Fantastic Friday

Hello friends!

Sorry about all that re-blogging business. Is re-blogging your own posts bad blog form? Probably. Anyway, this week has been super busy, and besides work nothing has really been going on. Except for a few minor fantastic things, and those are the things I want to talk about. So today is Fantastic Friday, because alliteration and fantastic things make me happy.

Fantastic Thing 1

There is an amazing bakery across the street from the Starbucks near my work, so if I run out for a coffee around mid-afternoon snack time, I can’t resist stopping by there and picking up a little something…


That little something is usually a cupcake. They have the BEST homemade cupcakes with buttercream icing. You know what is so fantastic about that cupcake? The cake to icing ratio. I have never seen a cupcake with so much icing! I pretty much eat cupcakes for the icing, and I think there may actually be more icing than cake on that thing. That is a huge win. It is so creamy and buttery. I never want that cupcake to end. I could eat that cupcake every single day for the rest of my life (but my pants say no, don’t do it). I almost wish I never had one, because around 3pm I start to fantasize about eating it, and then that is it. I must get it.

Fantastic Thing 2

My work has a beer cart on Friday’s as a reward if everyone completes their timesheets. A BEER CART! Do you know what it feels like to drink beer at your desk while working?


It feels like a dream. I feel like I’m in a dream. They have a really great variety of beer brands also. Today is Friday! I’m already excited for the beer cart! Everyone better have finished their timesheets or I will hunt them down!

Fantastic Thing 3

This bacon tree:


I stopped at this burger place on my way home from work because I heard it has really good poutine, and I noticed this while I was waiting for my food (poutine, obviously). That is actually real bacon hanging from the tree. I wanted to eat it. So festive. The jars of Nutella in the background did not go unnoticed either…

Fantastic Thing 4

I have really been missing having a Druxy’s in my work building. It was so convenient (maybe a little too convenient), and their salads are so amazing I have no words. So I have been going through a little bit of a lunch transition while I struggled to find something close to my new work that I love as much as Druxy’s. I pack my own lunch a lot of the time, but when I don’t it’s very important for my hunger monster that I have a go-to lunch spot nearby.

I found one!


This could possibly be my dream lunch! There is a little deli down the street that has really awesome soup and sandwiches. They have good salads too, but I have really been loving the soup and half sandwich deal. It comes with their homemade chips! I love this because it’s a big lunch and I can stretch out eating it over at least an hour, and then it’s almost mid-afternoon snack time, which means less time without eating. If I plan it correctly I can almost be eating all day. That is a half grilled ham and Brie (I LOVE Brie) sandwich and a maple sweet potato chipotle soup, which sounds like an odd combination but I couldn’t get enough of it. They also have pretty delicious Christmas cookies which I am usually unable to resist. But I don’t get a Christmas cookie the same day I get a cupcake. Usually.

Unhealthy eats have definitely been sneaking in over here lately… So another fantastic thing is I have been walking to work every day. It’s a round trip of about 50 minutes, and seems to be keeping everything in check in the pants department. I’ve also been better with the workouts lately, but that is a story for another (less fantastic) post.

Fantastic Thing 5 (for my cat)

Winnie has a few new sleeping spots that she thinks are quite fantastic. The first one is on my radiator.


I find her there when I get home from work every single day. Winnie likes it hot.

Her second new favourite sleeping spot is not the most fantastic for me. Before I shower each morning I usually lay out the shirt I’m wearing that day on my bed so I can quickly change. Winnie takes this as an opportunity to leisure around on it and lick herself all over it.


Thus getting cat hair all over my shirt.

I am going to say her favourite sleeping spot is with me though.


She is my little weekend morning spooning buddy. Winnie is like my Nana in that she is fueled by love. This means she is going to live forever. Don’t tell me otherwise! She may be 19 but she is still spry!

That is pretty much it in fantastic news. Have a fantastic Friday!


39 responses to “Fantastic Friday

  1. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    Things I want right now, as inspired by this post: that cupcake, a beer cart at work. Le sigh.

  2. I consider myself a pretty serious cupcake conosieur and that cupcake looks fantastic. Especially the frosting.

    I’m intrigued by that beer cart concept too.

  3. I am jealous of your beer cart. Also, I work at a desk job and I seriously plan my entire day around my food consumption. We have a cafeteria that closes at 3 and on the odd days that I miss my afternoon snack break I have a very solemn moment of silence and then resort to the emergency almonds and fruit trips in my desk. If I had a line-a-day journal I think M-F could be summed up with either “Emergency Almonds- :(” or “SNACK! :D”

    • Haha, yes! I am so the same! Eating times are so important. I tend to be a little off (read: bitchy) if I miss snacktime, so I hear ya sister. And I also have an emergency stash of almonds in my desk, but almonds are pretty much the least exciting snack of all time, so yep. They usually get shafted for something better. Emergency almonds only.

  4. Ok, I am moving to Canada. Cupcake place ACROSS THE STREET from work, and BEER CART on Friday (sorry for all the yelling, it’s just way too exciting). You maple leafs are onto something, and I am jealous. Need a roomie? I’m not creepy at all…

    Also, Winnie is the cutest kitty ever (besides my kitties, of course). I had to stop putting clothes on my bed for that very reason! Love it. It’s good to see you back to happy posts 🙂 xo

  5. A Bacon Tree?!? Awesomeness! I’m going to agree with you that everything in this post is FAN-freakin’-TASTIC! Beer cart?!? Happy Friday!

  6. Those are all amazingly fantastic things! And NOW I want that cupcake. It looks amazing. icing to cake ration is always important to me as well!

  7. Great list of things, indeed! Every time I think I can’t love your blog more…I do. You’re also a cat lady!?! My god, this is wonderful. 🙂

  8. I want your job! I need a beer cart. 😦

  9. That’s the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I own! Maybe I should hang bacon from it too?

  10. A beer cart???? Now I will never be satisfied at work again. Why can’t everyone have this? Amazing.

  11. Honey, you had me at cupcake…. 😀

  12. I always feel like a bad person. I don’t like frosting. And I rarely like cake.

  13. Your kitty is very cute! My kitty has a new sleeping place – the shelf in the top of my wardrobe. We have to leave the wardrobe door open all night for her!

  14. I want to reach through the screen and cuddle Winnie so much, it hurts. Like, seriously, I finally had to just scroll down and look away. She is just so adorable, and immortal.

  15. Beer cart and bacon tree? No thanks. I don’t eat or drink either. But mostly frosting cupcake, Brie cheese and a maple sweet potato chipotle soup? YES! Now I need to google for that soup recipe…

  16. I suppose a beer cart rolling around in the pharmacy would be all kinds of wrong, otherwise I’d institute that in my place next week!

  17. “If I plan it correctly I can almost be eating all day.”

    This may be the best sentence I have ever read.

  18. Hahaha! Beer cart??? I will work there for free! Love the bacon tree and I especially love that it’s the Charlie Brown tree minus the red ball. Your Winnie is like my Sophie Little old ladies and we’ll pretty much let them do what they want. Sophie’s latest is taking my seat. I’m watching tv sitting at the arm of the sofa and if I get up for even a minute, I come back and she’s curled in the corner of my seat so cozy and already sleeping (pretending) like she’s been there all day.

  19. Beer at work is seriously awesome! So is your kitty 🙂

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