The Firkin Revolution

On Thursday night I was invited to the Firkin Group of Pubs Firkin Revolution launch party.

The Firkin is a British pub franchise with 30 locations across Ontario which have various names such as the Crown & Firkin, Lion & Firkin, Hare & Firkin, Bear & Firkin, Wolf & Firkin, etc. etc. etc.

Coincidentally I am a huge Firkin fan, and I have been to many of their locations. The Crown & Firkin was basically down the street from my old house so I have stumbled home from it many, many times with my friends. We actually had our Journalism graduation after-party there, way before I even lived near it.

Good Firkin times, let me tell ya. I miss all my journalism pals.

Anyway, the Firkin pubs are undergoing a renovation, hence the Firkin Revolution, and they are receiving a makeover, and adding new food and drink items to their menu.

The launch-party took place at the Quail & Firkin on Yonge St. in Toronto.

(photo credit: Ryan Emberley,

I was allowed to bring a guest, so I brought my work friend Laura with me. She was on my volleyball team, and she makes the best desserts and cookies in the entire world (she is a good friend to have). My good friend Lisa’s (who I have been to the Firkin countless times with!) PR company was putting on the event, so she was there as well, and the three of us had a good time mingling!

I had no idea what to expect at the event. My invite said there would be food and drink sampling, so that’s all I really knew…and it sounded good to me! I was excited to discover there was an open bar from 7-9. Laura and I figured we should take advantage and check out the new drinks.

I usually just drink beer and wine, and I tend to stay away from cocktails because they are so ridiculously good that I just chug them like juice and then it is bad, bad news. But I was there to sample the new stuff so I obviously had to try something new. I ordered the Pineapple Upside-down Cake.

And it was pretty Firkin good.

Laura ordered the Frostbite, which I sampled, and it was also very good (though I think I preferred my drink).

Afterwards I switched to wine, and we went to find a table. And we found my blog pal Stephanie Fusco!

(From left: Danny, Steph, moi, Laura, Lisa)

I didn’t even know Steph was coming, so I was excited to see her! We have been talking about getting together outside of blogging functions, so it was good to see her in more of a party atmosphere.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the food department, and unfortunately I did not pre-eat before the event. I don’t even know what I was thinking because I always pre-eat. I even pre-eat before I’m going out for dinner sometimes, because if I let myself get too hungry my hunger monster will come out and it is dark times. Such was the case on this night. By about 8pm I hadn’t seen any food yet and I was starting to seriously worry. If I am too hungry, all I am able to think about is when I’m going to eat again. I can’t concentrate on anything else. I also tend to panic if I am in a situation where there may not be any food. Seriously, a server carrying a platter of grilled cheese missed our table and I nearly had a panic attack.

But I was saved from my meltdown. I had a food savior.

His name was Dan Levy (not to be confused with Eugene Levy’s son Dan Levy).

Dan arrived at our table carrying a carton of fish and chips and I immediately pounced on him saying “WHERE did you GET THOSE?!” I had never seen him before, and I didn’t even say hi first (sorry Dan). I just wanted those fish and chips.

And he promptly went back out into the bar and brought six more cartons over to our table. I was soo thankful. I devoured mine. That fish was so Firkin good. And then he went out again and scored us butter chicken and grilled Firkin cheese!

The butter chicken wasn’t bad (though it is not very photogenic), but that grilled cheese was honestly amazing. As soon as I started eating, I was back to my happy self, and all was good.

Dan, seriously, you are awesome. You were the star of the night.

So it was a good Firkin time, and the Firkin will continue to hold a special place in my heart. I was thankful to be invited to this, and I had a great time seeing friends and meeting new people.

There’s probably a Firkin in your neighbourhood (I actually think there are a few in the US also), so you should check them out!


4 responses to “The Firkin Revolution

  1. Love this! Seeing Dan with all of those fish & chips cartons made me giggle. Also…that grilled cheese. We need to go back for it. And that poutine we kept on seeing that other group with. NOM.

  2. This adventure evening looks like a b-lasstt! I love the food/drinks of coursee.

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