I felt like catching up on the Walking Dead and spooning my cat last night instead of recapping my weekend, so instead I have decided to reblog one of my cartoon stories. I just want to get all that icky stuff away so that it’s not the first thing people see when they visit my blog.
So if you haven’t already seen this, enjoy!

Happy or Hungry

I have another frozen lake story from my childhood I’d like to share with you. This time, I was with my good friend Melissa (the one who I fought with over Jason Priestley Ken).

(Melissa and I last year)

When I was about 10 or so, Melissa and I were skating on the lake around my house, just like any other day.

It was really windy that day, and in a rare occurrence, all the snow had blown off the lake. The entire lake was frozen, snow-free, and the ice was perfectly smooth and inky black. There was not one bump on it. It was an amazing phenomenon. We could skate anywhere! There was no rink, and no boundaries! Usually there are snowbanks or bumpy ice that you have to watch out for, but not on this day. It was the best skating conditions I had ever seen on…

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  1. Your toons are so awesome, always worth reposting!

  2. I am jealous. My grandma gave me her old skates when I was in jr. high because I have always had these visions of skating gracefully over a frozen pond in the winter, snow gently falling down upon me as I do one of those cool spin moves… I guess when she was growing up the ponds used to freeze around here and everyone would go ice skating. It doesn’t get cold enough anymore and I have never skated on a pond. During the holiday season, I like to make Manfriend go to seasonal outdoor rinks with me so we can act like we are in a Christmas movie and are in love. Let me clarify, the part we are acting is the Christmas movie bit, I am pretty sure we are in love. Well, I’m acting like I’m in a Christmas movie, Manfriend is just trying to skate away from me as fast as possible so I don’t embarrass him.

  3. Your hair looks so pretty in that picture. I know that’s not really at all related to the comic, but it’s true!

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