We like to eat a lot

Hello friends!

I hope you have had a great Halloween and a good week despite whatever Hurricane Sandy may have done to you. I am feeling for you all on the East Coast. The weather was crazy even here in Toronto (my cat was looking at me like we were going to die), so I can’t imagine what it must have been like being in the middle of it. I was stalking CNN and thinking of you.

I have been MIA this week because my very best friend Lisa is visiting. (!!!)

(That picture is not from this week… I just chose it to demonstrate how much we love each other. And that Canada is beautiful.)

Lisa is basically my sister. She is certainly my food soulmate. She grew up here but now lives in Calgary, so unfortunately I do not get to see her very often. The last time was when I had my trip out west and we had our Calgary Stampede adventures

Followed by our girls’ day in the mountains, with our amazing friends Dawn and Crystal, who were coincidentally also in town.

That trip was an absolute whirlwind, so I was anxious to see Lisa again under less hectic circumstances. But since she was originally only planning on staying in Ontario from Thursday night to Monday, and when you visit your hometown eight million people and their friends and their babies and their cats want to see you, I knew I was probably only going to be able to see her on Saturday (when we have a massive girls night planned). But then her plans changed! She arrived Tuesday afternoon instead and I picked her up from the airport and we dove right into best friend leisuring.

Which means, basically, that we have been eating a lot. I’m not even going to tell you everything that was consumed between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, because I’m embarrassed about it. Well, I mean, I’ll share some with ya.

On Tuesday night we ventured downtown in the rain to Yuk Yuks (Canadian comedy club), and we met up with our friend Matt there, who actually also happens to be visiting from out west. I went to Journalism school with Matt (or we also call him Bumper), and it was really good to see him!

I haven’t seen him for about two years, and the three of us haven’t been together in years and years, so we wanted a nice picture of us with the Yuk Yuks sign. Maybe something for Matt’s mantelpiece in his apartment.

And then this girl came over and was all “Oh I have to get in on this! I am photo bombing your picture!” And who are we to crush someone’s dreams of photo bombing?

So we let her in. Perhaps I should have told her she would end up on my blog. Oh well, I liked her. She was funny.

Unfortunately, the comedians were not. They were not funny. I am pretty easy in the laughter-department and I will laugh at pretty much everything, often at things that are not funny to anyone else. Like in the beginning of the show, because I am expecting to laugh and I am anxious for all the laughter, the comic can ask “How’s everybody doing tonight?!” and I will just start dying.

So I was in that mindset and it started off promising.

This man had a mustache and was wearing a skirt and was making his shirt into a belly-top, and that is funny in theory. But somehow it was just not. And as the night and the lame jokes wore on (and a couple people seriously just stood there and didn’t know what to say, it was weird), I felt uncomfortable and I couldn’t even give them a fake laugh. It was a special Halloween amateur night, but sadly just not very funny (I am not THAT comedy savvy, but Matt and Lisa are and both said it was the worst they’d seen).

But that’s okay! The entire show was only $4, and we had each other and this plate of fried ridiculousness:

So we soldiered on. Matt is actually getting into the stand-up comedy scene in Vancouver and recently performed at his first amateur night, and he is actually funny (I saw his video, I know what I’m talking about). I wanted him to go on stage and take over. Next time.

Anyway, afterwards we went over to Jack Astor’s for a drink and I mayyyy have ordered this…

I was thinking of getting something healthy, considering our fried goods earlier… But then I figured if I ordered a salad, by the time you add the four kinds of cheese, bacon, croutons, raisins, craisins, nuts, seeds, those little fried crispy tortilla strips, and dressing I’d probably be looking in the same calorie range as the loaf of bleached white cheese bread soaking in hot garlic butter anyway (I will tell myself this, but I really just wanted grease and carbs). So I went with the cheese bread. It’s just so good! I couldn’t resist. I could only finish about half, and that was with giving Lisa a piece, so I just packed the rest right up and ate it yesterday as a snack. Still good!

Also, Halloween was on Wednesday, as you know, and this is the first year I can remember that I haven’t dressed up (last year I was Ke$ha). But ohh, we celebrated. With possibly the best takeout sushi I have ever had.

We put a little plastic fern on the top plate to make it look more appetizing because we didn’t think this picture would do the sushi justice (and it doesn’t). But man it was good. That sashimi was so fresh!

And then we continued our celebration with chocolate and candy. And chips.

We do not mess around when it comes to snacks.

We had some errands to run at the Dollar Store during the day, so we decided we might as well buy a bunch of cheap junk food since it was Halloween. And it is a SHAME to not eat junk food on Halloween.

We obviously didn’t eat all of that, not to worry (though I am stuck with the leftovers and am currently eating a Twizzler). But we made a pretty good dent while we watched cheesy scary movies (like Ernest Scared Stupid, which, not as good as I remembered from when I was a kid).

Our whole time together just reminded me of being young with no worries again, and I think it is what we both needed since both of our lives have been weird lately (we seem to randomly go through the same huge life changes at the same time, even though we are so far apart). So if your life feels weird and unfamiliar, it’s good to be able to have some best friend time to regroup and rejuvenate yourself so you feel like you again. I could talk to Lisa about anything and she would never judge me. And I feel like she appreciates the little details of every story, so that is nice.

Anyway, that is all. But my apartment now looks like it’s been ransacked. And we have some shenanigans coming up this weekend before she leaves…possibly with props. So I’m excited for that.

And happy Movember ladies! When every man looks like a greasy Ron Burgandy for an entire month. Hooray! But at least it is funny.


11 responses to “We like to eat a lot

  1. I just love that there is a comedy club in Canada called “Yuk Yuk’s” — just seems so… fitting.

    Hooray for best friends and eating!!

  2. I LOVE it when friends come to visit!! SUCH a great feeling!! I cant believe the comedians weren’t funny?!?! what the. I would feel so awkward and maybe a little embarrassed for them? And I am pretty good with the laugh department too. Oh well. mmmmmm looks like you had some delish eats!! And dont worry, I always have the “salad talk” in my head too whenever I am eating out… usually my “I want something more delicious and not salad-y” voice wins 🙂

  3. Somehow, Yuk Yuk’s lost it’s thrill…it used to be so good! I haven’t been there for about 5 years, I used to go a lot in my early 20’s. Just my opinion but seems like the comedy clubs are way better in MTL. Enjoy the rest of your time with your bestie 🙂


  4. Awe, besties. Sounds like fun! I am super jealous of all your yummy eating because of my current eating condition. So sad!
    Mark is in a constant state of Movember. This is the only time of year where everyone is on the same page as him.

  5. It seriously makes me sick to look at that pic of all the candy lol…..GOOD times!

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