Lunch (and Dog) Envy

I have been suffering from a problem lately. That problem is lunch envy. I am envious of other people’s lunches.

This didn’t seem to be a problem at my old job. I think because I only worked with four other people and I was usually the first one to eat lunch, so by the time my coworkers got their lunch ready I had just eaten mine and was momentarily satisfied. Plus my boss would just eat quietly in his office and he didn’t usually need to heat anything up, so his lunch would largely go unnoticed by me. (it is the smell of lunches being reheated that seems to trigger my envy).

Well, his lunch went unnoticed except for when I was making fun of how cute it was:


Aww, the little bottle of milk.

And I would routinely tell my old coworker Mike that he has the blandest tastebuds of all time because his favourite sandwich was just meat and bread. No cheese, no condiments, no lettuce or tomato. Just meat and bread. I tend to eat things for the extras (the sauces, the cheese), so no jealousy there. Though I do enjoy both meat and bread, quite a lot.

But now I work with about 50 other people, and when I make my way down to the lunchroom around lunchtime there are on average at least five people in there getting their elaborate, amazing lunches ready. I am not exaggerating about elaborate and amazing. I am talking spaghetti carbonara, delicious-looking stir fries, burritos, dim sum, pad thai, and other beautiful lunches that I can’t even name or describe, they just look and smell delicious. Someone even had a platter of fancy cheeses with some of the tastiest-looking crackers I had ever seen. Seriously kill me.

Typically I grab my lunch from the fridge and get out of there as soon as possible before it becomes unbearable and I become a lunch thief (because NO ONE likes a lunch thief). And then I take my boring and sad homemade sandwich and salad back to my desk and stare at it in disdain. Why didn’t I think to pack dim sum? Because I am a lazy lunch packer.

Anyway, I’ve decided it doesn’t matter. I will always have the lunch envy, no matter what I bring for my own lunch. Wednesday night I made myself amazing chicken pasta, and for lunch yesterday I had my amazing leftovers. I was excited about my lunch, it was delicious. But I still felt a little tingle of lunch envy.

Luckily my office, and most importantly my immediate coworkers, are all very snack-oriented. Everyone has great snacks and they are all very generous with their sharing. So there is a lot of lunch supplementing going on and for that I am thankful. I love people who are food oriented! (I do not like people who don’t eat.)

I am also thankful for furry distractions around the office.


I work in a pet-friendly office that allows dogs! There are usually about four roaming around during the day. That little ball of cuteness is Ollie, my coworker Steph’s dog, and he was our desk mascot for the day yesterday.

And when I say desk mascot I mean that literally.


He actually hung out on our desks for most of the day.


RIDICULOUS cute. I could not get enough of Ollie. He was like a little cat. He slept on my lap for about an hour in the afternoon and he was so warm and comforting. I just wanted to snuggle him all day long.


Ollie has given me the serious dog itch (NOT to be confused with the baby itch). Ah, I want a dog.

Winnie says no though.


Oh well. I will just carry on admiring the dogs and the lunches of others.

Have a great weekend! Mine is jam-packed with holiday festivities and I am EXCITED.


24 responses to “Lunch (and Dog) Envy

  1. I could totally see you making super awesome bento boxes. You have the creative talent for it.

  2. WHY DON’T I HAVE DOGS IN MY OFFICE!?!?!? I would be so much more productive if there were dogs (and cats, I’m an equal opportunist) wandering around. Somehow I think that since my management insists we wear suits everyday, dogs aren’t going to be a fast-follow….

    • It’s true, it definitely boosts my productivity because I just feel so happy! The creative team (which I am a part of) works in the studio, which is separate from the rest of the office, and we have been talking about getting a cat to live up here and then we can just rotate taking the cat home on weekends and holidays. This probably won’t actually happen, but I so hope it does…
      Did I mention it is casual day every day here? 🙂

  3. I wish I could take my dog to work. He’s the best. I wasn’t really an animal person before my husband convinced me to get a dog. Now he’s my furchild. It’s amazing. I dress him up for Christmas Card photos every year. This year he was Scrooge McDog, complete with reading glasses and night cap.

  4. I have a co-worker who always has amazing smelling lunches that I’m envious of. I’m also a lazy lunch packer and typically just grab a froze dinner or a can of soup….boring.

  5. Oh my goodness, I love Ollie and his pillow! It momentarily helped me to forget the crazy stress madness my 8-month old puppy is currently putting us through (hint: his nickname is “nightmare”).

    Lunch envy, LOL! Seriously, there is nothing more seriously deliciously assaulting on all the 5 senses when it comes to people heating up their homecooked meals. It makes me stab-happy, as in stab my fork in their meal to get a taste. 😛

    • Aww, hahaha. Don’t worry, it will get better!
      Apparently at Google they have a chef that cooks all their employees lunch AND breakfast, every single day. That would be amazing, and I’m pretty sure it would eliminate any lunch envy!

  6. It is my dream to work at a place that allows dogs. I would LOVE that so much. And Ollie is simply the cutest. I am so jealous that you got to hang out with him all day. What kind of dog is he?

  7. I love dogs! If I had a dog I could totally take him to work. I get to hang out with this puppy today.

    #rawr #holyshit #summer #victoria #anchorage

    A post shared by Sissy Kotongan (@pandasocks) on

  8. Dogs in the office? How cool is that? Can’t have a dog as the mrs is allergic but would actually consider an office job again if they would allow dogs in an office over here.

  9. I work in a pharmacy in a hospital, and I’m usually too busy to eat lunch. But the little coffee shop next door cheerily cooks BACON for BLTs all morning and I’m about to die from the smell!

  10. I would go crazy in a dog friendly workplace- love, love, LOVE! I don’t know how you can get any work done when there’s adorable pups around!

  11. Your workplace really does sound awesome! When i was making a list of “things I’m looking for in a dream job”, number two on the list was “my dog”. And then i ran out of ideas after that, so I still haven’t figured out what my dream job is.

    P.S. I just twittered you, but I have a deep distrust for the twitter machine. So just in case you didn’t see it…I’ll be in the Tdot (God, did I actually type that?) next week.

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