Dawnald’s Ottawa Bachelorette

So I have mentioned a few times that my good friend Dawn from high school is getting married. I have blogged about her shower, and her Jack and Jill. And this weekend was her bachelorette party!

We all headed to Ottawa, our nation’s capital, to celebrate the impending end of Dawn’s singledom. Most of the girls headed up on Friday, but my friends Sherrie, Lisa, Joanna and I had things we needed to do on Friday, so the four of us drove up together on Saturday morning.

Ottawa is about a 4.5 hour drive from Toronto, but it honestly flew by. Sherrie is pretty much my road trip soulmate and enjoys the same activities as I do while driving: singing very loudly and horribly to old rock and 80s and 90s beats.

But of course I already knew this because of our camping adventure in August (coincidentally it was Halloween weekend then too!). Hopefully Joanna and Lisa didn’t hate us too much. The four of us were also roommates in our hotel, and we were all proclaiming our love for each other as the night progressed.

Roommate love. Soo much girl talk.

During our drive I kept Dawn updated with where we were, and she would let me know what her and the girls were up to…

Dawn kills me. That is exactly what I would have expected her to be wearing.

After arriving, we met up with all the girls to go out for dinner. The thoughtful Bachelorette provided us all with pink shirts for the occasion. We were a FORCE.

(Emily and I are in love)

The pink was a really nice touch.

Very bachelorette-y.

This is terrible, but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant where we went for dinner… Oh well, it was in the mall and we had an entire room to ourselves so we could get crazy. I got crazy and ordered the mac n’ cheese.

Which was really cheesy and really good. I was impressed. I don’t think I have ever ordered the mac n’ cheese from a restaurant before. No more of that. I may be getting it all the time now.

I also split an order of spinach dip with Dawn and our friend Emily.

Also very good, but they didn’t give us enough tortillas for the amount of dip. Story of spinach dip’s life I feel like…

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel, got ready, and headed over to the bachelorette’s room to hang out before our night on the town.

We played a hilarious game of how well does the groom know the bride, where Dawn’s lover Mark was asked a series of questions, and his answers were put on the back of cards. Dawn then had to read the original question and answer it, and if her answer did not match Mark’s she had to do a jello shot. If she got it right, she had to choose one of us to do a jello shot.

The question here is “Does Dawn prefer beards or mustaches?” and the answer was “Mustaches, obviously.” Dawn got it correct. The game was really funny and I was dying laughing.

And then it was bar time!

We had a few of our staple props with us. Like Troy.

Troy was very dirty from all of his earlier adventuring, so the girls decided he needed a bath.

And he had not quite completely dried by the time we went out…

We also had the saxophone (it originally made an appearance at Joanna’s birthday).

Which has been in so many random peoples’ mouths it’s ridiculous. And disgusting. Don’t put strange saxophones in your mouth! You don’t know where they’ve been! This saxophone in particular has been in the mouths of at least three homeless men!

We had a surprise for Dawn. She had no idea where we were going, but we had planned to take her to a gay bar to see a drag show. We knew it was going to be her dream.

It was Rocky Horror Picture Show themed, and it was hilariously ridiculous.

And that drag queen was beautiful! Men make such attractive women.

Dawn and Troy even got to on stage and be part of the show.

Somehow the drag queens got ahold of our saxophone and busted it out on stage as a surprise. And they pretended to play it during the saxophone solo of Whatever Happened to Saturday Night.

I can’t tell you how much this made me laugh. I was absolutely dying. I remember looking over at Dawn during this and her eyes were just shining in awe. I think she was nearly moved to tears.

I guess the saxophone had too much though, because by the end of the night it was broken.

Sad, sad day. Now it is just a whistle. But we still made people blow it.

Since it was Halloween weekend, many people were in costumes, which definitely stepped up the hilariousness of the night.

And this picture may be my favourite of the entire night:

It’s Jughead!

Oh man. Fun, fun times. Best night ever.

I love my little Dawnald! I am so happy for her.

And I can’t WAIT for her wedding in Jamaica. Cannot wait. An entire week of this ridiculousness. I am tingling in anticipation.


12 responses to “Dawnald’s Ottawa Bachelorette

  1. i had no idea there were so many costume changes associated with Bachelorette parties!

  2. You girls are so cute! Can’t wait for my friends to start getting married so we can have big bachelorette bashes… And oh yah the wedding too…

  3. I’m pretty sure you have the most active social life of anyone I have ever seen anywhere. Oh, and loooove your hair with the curls!

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