Pre-Holiday Craziness

So it is the week before the official holidays, and you know what that means… BUSYNESS. Holy busyness. This entire week has just been crazy.

On Monday after work I had a meeting with the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association’s executive board (which I sit on), and I don’t really have anything to report from that except it included dinner.


YEAHHHHHHH Festive Special! I wait all year for this from Swiss Chalet. Basically it is the same as the quarter chicken meal, except it comes with stuffing and Lindor chocolates, so obviously it is one million times better. I die for their sauce. And don’t even tell me how bad it is because I don’t even care. I could drink it.

Also this week I had my work’s client Christmas party at the Spoke Club on King West, and that was a fun time!


There were some pretty delicious appetizers floating around, so I spent the night eating those and mingling with my coworkers and our clients.


I may have made a new BFF with one of our clients Georgia.


She was a good time.

There was an after-party, but I was already exhausted so I decided I should probably skip that if I didn’t want to be dead the next day. I have a hard time partying on a school night…

I was excited all week for Wednesday, as I had something big to look forward to. Stephanie from Clay Baboons was in the city, and we had plans to meet for coffee! This is a big deal, as Steph is from Nova Scotia and we tried to meet up last year during the holidays when she was visiting, but things just got too busy and it didn’t end up happening. It is funny because we have only read each other’s blogs and emailed back and forth a bit (and we are Facebook friends) but I already felt like we were friends. Meeting her for coffee felt just like meeting an old friend. She is just as sweet and hilarious in person as she comes across on her blog! I really had a good time and I probably could have spent the entire day just talking with her.

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of us. I don’t know what I was thinking. But here is what it probably would have looked like:


Exactly like that. Only I was wearing a black dress and Steph was all trendy in a gray sweater. If you haven’t read her blog you should check it out. She is hilarious and her clay is amazing.

My work is having a big cookie exchange party today, and I am incredibly pumped, because as you know I am a cookie connoisseur.


That’s going to be me.

I signed up to the cookie exchange planning on making my Nana’s Christmas cookies!


I basically gave myself all night last night to make them, as they are time-consuming little suckers. I had to run some errands after work, and while I was out I realized that I was out of decorating bags for the icing, so I dropped by the Bulk Barn to pick some up. It was not until about 9pm when I was getting ready to do the cookie thing that I realized the decorating bags I bought were not in fact decorating bags.

This is what I bought:


And this is what they were:


WTF Bulk Barn?! Holy false advertising! I am a visual person. I know it clearly says “Parchment Triangles” on the package, but if you put a picture of a decorating bag icing a beautiful cake on the box I am going to assume I am buying a decorating bag! What am I supposed to do with a triangle of parchment paper? That does not equal a decorating bag.

I assumed the cookies were going to be a disaster. I thought I was just going to have to sloppily spatula icing on them and hope for the best. But I made myself a little spontaneous decorating bag using a Ziploc bag (because I am a resourceful little minx like my Nana), and guess what?! They actually turned out!


So I am bringing those puppies into work today, and if all goes well I will be leaving work with about 50 various types of cookies. Hooray for that!

Today is also kind of our unofficial office party, so we are all supposed to dress festively and there is a social with cocktails in the afternoon (probably to replace beer cart), so I am excited for that as well.

Just a lot of things going on, and I am really looking forward to the holidays. It’s going to be leisure city up in here.

I hope all of your busy weeks are going well, and I will catch you guys later!


12 responses to “Pre-Holiday Craziness

  1. I quite literally snorted tea on my keyboard when I saw your picture of us. Bahaha! It was so great meeting you face to face yesterday! And I didn’t even have to use my conversation-starter cue cards, with questions like “Do you like dogs?” and “Have you ever had a colonoscopy?”. Win! Next time we get together, I insist that you bring either glasses or mustaches, because that’s what all the cool kids on your blog wear.

    The cookies turned out great! Happy cookie exchange!

  2. I like your dress from the party!

  3. I want that meal from your first picture in my face right now. Its 9am, I think this is a problem.

  4. Isn’t this a new job of yours? I love how you get right in there and mingle with everyone for the holidays. I have a new job and I was out of town for the party, but I know exactly 2 people at the company and no one really talks to each other. It’s a weird dynamic.

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