Ugly Sweaters and Family Dinner Crashing

Merry Christmas Eve! I am about to head to my Dad’s for Christmas shenanigans, but I have some recapping to do first.

My friend Matt is visiting his fam from BC, so on Saturday he picked me up and we headed to our friend Fran and her husband Shawn’s house for a little ugly sweater action.


I am not sure if my sweater is actually a Christmas sweater, as it seems to have a cactus and a sombrero on it, so it’s possible it’s just an ugly Mexican sweater. But I saw it and I liked it, and it is certainly ugly, so I think it qualifies. Feliz Navidad!

Matt’s mom made his sweater. She sewed the all the ornaments on herself. Hardcore. My favourite was the back…


Some Michael kid has sacrificed his stocking thanks to Matt and his mom this Christmas…

The party ended up kind of being a reunion with some of my friends from journalism school, as that is where I met all of these cheeky minxes.


(From left: Amy, Fran, myself, Matt, Adam)

Adam on the right didn’t have a sweater, but he actually wore that wolf shirt seriously to class one day and we have pretty much never stopped making fun of him about it. I love that he wore it. Just as good as an ugly sweater. I love a good wolf shirt.

There were more of Fran’s friends in attendance too, but I didn’t really know them so I felt weird about shoving a camera in their face trying to photograph their sweaters. I spent most of the night catching up with my journalism pals. I have seen Amy and Fran recently at Fran’s wedding, and I had just seen Matt around Halloween also (when my Bestie Lisa was also visiting and the three of us went to Yuk Yuks), but I haven’t seen Adam in about four years. It was so nice to see his bright shining face!

We reminisced about all our old inside jokes, and my favourite is the time Adam and I were in the cafeteria in line for Harvey’s and he turned to me and said “Do you think anyone will judge me if I order two cheeseburgers instead of just one cheeseburger and fries?” and I said “Psh, no.” So then he ordered his two cheeseburgers and I said really loudly “TWO CHEESEBURGERS?!” and everyone turned and stared at him. Fun times. Anyway, now whenever we talk on Facebook or something we usually include “Two cheeseburgers?!” in our messages and it makes me laugh.

He and Matt are besties, so watching their reunion was heartwarming. Both of them are huge baseball fans, so for Christmas Matt gave Adam his baseball pin collection.


Isn’t that beautiful?

Anyway, we pretty much stayed anti-social and hung out in the kitchen all night. Which worked out well because that’s where the snacks were, including this amazingness:


Orea bark! Ahh, it was so good.

There were some great sweaters in attendance, and at the end of the night we all voted for the winner. I think there may have been some rigging going on…but Matt took home the trophy!


He called his mom to tell her. She was so proud.

I actually had a really fun night catching up with the J-crew. I wish more of them could have made it!


If you want to see our extremely fun journalism class in all its glory, you can watch this video that I made for a school assignment:

Ah, I miss school.

Last night my friend Lexy invited me over for Christmas dinner with her family. They are leaving for Regina today, so I am watching their cat for them over the holidays and needed to pick up their key, so when she asked me if I wanted to crash their dinner I said YES PLEASE! I know her family from various events, so it was good to hang with them.

We ordered in Swiss Chalet, so of course I got the Festive Special!


This would be the second time this Christmas season that I have enjoyed the festive special, but you can never have too much of a good thing, oui?

I would like to mention that Lexy’s husband Mark has recently started his own blog called ModernHouseDad. Because he is a modern house dad.


That is Mark with their ridiculously cute son Hudson. They are a big hat family (my camera sucks sometimes.)

I highly recommend checking out Mark’s blog, because first of all, it’s awesome and he is hilarious. I read through the entire thing yesterday. And also, I don’t think there are enough Dad bloggers in the blogging world. I am intrigued to see where he goes with this.

In his most recent post he talks about home beer brewing, so he had some of his beer kicking around and I tried out the oatmeal stout.


I really, really liked it. It kind of made me want to brew my own beer.

We also had some pretty amazing pastries for dessert.


I sampled pretty much everything on both plates…

Lexy and I used to work together, and in the four Christmases we had together at work, we got a picture in front of our office tree every single year. It was our tradition.

Last year we let baby Hudson and our amazing coworker Beth in on the action…


But this year we carried on the tradition solo, and just in front of Lex’s tree.


Don’t worry, I don’t just go around caressing bellies like that…Lexy is currently pregnant with baby #2! Exciting times! She loves it when I rub her belly. When she was pregnant with Hudson she would come into my office every day and say “Hey, want to rub my belly?” and I would say “YES!” I love that she gets down like that. So for our Christmas pic she asked if I wanted to rub her belly and I just got right on that. I don’t see her every day anymore so I have to squeeze in the belly rubbing.

It was a cute night, and I am glad I went. After their family present opening, I waddled myself on home.

I also need to mention my favourite gift so far this year (actually, maybe ever) from my friend Emily and her family. They dropped off this beautifully wrapped gift yesterday, and when I opened it up it was a stocking!


I stared at it for several minutes in awe, and then I dumped it out…


It was just like the stockings my mom used to make me, complete with an orange and a loonie in the bottom! I loved it. I was so touched that I nearly teared up. It was the most thoughtful gift ever. It has a special meaning for me also. When my mom moved to BC I was in my last year of high school, and I remember feeling a bit bummed that I wouldn’t be getting one of my mom’s amazing stockings that year at Christmas. To make me feel better, Emily and the rest of my friends all chipped in and made me a big stocking just like this so that I would still get one. I will never forget that. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Thank you so much Emilio, I love you very much!


My friends are the best! I am feeling so thankful for all of them this Christmas.

And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!


10 responses to “Ugly Sweaters and Family Dinner Crashing

  1. You look stunning! And, this might sound weird, but your sweater looks like you drew it. It’s just in the bright colours that you use. Hahaha, very random observation.

    You are very lucky to have such amazing friends! They look like a fun/caring bunch.

    Merry Christmas!! 😀

  2. You look so gorgeous in all your pictures! 🙂 looks like you’re having a wonderful Christmas. I love your ugly sweater, Felix navidad is right lol

  3. Awe Lindsey, I miss you so much! But you are certainly keeping up with all the things I love about you… and you continue to write such wonderful blogs. Merry Merry Christmas to you and I know 2013 is going to be an amazing year for you! Love you.

  4. OMG! My mom owns a Christmas sweater that is very similar to the vest that Fran is wearing in the pics from the ugly sweater party! LOL so awesome! I haven’t even read the entire post yet I just had to scroll down & comment right away!

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