Snack Party

Well this post is slightly delayed and this is maybe a bit outdated now, but this week has been a little weird so I hope you will forgive me.

Last Friday my friends and I celebrated our pal Corey’s birthday. He was turning the big dirty thirty plus one, and perhaps you remember his very mature 30th birthday party last year…

Sometimes I will randomly go back and read that post, because it just makes me laugh hard.

Corey and Emily hosted a party at their sweet pad in the boonies, and I arrived around 9pm with my goat cheese and honey dip and immediately headed to over to check out the snack situation.

Emily is notorious for her snack tables. She always has the BEST snacks. I did some quality food table stalking while I caught up with my friends. And my life had taken quite a dramatic turn the night before so I had quite a lot to catch them up on. The conversation inevitably turned to online dating, so we had a big dating rant fest for about an hour. That was fun. My dating stories seemed to trump everyone elses online dating stories, but honestly, my stories tend to do that, so nothing really new there. Crazy things happen to me quite a lot, and my friends say it is because I can take it. I guess the universe doesn’t give you more than you can handle?

ANYWAY. I eased my pain with my beautiful friends and beer and candy cane jello shots, and cookies…

And fuzzy navel shots!

I had never heard of these before, and man, were they good. You soak fuzzy peaches in Peach Shnapps, and then you eat them. Seriously, what a brilliant idea. I highly recommend doing this, I loved them. I kind of wish I was still eating them right now.

Corey received some very thoughtful and useful presents?

Because everyone needs a pair of Stud Undies. They are very practical.

But I am not sure they beat the practical gift Emily received at her birthday in June

We mounted that picture on the wall for her that night, but on Friday I noticed it was hidden in their basement… I can’t understand why. It’s not like it is weird or unattractive or anything.

We really enjoy giving our friends gifts that are on the bizarre side. Like the World’s Longest Beard.


Because we also really enjoy facial hair. Dawn found that beautiful beardo in Texas. And speaking of facial hair, there were some new facial hair props that I had never seen before…

Like mustache cups? I have no idea who brought these or where they came from, but they were a big hit. I am going to have to find them so I can just randomly start busting them out places. Julie and I seem to have missed the memo on how to get them to work though…


And there were also chocolate mustaches.

I ate half of mine before the photo. Just couldn’t resist the moustachey chocolatey deliciousness.

Dawn brought her amazing dog Miyu with her for the shenanigans, and I need to mention this because I LOVE that dog.

She is a Shiba Inu and Dawn and her fiance Mark got her from a rescue over the summer. She is the sweetest, nicest dog ever. She looks just like a miniature fox. So cute. Dawn and Mark really have great luck with rescue dogs. They also rescued a beautiful American Eskimo named Bolt a couple of years ago…

Both of them are amazing. They make me want to get a dog really badly. If I didn’t have a 19-year-old high maintenance cat that can’t handle any sort of stress in her life I would be all over that.

For Corey’s birthday cake, Emily made him cake pops!

Actually made them herself. So impressive. She is quite a domesticated diva. They were really delicious, and I had two of them.

It was a fun night with my pals.

Which was exactly what I needed.

Have a great weekend!


7 responses to “Snack Party

  1. A couple of things…one I am really good at giving gifts since everyone of those monstrosities was from me. I’m thinking of opening up some kind of business to help people succeed in gift giving.
    Secondly…you online dating story beats any I have ever experienced, for which I am grateful but I don’t know if your story was the biggest of the night…..Emily’s bundle of joy?

  2. I need those moustache cups for my coffee at work!

  3. I love the cups! Never too old for that silliness.

  4. Btw you can find those noses cups at chapters/indigo stores or online 🙂

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