Dawnald’s Big Girl Birthday

Today is my good friend Dawn’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dawnald!!!!), so on Saturday all of our good friends headed to Dawn and her fiance Mark’s house to celebrate.

There were a LOT of girls in attendance.


There were a decent amount of guys too, but they tend to steer clear of the girls’ pictures. Except our friend Joel. Whenever we are going to take a girls pic and he is present, we are usually like “JOEL! Get in here!” and he is down.


(Dawn’s birthday two years ago.)

It has been this way since Grade 9, when we first met Joel and out of the whopping three guys in our grade (we went to a small school), Joel was the one who was most like us.

Sometimes we like to pick him up.


He likes it.

Usually we like to get each other silly, useless presents for birthdays (ex – I got Dawn a foam sword and a new pair of joke glasses) but Emily and Dawn have been stepping this up the last couple of years and having a bit of a present war. I have mentioned many times about the World’s Longest Beard and the extremely unattractive picture that Dawn got Emily for her birthday. And for Mark’s birthday in the spring, Emily and Corey got him this giant stuffed bear…


(Let it be known that I am the GREATEST Dad. And please ignore my Scooby Doo stickers. Sometimes we wear stickers. Saturday night we had Justin Bieber stickers and I had a sticker on my chest that said “Sing To Me.” One man at the bar took this literally, so that was funny.)

The bear is actually still kicking around, and he made an appearance on Saturday.


Anyway, here were Emily’s gifts to Dawn this year:


An inflatable set of McDonalds items… We may have had a bit of a photo shoot with them. And you better believe we brought them to the bar!


Just the fries and the burger patty, as the milkshake was too cumbersome. The best part about the fries is they were a puppet, so you could stick your hand in the bottom for easy transportation. I’m telling you, our props keep getting better. I don’t know where Emily found these things, but I am so glad she did. For the most part they were a huge hit, although one guy did ask why we would bring the fries to the bar. I think the question is, why would you not bring fries to the bar.


Fun times. In the morning we thought we lost the fries, and Emily wrote me a text about it and just said “Ding, fries are done :(” and I laughed for about half an hour. But not to worry, we found them! I think they will be making an appearance again.

And that was the most exciting thing I did this weekend. My brain still seems to be in weekend-mode and I don’t have much else to say… But I hope you all had a great weekend!


16 responses to “Dawnald’s Big Girl Birthday

  1. Looks like such a fun time! Where on earth does one get those McDonalds life size toys!? haha

  2. Those aren’t McDonald’s! Those are from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a popular show on Adult Swim. 🙂 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aqua_Teen_Hunger_Force


  3. Puppet fries?! Why don’t I own a set?

  4. Those are from the hilarious show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, not from McDonald’s! I would kill for those!

  5. And that is Meatwad the Meatball, not a burger patty. 😉

  6. I am no longer getting my friends nice candles or body cremes. Only inflatable items from this moment forward!

  7. I love your little adventures. It is fun to live vicariously through you because on Friday and Saturday night I watched a movie with Mark. We were too tired to do anything else. Sigh…we are old and parental.
    Where do your friends get these amazing props!! I wish I had friends like these. So fun.
    Hope all is well and I’ll see you sometime soon! xoxoxo

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