The Office Holiday Party

So Friday night was my work’s holiday party, and people had been raving on to me for the past month about how amazing of a time it was going to be, so I had been looking forward to it for a while. It did NOT disappoint. It was probably the most fun and hilarious holiday party I have ever been to. I love seeing people from work all relaxed in leisure/party mode.

Anyway, we started the night off at Crush Wine Bar on King West. We all mingled around with our drinks for about an hour or so before sitting down to dinner. There were three tables with about 20 people each, so about 60 of us in total.


I sat with my favourite communications team.


But there is another addition to our team who was sitting down the table from us.


(From left: Steph, Emily, Laura, myself, Melissa)

Those girls are a good time, let me tell you. I really love being part of a communications team. At my old job I was the only one who worked in communications, so it is nice to be able to talk to people who can relate to what I’m talking about and get ideas from. These girls have made my first couple months at my new job so much fun, and they are so helpful, so I am very grateful.

We ate from a set menu that included salad, an entree, and a dessert. My pictures are pretty blurry, but I’ll show you my entree.


That may have been the most tender steak I have ever eaten. Practically no chewing required.

Ah, fancy restaurants. You kill me with your small portions. This is why I am not the biggest fan of super expensive restaurants. I wasn’t paying for this, but I have a feeling if I was it would be around $35, and friends, that is not even enough to fill me up. Luckily Steph had warned me about the small portions so I pre-ate before I left. Had I not my hunger monster may have made an appearance. And I am not dissing on Crush Wine Bar, this is typical at every expensive restaurant. Also, it redeemed itself in quality. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously mouth-watering. I practically licked my plate.

Right after dinner, a few of my fellow coworkers showed us all a video as a surprise, and it made me laugh so hard I nearly had a heart attack. They went out and filmed people on the street, asked them what they thought about our company, and then gave them inside jokes to say about the people at our work. And then they compiled their answers into a video. I LOVE office humour like this. I am new, but I still got all the jokes and I nearly died of laughter. It was really well done.

After the video it was after-party time. We all headed over to Bloke & 4th, a club just down the street from Crush. I had never been there before, but apparently it is THE place to be, and it was jam-packed in there.

I work for a very young company, and everyone certainly was no stranger to partying. We had an entire area for just our staff, and the drinks were flowing, and it was just a really, really good time.


We tried to take this nice picture of us multiple times, because we kept getting photobombed by the guys…


I have found my people. I really loved that although we were in a packed club, all of our staff stayed together and socialized with each other. We all danced together all night long. I danced so much that both of my feet were pure blisters the next day.

Someone came around with a fancy camera also, and took those pictures that make you feel like you’re a celebrity.


Rainer, second from the left, was my immediate work best friend (not to be confused with Lexy my Office Bestie who will never, ever be replaced). I sat across from him for the first month or so and I just liked him immediately. I recently moved across the room to sit with my communications team, and he pretended to be all mad at me at first and wouldn’t talk to me for two days. But now we are friends again.


We just wave to each other from afar and joke about how we are going to make a tin can telephone.

And I found a lace twin, Monica.


I LOVED her dress. She looked gorgeous.

I cannot even describe how much I love the work environment here and how great the people are. Even the CEO/president of our company stayed until the bitter end. It was a really great night, and everyone managed not to embarrass themselves too badly. Just wins all around!


12 responses to “The Office Holiday Party

  1. Aww nice!! Looking good chica 🙂 Lol I hate the fact that fancy pants places severe such small amounts of food. #firstworldproblems


  2. I forgot to ask you a question Lindsay. How was the music @Bloke & 4th, I am trying to find a place for my Dirty Thirty in Jan.

  3. At first glance, I thought your entree was a pancake with sliced strawberries. Which would actually make a pretty awesome entree.

  4. I want to work there! Think they would hire me to work remotely from the Midwest?…

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