire life.

That entire pizza is just for me (don’t worry, I took some home). It was sooo friggin’ delicious. It is cooked in a wood-fired oven, and is apparently exactly what you would find in Italy. And once again, I need to say if I was Italian I would be obese. This pizza was ridiculous. It made me want to go on an Eat, Pray, Love journey. Or at least the eat part of her journey…

I also started that off with fried gnocchi in a ricotta cream sauce (the sauce is underneath the gnocchi and difficult to see, but it was creamy and cheesy).

Once again, amazing. I was impressed.

Annnnnd I finished my meal with tiramisu.

I would say this was the best tiramisu I’ve ever had, but I don’t really ever order that, so I don’t think that would get across just how good this was. It was so delicious. I know I am raving on about everything here, but seriously. I almost passed out when I was eating it because I loved it so much.

I also noticed on the menu that they had Nutella Pizza, so…I am going to have to go back to this place…

And that is the end of my weekend eating adventure.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that a special someone showed up to the Jack & Jill as a surprise.

Troy! Remember him? (Sonja, I know he is your fave, so this is for you.)


18 responses to “Weekend Eats & Toonies

  1. The next question I see coming is “why is it called a toonie?” Hehe – well you see, the one dollar coin has a loon on it, therefore, loonie. It seems so weird to me now all of a sudden, hahaha! Then “toonie” starts with 2 and rhymes with loonie. We Canucks just love to rhyme.

    Oh all the delicious food!!!! I want to dive into this post!!

  2. Oh and I looooove KD. I perfected it once I started actually setting the timer for the noodles.

  3. I love your coloured money! Our money is snoozefest!! If all Canadians are like you then I love Canada!! 😉 I’ve been to Vancouver twice and I loved it both times. I need to try some poutine!!

  4. The Weasel has the best nachos by far!!! Next time try the stuffed Yorkshire Puddings mmmm

  5. hahahaha! Love that you cleared up all that “Canadian-ness” haha, so funny but so true! Looks like you had some delish eats!!! I want that pizza, ahh, I miss Toronto eats. MUST come back soon!

  6. I still have a toonie from my trip to Toronto. It’s a reminder that I MUST get back there! American money is so boring, I would love some color in our money. I work for a magazine and we have Canadian designers–my Word goes crazy with the red lines, telling me the spelling’s all wrong haha Oh, and is your head attached to your body? Because if South Park is to be believed…;)

  7. And if you like seafood- they have some of the best crab cakes I have EVER had which is something you wouldn’t expect from dumpy pub LOL! Can you tell this place is my “Cheers”? 🙂

  8. Well first, I am actually disappointed you do not say “aboot.” I worked with one guy from Canada who did say that and us Americans made fun of him relentlessly. So maybe you’re right, you probably are more polite.
    Also, I want your metabolism because your delicious weekend eating is ridic.

  9. Our coloured money is awesome! No having to pull out a stack of bills to find what you need 🙂 – and I love Poutine too!

  10. My general thoughts on Canada is that a lot of comedians come from there. The only other thing coming to mind is a goofy Fargo accent, and I really have no idea if that is true or not….go stereotypes!!

    “eh” is cool. Better than “meh.”

  11. Libretto is freaking amazing. I’m kind of obsessed with it. When I go, I try to eat everybody’s food….kind of embarrassing. I tried out Queen Margherita Pizza last week with a fellow PR/blogger lady friend and it was a close call between the two. It’s a bit of a trek, but we should totally go. They have an awesome fixed price menu!

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