I wanted to blog last night and then didn’t get a chance, but I noticed I have some new readers so I don’t want to leave you hanging. So I am again doing the ol’ re-blog thing. If you haven’t read this, enjoy!

Happy or Hungry

(I am making this post “sticky” today, meaning stick to the top of my page, because I am a) too lazy to write anything new today and b) this is probably my favourite post. So don’t shaft your kids this Christmas. they will remember.)

I saw a tweet yesterday from SweetSpot.ca asking what toys you wanted as a kid for Christmas but never actually got.

First world problems, I know, but I can vividly remember all the toys I wanted from Santa for Christmas and never received. It is interesting reminiscing about them because I thought I was such a tomboy when I was a kid, but most of the hot toys I coveted were Barbie or doll-related. I didn’t mind getting dirty, but I still liked to be a little girly.

Shmanyway, first up:

Barbie Power Wheels Jeep

The present I wanted from Santa more than anything else in…

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  1. I had that barn set! Loved the Little People Sets.

  2. I always wanted a pony for Christmas. My mom always got me My Little Pony…it got frustrating after a while. Unfortunately, I never got that pony and had to wait until I was 23 to buy my own horse.

  3. Odd enough I can’t recall one toy I wanted for christmas but never got… So, it’s either that I have always had everything I wished for or that I understood as a child that material things won’t buy me happiness (something I would purposefully sporadically forget later on), or that my wishes for toys were so short-loved and ephemeral that my long time memory can’t recall them… 😉

    • Interesting. Do you remember your favourite toys?
      I would agree that material things cannot buy happiness…but my Barbies brought me happiness for years and years 🙂

      • I did have barbies, my sister and I actually had quite a lot of barbies and the full range of accessories all togheter, house, car, pool… But what I truly can’t remember is if there is toys I wanted but did not got 🙂 I’m sure they were… It’s kind of impossible that I’ve got EVERYTHIING I wanted. But I probably forgot. It’s awesome that you can remember that!!! :))

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