Welp, it’s been four days since Christmas and I have emerged from my food coma and I am ready to talk about it.

I have to just take a minute and say how much I love Christmas on Facebook. I love everyone’s photos of their family and friends all merry in their Santa hats and reindeer antlers and ugly sweaters and general holiday attire. Looking at them just makes me feel happy. So if you are my Facebook friend and you have been posting photos and they are in my news feed, well I am creeping them.


I am a creeper just like that cat.

My family always does the Christmas thing on Christmas Eve, so on Monday I headed to my dad and stepmom Mona’s for our fam jam. Also in attendance was my stepbrother Rusty, his girlfriend Leslie, and my stepmom’s mother Velta (who is hilarious and has a really heavy Latvian accent and pretty much everything she says makes me laugh hard).

Sadly my Nana couldn’t make it. She is doing well, but big outings like this are sometimes a bit too much for her. It is okay though, my Dad and I went to see her on Saturday for a little Christmas celebration beforehand.


She is always so happy! She just kills me with her cuteness.

Anyway, my parents pets were all festive for the occasion…


Tweedy is sporting the lion haircut like a rock star.


I can never get a picture of Mojo (the dog) actually looking at the camera because all he cares about is food (maybe he reminds you of someone…) so he is always just looking at where the food is. It’s all he is after, all the time. Perhaps I should dangle bacon in front of my face next time. That will probably get his attention.

It needs to be said that there are few things in life I love more than a beautifully set Christmas dinner table.


But I can think of one thing, and that is the CHRISTMAS DINNER!


Ahh I wait all year for this. Deliciousness from left: stuffing, mashed potatoes (obviously with a gravy volcano, because that is the proper way to do mashed potatoes), veggies, squash, cabbage roll (a tradition!), ham, and turkey. Yes, yes and yes.

My family always does the present thing after dinner, and then dessert after presents. So I have time to digest for a bit before tackling this:


That cake was so amazingly delicious. It was a strawberry cake, and typically I do not like fruity cake (vanilla with buttercream icing all the way), but that cake was seriously good. I may have to rethink my future cake choices.

And of course there were presents!


I got a pretty good haul this year. Probably my favourite was a little trinket I can attach to my purse that is actually a sneaky alarm when pulled. My dad and Mona worry about me walking around at night in the city (not that I just wander around aimlessly at night, but you know). So just in case someone tries to attack me, instead of punching them in the face I can just pull on my handy little siren. It was a very thoughtful gift.

I also got these sweet straw glasses from Mona:


And you better BELIEVE those are coming to Jamaica with me and I will be using them (note: the scarf was a gift, and the headband was a bow from one of the presents, I didn’t show up to Christmas wearing that thing…but I liked it).

My Dad and I got our customary photo in front of the tree…


And overall it was just a great Christmas with the fam.

Christmas day I headed over to my friend Sherrie’s to watch Christmas movies in our pajamas while drinking wine. It was PERFECT, and we decided that this may need to be a new tradition.

She made me the best margarita also. And margaritas + Love Actually = Love.


Amazing. And we had tacos for Christmas dinner. No complaints about that.

On Boxing Day my very oldest friend Emily invited me to her parents for dinner with her sister Sara, stepbrother Dave, and boyfriend Corey. I LOVE their family dinners (they also had me for Easter dinner this year), so I headed to our hometown of Blackstock, which is so small that I can’t even google the population (and I didn’t even live in Blackstock growing up, I lived outside of Blackstock). It’s the boonies, that is what you need to know.

Em’s mom made us all vesper martinis, which apparently are also known as the James Bond martinis.


Very fancy. And VERY strong. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to get me drunk…

Before dinner we all hung out and enjoyed appetizers…


And then it was time for Christmas dinner round 2! We started with parsnip soup that Emilio’s mom made.


I was skeptical about the idea of parsnip soup, I cannot lie, but it was so good! I couldn’t get enough of it. And then more of the usual Christmas dinner fare…


Again, so good. I wish I could eat Christmas dinner every day. Thank you so much Emily and fam for having me!

The dessert spread was pretty impressive also…


Those peanut butter marshmallow squares remind me of kindergarten! My mom used to make them for me when we had snack days. Of course this wouldn’t be allowed now, silly peanut allergies… Also, Emily is cakepop maker extraordinaire, and her sister Sara MADE those chocolate peanut butter cups herself. I was dying. So delicious.

And then we all watched this:


What is this?! I had NO idea there was a sequel to Christmas Vacation, or I would have been all over watching that a lot earlier. Anyway, it was horrible. Don’t watch it. I’ll tell you what happens. Nothing. Nothing that you ever need to see.

We all agreed that it was probably the worst movie we had ever seen. But it was pretty fun to make fun of it at least.

It was decided that I was going to sleep over, as we had a snowstorm and the roads were bad, and I had also had some drinks. I hadn’t planned on this, so I had no pajamas. But Emily’s mom came to the rescue with a beautiful satin teddy bear nightgown.


Em was all, “Hey, you wanna wear this?!”

And I was like “YES!”


And actually that nightgown was super comfy. I may have to buy one for my leisuring.

And that was my Christmas. Good times with family and friends, and I hope all of yours were as well!


9 responses to “CHRISTMAS!

  1. Two Christmas dinners are always better than one. Also, I always like when I’m nicely surprised by fruit flavored cakes. I’m a vanilla on vanilla girl myself. (Which I had on Christmas and it was wonderful. Yes, it was from a Chinese buffet, but it was still wonderful.)
    I also did not know about Christmas Vacation 2. Although, I don’t know that I’d watch anything that starred Randy Quaid. Character actor, sure. Starring role, not so much. So I’m glad you took the bullet on that one for us.
    I also watched Love Actually. And the first Christmas Vacation, which is my fave Christmas movie EVER. I was in a bad mood for awhile on Christmas Eve so hubs put that on. I swear it instantly cheered me up.

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas. I love the purse alarm idea! the PB marshmallow things sound amazing! Favorite combo right there!

  3. I absolutely love the creeper cat; mostly because I have a cat who does exactly that. It’s about the only time that creepy is cute.

  4. I feel like this teddy bear jams thing is your own version of baby it’s cold outside. Living a Christmas special dream, right there

  5. I want the alarm, because I want to pull it at inappropriate times… like when someone tries to short me a chicken nugget. *Blows rape whistle too*

  6. I just found your blog today and I wanted to let you know that I think we could be best friends.
    That is all.

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