My Year in Review

Since it is New Year’s Eve I feel like I should talk about my year a little bit. This has been, hands down, the most eventful year of my life. So many huge things happened over the past year, and my life is completely different than it was this time last year. The only constants have been my family, friends, and my cat.

I have made a line graph to demonstrate.


So things were definitely all over the place, and at times slightly tumultuous…

To delve into that a bit further, I broke up with my boyfriend of six years, which was a very hard decision, and I went through a couple months of general turmoil after that. Dealing with the breakup while simultaneously selling our house and also searching for an apartment in the city was not my favourite. It required me to put on my serious grown-up pants. And then add that I was basically living out of garbage bags and staying with my parents and various friends during that time, so everything just felt very weird to me. I managed to squeeze in some really fun adventures in those months, but it was still kind of dark times.

And then finally when that was settled, a week after I actually moved and the day I picked up my cheque for the house, I found out I was losing my job. My job that I had for nearly five years, that I identified with on a whole other level above just work. The job that kept me sane during my breakup. It was the one thing in my life that was still the same, and it would be changing. I would lose my office family, and I had grown to love them very much.

And then there was that minor thing with the guy I was dating not existing… Which in the grand scheme of things, really isn’t that big of a deal, but it was still a weird event that left me a bit shaken up.

So those were the not so fun things… But you know what? A lot of great things happened too! I moved on my own to the city! And then I had the best summer of my life: Leah’s super fun bachelorette beach weekend, an amazing trip out west, a fun time in Muskoka with my best friends, camping in Algonquin Park, to name a few things. The video of the piggyback fail went viral. The post I wrote about the guy not existing kind of went viral. And I scored my dream job!

So 2012 was eventful and I cannot lie and say it didn’t have some terrible moments. But it had really awesome moments also. Overall things are pretty good, and I really like where things are going. I feel like everything happened for a reason, and I am where I’m supposed to be right now.

And when I think about it, this is pretty much what my year looked like in 2011:


It was just okay. It pales in comparison to 2012. 2012 was exciting, and 2011 was not. And though 2012 was more dramatic, I will take exciting and eventful over boring and okay any day. 2012 kept me on my toes. This year made me a stronger person. And not to be all cheesy and dramatic, but I think it has set me up to be where I am supposed to be.

And I learned a valuable lesson. Do not fret if things suck. They will get better. Sometimes the bad things must happen to make room for the great things. I know that when I look back on this year, these bad things that seemed like such a huge deal at the time will just be a minor blip on the radar.

So like last year, I am not making any specific New Year’s resolutions. I am just going to carry on being happy and not hungry and see where things go.

Have a great and safe New Year’s Eve!


26 responses to “My Year in Review

  1. Oh man-my boyfriend and I just broke up and he moved out of our house. I thought we were going to be getting engaged soon, I didn’t think I would be starting over! Aside from that major life change, 2012 was an interesting year for me too. But I’m really looking forward to 2013 now 🙂

  2. Lindsey! You are a little ray of sunshine! Good way of putting things. You have had quite an aventful year. I really feel you are in a good place too. Happy New Year. Give Marbles a snuggle for me.

  3. I love this. My past 13 months have also been an emotional rollercoaster. My aunt unexpectedly died at 49. I got engaged. My grandma died. I got a promotion. I got married (after a quick 6 month engagement). My extended family fought a lot because of my aunt’s death. At least the year wasn’t boring, right?

    I hope 2013 brings you a lot more ‘fabbity fab’ excitement!

  4. Even through you have had some turmoil this year that was horrible hurtful and made you put on your “serious grown-up pants”, I can see, judging by the lastest blog, that you now have a better outlook on life. I think this year for you Lindsey is going to be awesome. Thanks for the blogs in 2012, they were a great read. I will be looking forward to the 2013 blogs. Take care and have safe New Year.

  5. I LOVE that line graph. I am all about making graphs just for the fun of it. I might have to graph something now.

  6. The graph portrayal of the year is superb! I hope you’re able to look at it & realize that all of those experience this year (good or bad) shape how awesome YOU are as a person. Happy New Year!

  7. I hope 2013 is amazing for you!

  8. I love love your posts 🙂

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  10. Love the graphical representation. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Did you see the one where Marshall makes a lot of random graphs for no reason? “This is a pie chart describing my favorite bars. And this is a bar graph describing my favorite pies.” or even better, this Venn Diagram he made: “This circle represents people who are breaking my heart. And this circle represents people who are shaking my confidence daily. And where do they overlap? Cecilia.”

    If you haven’t seen…worth some YouTube time to be sure. Season 4 Ep 22. Here is IMDB reference I have found for you;

    Aaaaand as you can see, 2013 is off to a very productive start for me. 🙂 Back to work!

  11. I’m pretty sure if we met in 2013, that your line graph would be all Fabbity-Fab. In fact, I know it would be.

  12. Stephanie Fusco

    I’m kind of disappointed there is no “did awesome yogurt-and-food-related-things-with-Steph dot. Just sayin’. Need to see more of you in 2013! xo

  13. Love the visuals. I’m such a graph-geek. I hope that 2013 is just as exciting, but with more highs and fewer lows!

  14. Congrats on the long journey you have traveled so far (and survived!!), and your new awesome job, and the fact that you moved to the city!! Woot, woot! 😀 I moved by myself to Seattle only this summer and have a new job here, so I feel you! Lots of changes, but very happy all in all. 😀

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