Internet Famous

Soo it would seem that I am kind of internet famous… Not for my writing, oh no no, that would be nice.

Nope…famous for the piggyback fail.

Welp, if I’m going to be known for something why not have it be falling on my face and flashing my fluorescent pink underwear to the world? I can think of a lot worse things to be famous for. (If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it here, and you can check out my illustrated version of the events here.)

I’ve already mentioned this, of course, but the attention has been increasing lately and it is a little bit mind-blowing, so I am bringing it up again.

The video has been on Good Morning America, Canada AM, MTV, Rude Tube (some British TV show), and apparently a television show in Ireland as well. And those are just the ones I know of, because they asked my permission to air it. It’s also been on a ton of websites, most notably BuzzFeed and Mashable, which I was super excited about because I check those sites pretty much daily. I also heard that there is a gif of it somewhere. Craziness.

The actual video on YouTube has about 155,000 views, which really isn’t THAT many, but people keep posting fail compilation videos on my Facebook wall and telling me I am in them. Two of which have over 1.5 million views.

I am the first clip in this one, and 38 seconds into this one. Both videos are hilarious. It is no wonder fails are so popular.

Most of the comments are about my physical appearance. And are wildly inappropriate. So that is awkward. It’s fine though, I truly do not embarrass easily, and you can call me ugly and fat or tell me I’m not funny and I probably won’t care (just don’t call me stupid). It’s just really weird to read anonymous strangers’ comments about my body. This situation has given me a little bit of insight into what celebrities deal with, and it’s weird and makes me thankful that I’m not actually famous. Just moderately internet famous.

Of all the places the video has appeared, this website is probably my favourite:

Their commentary just kills me. Though they called Woody a big dumb oaf and said that he just mounts me like a mule, which I felt bad about. I messaged him and made sure he was okay with all of this sudden attention because I had NO IDEA our piggyback fail would be this popular. No idea. Thankfully he thinks it’s as hilarious as I do, and he also does not embarrass easily and is fine with people commenting about his appearance.

In other news, I still have a massive scar that basically covers my entire right knee from this. I also have a small bump of scar tissue underneath my chin from hitting my face on the ground. I suspect both may be permanent battle scars. Ehh well.

But still, I do not regret this! Best story of my life!

I don’t know what the point of this post is… I just wanted to let you know that I’m famous. Let me know if you want an autographed photo or something.

(Edit: I’m not delusional enough to actually think that I am famous, I am heavily joking about that.)


17 responses to “Internet Famous

  1. hahahahaha!!!!!! I have never seen someone fall so beautifully and gracefully. This is so effing hilarious. You are my hero!

  2. This is something you can share with the grandkids someday. Love it!

  3. Welcome to the age of the internet, where fame is but a skinned knee away! So…are you rich now too? Haha!

  4. I’m feeling sad for those who can’t accept another person’s appearance. I congratulate you for not taking this personally and being able to dismiss other people’s comments without feeling embarrassed By the way, to reduce scars try It works, I had fell off the treadmill years ago and split my lower lip vertically. Instead of a keloid scar, I have a faint pencil thin line that is barely noticeable.

  5. First of all, you are super famous to me! And I think you’re taking the whole thing in stride 🙂 It’s unfortunate that there are lame people on the interwebs who are commenting about your body. Rude. I think its awesome that you attempted such a daring entrance 🙂

  6. GOOD MORNING AMERICA?? I have to admit, I think it’s pretty awesome. And here I thought it was super cool that I was on the cover of the Winnipeg Free Press in 1977 with a police officer at safety bike-a-thon. 🙂

  7. Well, I think you are famous. I saw pictures of you ALL over the Ann Taylor store yesterday but they kept crediting you as “Kate” and I’m like, no…that’s Lindsey. Duh.

  8. You are awesome, never forget that! I love that video, so funny but I hear you on not wanting to be super-famous. NOT worth it!

  9. This is so awesome! that video still makes me laugh and you handled it with such grace 🙂 you’re a CHAMP!

  10. Oh no!! You handled it really well!! Aww! Hilarious. Your blonde curls are gorgeous though. Definitely hero material.

  11. I have indeed seen the montage video, and it made me laugh (with you not at you!) Never would have known it was you!

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