Pdot Styles

Saturday night was my bestie Lisa’s last big night here (she left on Monday, but Sunday was family time, understandably), so we decided we needed a big night out to celebrate. And where do we go when we are looking for a fun night? Peterborough.

I really just love smaller town bars, and I have mentioned before how much I enjoy going out in Peterborough. Lisa and our friends Crystal and Joel all went to university there, so we used to go out in the Pdot all the time. I got to know it pretty intimately. It is where we went out for my 20th birthday (when I was in possession of a certain suggestive hat), and of course my friend Emily and I were on our way back from a night out in Peterborough when the Captain Hook incident occurred.

I was slightly apprehensive about having a repeat of that situation, since I was once again driving (and Emily was with me). But all good. I’m not driving a beater with a broken speedometre anymore, so there was a very slim chance of being unaware that I was speeding or my car breaking down at a very inopportune time. I have my updated insurance slip, and my license is not suspended. And if Emily was forced to drive my car, this one is not manual. So wins all around there.

Anyway, nothing crazy happened on the drive, but we had a really awesome night out with the girls. I drove up with Dawn and Emily on Saturday afternoon and we headed straight to Lisa’s friend Mike’s who graciously offered to host us all for pre-drinking festivities and a post-bar sleepover (actually, Mike is Lisa’s ex boyfriend, but they are still close. He is one of the nicest people on the planet and we all LOVE him.)

You probably recognize Lisa, Dawn and Emily, and we also had Lisa’s good friend Corina with us (far left), who Lis went to university with. I love that girl, and I usually only see her when Lisa is around so it was really great to catch up (and party) with her.

Lis and I had gone on a bit of a prop hunt at the Dollar Store last week, and we picked up a little somethin’ for all of us to wear to the bar…

Emily’s pirate do-rag was probably my favourite. Halloween may be over but I don’t think that means you shouldn’t be able to dress up. Hats are cool at any time (those ones are especially cool). Don’t ask me what the banana is about though…

We hung out and drank and caught up for a while at Mike’s, and then we headed over to Lisa’s friend Karen’s where the rest of her university friends were having a bit of a party.

They all call themselves the ‘Borough Beauts, which I think is funny. And they have branded apparel, as you may be able to tell from Karen’s pants in the above picture. It makes me want to come up with a name for my friends and I.

They even had a Beaut of the Year award!

She was so excited and honoured.

The Beauts (minus Corina and Lisa) weren’t coming out with us as most of them were sick, but they were still drinking, like the troopers they are, so we got a little crazy with them before our original five hit up the bar. Avec les chapeaus, of course.

Keeping the Halloween theme alive, we also had a bag of Halloween candy with us, which we liked to make people do tricks for.

Those two men weren’t accepting candy from strangers though, do not worry. We know them. That is Mike’s brother and dad. They both had good tricks. Mike’s dad especially.

We went to a new bar in Peterborough called Aria, and it was alright. I prefer the Junction (it was always my fave), but we had a good time. At some point during the night I guess I switched to rye and Coke instead of my usual beer, and this was probably not the best of ideas. I do not really drink hard alcohol ever because it makes me a little bit crazy. Liquor is not my friend. We left the bar kind of early because we had planned on going to another one, and apparently at one point we were just standing on the street and I decided to give my ID to a sausage cart vendor to “get into the bar.” The sausage vendor had set up shop in front of a bank, so…I am not exactly sure what hot bar I was trying to get into. The Sausage Cart?

Anyway, this of course turned into the big joke of the evening. I may not live that down for a while. I am going to go ahead and blame that on the rye.

We also got food after the bar (of course we did), and Corina and I got burritos while everyone else opted for poutine (I don’t know what I was thinking). Corina and I then tried to join the girls in the poutine restaurant with our burritos, but we were immediately yelled at by the owner who told us we had to eat our burritos outside. Shafted. We ate them in the breezeway.

Anyway, it was a very fun night out with the girls. I already miss Lisa!

But not to worry, I will see her again soon enough. I am just glad I got an extra couple of days with her last week.

Also, and this is unrelated to anything, but Twilight fans, I have a contest for you! You can win tickets to the premiere of the final movie. Here is the info:

Basically you need to post a photo FROM either Yogurtys, Jamba Juice or Yogen Fruz store (I think with a product?) on Twitter or Instagram using the following hashtags: #JambaCATwilight #YogurtysTwilight #TwilightFruz. They are looking for fun and original shots.

Here is an example using my pic from the first time I ever went to a Yogurty’s…

Man I wish I was eating that deliciousness right now. Though my pants disagree…


3 responses to “Pdot Styles

  1. You crack me up. Sorry he wouldn’t let you in his Sausage Bar. Maybe next time!

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