New Year’s Eve Adventures



I’m a little late, but I have been taking a break from the internets this week. And also kind of taking a break from doing anything productive. It’s been a good time.

Anyway, my New Year’s Eve was pretty awesome. My friend Sherrie just bought a house (all on her own, so proud of her!), so when she told me she wanted to host a New Year’s party this year, I signed right on up for that. House parties are my favourite on New Year’s Eve. I much prefer doing that to going out. I find trying to navigate the bar scene on this night extremely stressful. It’s too busy, too expensive, and it’s impossible to get a cab.

So house party it was. I brought my friend Matt from Journalism (the ugly sweater winner) with me, as he was still here visiting his fam. He also knows Sherrie, as she was in our first year of Journalism with us (how we became friends!), and he was looking for something to do.


And I also brought my friend Hannah along for the ride.


Hannah was my former intern at my old job and we became close during that time and made a point to stay in touch after. Our old boss really liked that we became friends, as I’m pretty sure he thought of us both as almost daughters, and we could tell it warmed his heart when we hung out outside of work. So we texted him the above picture of us as a Happy New Year gift.

Anyway, the three of us arrived and we got straight into the drinking games.


That would be Kings. If you are unfamiliar, you use a deck of cards and each card is designated as a different activity. Some are just drink or give out drinks, but some are a bit more elaborate. You have to go around in a circle and choose a card, and if you do not do the activity or you do it improperly, you have to drink. This is A-okay though, as the whole point of the game is to get drunk (and if that is the point, I believe I won).

My favourite are the rule cards, and someone came up with the best rule I’ve ever played with: everyone must speak in a British accent the entire game, and if you don’t, you drink. It was hilarious. I was absolutely dying laughing. And I suck at accents, so I had to drink due to my poor one a few times.

I know most of Sherrie’s friends pretty well now because of previous activities, so hanging with them was a fun time!


We also played a lot of my other favourite drinking game, flip cup!


My team was awesome, we won about four rounds in a row! Pro-stars. I am VERY proud of my flip cupping skills. I have been working on them since high school. Best game ever.

It was a good night food-wise as well, though I didn’t get a picture of the snack table. Sherrie makes the most amazing taco dip of all time (I have sloppily eaten it after getting home from the bar many, many times), and it was sitting directly behind me during Kings and I was just going to town on it. I finally turned around and looked at it and an entire corner of the dip had disappeared. And I was the only one who had been eating it so far. So…that was embarrassing.

It was a really fun night. A successful New Year’s for sure. Sherrie was a great host!


Hannah slept over at my pad, so the next morning the two of us went out for brunch at a really cute pub at the end of my street.

I immediately re-hydrated myself.

Yep, those drinks are all for me.

I was pretty impressed with my omelette also, but I didn’t take a picture of it until I loaded it up with Ketchup and it just looked disgusting so I deleted it.

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve with friends, or just your cat and a bottle of wine!


14 responses to “New Year’s Eve Adventures

  1. I love me some Kings. Although, when I was taught that game, I think it was called Circle of Death. It has a lot of names I think. Not that I really remember how to play it because I think I won that game too. *drunk*
    Anyway, I went to a house party thinking it would be easier to get a cab from a house than a bar downtown. Nope. We called for a cab at 2:30 and the phone just rang and no one ever picked up. Luckily a sober person was around to take us home.
    Happy New year!

    • I noticed that when I was looking it up, it does have a lot of names. Circle of Death was definitely one of them. I think that Circle of Drunkenness should be another.

      Hooray for sober people! My friend Matt doesn’t drink, so it was beautiful. He picked our drunk pre-drinking asses up, and drove our sloppy end-of-the-night asses home. Good times.

  2. Wow that really looked like a great time! Kings is my favorite drinking game also. Talking in a British accent sounds fun! That was a clever idea for the rulemaster to create! Happy New Year!

  3. Haha, I love your three drinks! My ‘hangover special’ drink order is always iced water, coffee and Diet Coke.

  4. I played King’s cup with some friends that were trying to get into shape so they basically changed EVERYTHING into some kind of ridiculous action or exercise. She had a low ceiling so one of the cards was to jump up and touch the ceiling (yes we were all sitting on the floor). Others were 5 push ups, 5 sit ups, run and touch a wall that no one else is touching, 5 burpees, 5 jumping jacks, etc.. The last person to complete the task had to drink. Honestly it was one of thee most fun times I’ve ever had playing that game because as we got drunker we got clumsier which just made it all the more hilarious. I was doing the 5 push ups on her kitchen floor in wool socks and my feet slipped out from under me and I basically face planted (thank goodness it was a short distance).

  5. Why have I never played Kings before? It sounds amazing, and since I suck at pretty much everything, I would get hammered haha. And good grief woman, you and all your friends are such a good-looking bunch! I feel like a troll when I look at your pics! Glad you had so much fun, house parties are the best.

  6. Happy New Year! Glad you had a nice time. I took a break too. It was nice but I feel so behind on blogs.

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