Random Search Term Time

Well, I’m not sure what to talk about today. Truthfully I’m not even sure what my blog is about anymore. Probably not healthy-living, as that has just been sporadic lately (although I do feel like I am getting back on the healthy-living train, it is not quite up to speed just yet). And I can’t draw cartoons all the time, because they take me a million years.

Anyway, what do I usually do when I am not sure what to write about? Random search terms! Let’s review the interesting things people have Googled lately to somehow end up on my blog.

strange bug in the bathroom that has lots of legs

It was this thing, wasn’t it?

I’ve seen it too. That thing is so crazy disgusting that I don’t even have any words to describe it. I hope to never see one again. And to the person who Googled this, I hope it didn’t touch you. Blechhhh.

typical grocery store layout

This is hard to find! I was googling this relentlessly myself when I did my Familiar Grocery Store vs. Unfamiliar Grocery Store post. I couldn’t find anything! So I drew one.

You may use it. Just, you know, credit me or something.

where to buy just vinegar and just oil for salads

Hmm…good question. I don’t know, maybe a GROCERY STORE? See above if you are unfamiliar.

i love cookies

Me too. Ohhh me too me too me too.

People used to bring literally a pile of cookies and put them on my desk at work and say “I brought these for you!!!!!”.

An entire pile of cookies, just for me. No lie, it’s documented.

So I ate them. This has stopped happening, thankfully, or I would be obese. I cannot resist the cookies!

never got a power wheels jeep for christmas

Oh sad, sad day. Me neither. And ohhhh how I wanted the Barbie one.

I would have looked so cool driving around my neighbourhood in that. I am still bitter. There were quite a few awesome presents that I wanted and never received

My brother Eric sure did get a jeep though.

So I feel your pain.

how to host a bucket party

Oh it is very, very easy. You buy some buckets, invite people over, have them decorate their buckets, and then you pour booze in them.

And then you drink out of them. Seriously, if you are ever wondering how to get a party started, just hand your guests a bucket of alcohol. Guaranteed good time.

good card from nana

I love Nana cards! My Nana gives me the best cards about my dreams coming true! With stickers!

She also has been known to regift cards that children have made for her, white-out their name, and add her own, as you know

Such a beautiful card Nana, did you make this?

Nope. Noo she did not. She gets serious points for her scrappiness though. And I will cherish this card forever and ever. That is the BEST card from Nana.

Speaking of nana’s, this leads me to my next search term:

nana with glasses

Heeeeere ya go:

I love my Nana.

funny birthday twin pictures

Well I think it depends on who your birthday twin is. If your birthday twin happens to be Justin Bieber, as mine is…

It’s pretty easy to create a funny birthday twin picture…

how to give someone heavy a piggyback

Uhh, I am not sure I’m the best person to come to for advice about this. We all know how well that turned out…

Bad news. So I think my advice would be…don’t. Or do! You’ll have a good story!

will my daughter have fun at a princess birthday party

Probably. I sure did.

They even let me wear the princess sash. I was honoured.

why cat shows are better than dog shows

Because cats are awesome?! And also because apparently at cat shows the kitties are judged on their friskiness.

I had the best time with Hannah at the cat show we went to!

how to stop bed wetting

Don’t. Just blame it on the apple juice.

If, however, you really must stop the bed-wetting, I do have a handy pamphlet you may borrow…

Well, it’s actually my friend Emily’s. But I’m sure she’d let you have it as I am confident she has mastered the art of not wetting the bed.

activities for a bachelorette party ottawa

Drag show, drag show, DRAG SHOW!

And bring a saxophone!

And that is all for today my cheeky Googling friends. Have a good day!


9 responses to “Random Search Term Time

  1. Ah that bug, freaks me out!! I had one of those in the bathroom sink weeks ago. So freakyyy!!! What a creeper LOL

    LMAO I can’t stop laughing about that bucket partayyy! Why? Because there is a actual song, a West-Indian (Trinidadian) Soca Song…Think Caribana…and it involves drinking lol

    The song goes “bucket of rum…bucket of john walker black….you can use a bucket for everything” LOL

    Have a good day!

  2. YES!! Love these posts. I feel the same way about my blog…its not really about anything. Just stuff. But I secretly think those are the best kind. I might be biased.
    I am so in love with that card from your nana. She rocks.

  3. OMG Lindsey, as you were commenting on my cockroach fiction, I was reading this (I got the phone notification). I think we are soul mates – or something…Seriously, that is a freaking millipede. I’d NEVER seen them until I moved from CA to NJ. Now they are the ENTIRE reason I have a pest control program for my house. They are SO creepy. I hope you have sweet bug-free dreams. But just think – if you did make a cartoon out of it, you could draw an awesome version of that millipede!

  4. Hahaha! I love that you pretty much have a perfect picture for everything, like princess parties, and the jeep. Tell me, were you jealous of the jeep before or after, you busted up your little brother’s teeth? hehehe. I have some much younger siblings and oh man, did they get some awesome stuff, it was like we had different parents or something. Love the nana cards!!

    You inspired me to check my search terms and the only funny one was “girl crying into water glasses”. Yeah, that sounds about right. Baha!!

    To do list: Buy buckets. Even one will do really.

  5. I LOVE random search terms! I was actually laughing at so many things on here. Except that bug. That one is disgusting!

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