The Cat Sitter

So if you have been following my blog for a while this will probably come as no surprise to you, but I really like cats. I like dogs too, sure. I like pretty much any animal. But cats…I don’t even know what it is about them. I just love them. I have been known to be a little bit of a cat whisperer, and I feel like I can make even the bitchiest cat fall in love with me.

So perhaps it is my love of cats that made two of my friends ask me if I would mind catsitting for them over the holidays, I do not know. But apparently my catsitting skills are in high demand, because two of my friends did hit me up for this. And since I love cats, I accepted.

So let’s meet the kitties.

This is Marbles.


Marbles is very cute, and belongs to my former coworker and office bestie Lexy and her husband Mark ( <- check out his blog if you haven’t, it’s great!).

It was really hard to get a decent picture of Marbles, because, well, she hated me. She legit hated me. I hunted her down and forced a Christmas snuggle on her, but she did not like it.


She was not a fan. I didn’t even know what to do about this because cats love me! I thought she would come around and we would become friends, but it got progressively worse after the forced snuggle. The last time I dropped by to check on her she was hiding under a bed in the basement, and as soon as I stepped down the last step to go down and see her she started hissing. Sad times.

Marbles and I did not become BFF’s like I had envisioned, sadly, but it is okay! I had a backup cat (Lex and Mark, I need to take a second and apologize for shafting your cat and raving on about the next cat, but Marbles didn’t really give me any blog material…)

So this is Kitten the Cat.


Is that not the most gorgeous creature you have ever seen?

I had to text Lexy and tell her about the other cat I was catsitting…


(Yes, apparently they can Lex.)

Anyway, Kitten belongs to my good friend Catherine (or CathRON as I have called her for 10+ years because I had a dream that was how she spelled her name). I have mentioned Kitten on my blog several times before because HELLO HE IS AWESOME, and Catherine actually has a blog dedicated to him. I cannot take the credit for her starting the blog, but she used to post pictures of Kitten as a kitten on Facebook and I was all “YOU NEED TO START A KITTEN BLOG!” and then she did. And she does tell me that I gave her the idea to start a Kitten blog. So I will maybe take just a teensy bit of credit. But she is the one who is ultimately responsible for that awesome beast and writing those hilarious posts.

Anyway, I have seen many pictures of Kitten, but I had never had the ultimate pleasure of meeting him in person. And Catherine’s last catsitter got sexually molested by Kitten, so I was excited for some fun times.

Kitten greeted me when I walked into Catherine’s apartment for the first time like we were old friends.


Well, ish.

I was immediately struck by how much bigger and fluffier Kitten was in person than he is in pictures. He is a BIG CAT. He is basically a dog. I was so excited to meet him that I just picked him up immediately and got started on our snuggle fest.


I know that Kitten looks like he is a bit grumpy, but I think it is just his face. He did seem to genuinely like me. He would sit with me on the couch for quite a while and just let me molest his abnormal amount of fur with my hands. Just so much fur to run my fingers through (he didn’t actually molest me, disappointing).

I texted a picture of Kitten and I to Catherine and said that he liked me, and she immediately responded and said “YUP! That’s his happy face.”


And who am I to disagree?



Catherine would know best though, as she is his owner. If she says that’s his happy face, that’s his happy face.

And wherever Kitten was, and whatever he was doing, he always seemed to want to be staring at me.


Even if he was sitting all comfy in my lap, he would crane his neck all weird like in The Exorcist, and just stare at me.


I felt like he was staring directly into my soul.

I really think he could give Grumpy Cat and Colonel Meow a run for their money. Though honestly I am not sure if he’s a cat or a buffalo…


Or perhaps a walrus?


Whatever he is, I really, really liked him. I want one.


I just took so many pictures of him and I want to share them all!


I couldn’t get enough!

So those were my adventures in catsitting Marbles and Kitten over the holidays. I’m serious, check Kitten the Cat out! Catherine is finishing law school and doesn’t have time to blog very much, but when she does post it is gold in cat form.

And I will leave you with some photos of Kitten as a kitten…


And after a bath…


And again…


Okay, that’s all. Sorry if you don’t like cats (but as I said, he could also be a buffalo or a walrus). I will be back with less cats next week. Have a great weekend!


34 responses to “The Cat Sitter

  1. I am also the go-to cat sitter for my friends! One time my friend brought her 2 cats to my apartment and one ran under the bed. I catsat for a whole week I could have sworn I only had one cat. Never saw the other again!

    Another time I was babysitting for my friend’s cat and he gained an entire POUND during the week he stayed with me. I guess I spoil them??

  2. CATS!!! I love those cats, they are just adorable and awesome. I, like you, also enjoy dogs but I just love, love, love cats and I feel like anyone who says they don’t like cats has never actually met a cat. Just one woman’s opinion.

  3. That’s actually quite a great picture of you and marbles. I blame my mother-in-law for stomping around around after her when she was a kitten for her ways. She also liked to chase Marbles with a broom. Spells trauma to me, though my mother-in-law thought the cat enjoyed it. I think poor Marbles has post-traumatic-mother-in-law stress disorder.

  4. So cute! I love, love, love cats too! (hence the blog name “Fit Kitten”…) I have a big fluffy cat like Kitten too!

  5. Omg I was laughing soo hard when you posted multiple pictures in a row of kitten the cat and said he turned his like in the exorcist and stared at me. I will say I don’t like cats. Marbles behavior towards you is my main reason because most cats I come in contact with act like that. But kitten looks seriously awesome and seems like the kind of cat I would end up loving!
    Happy Friday! Great Post!

  6. I laughed out loud at every picture of Kitten. He’s so ugly that he’s beautiful. (Sorry Kitten. I don’t mean you’re ugly-ugly. You’re pretty-ugly.) I love him. Love. And I just about died at the picture of him as a puffy kitten. When my sister and I got a kitten as kids, my sister was campaigning HARD to have her named Puffycloud. Well, Kitten is a true puffycloud.

  7. I thought that picture of Kitten as a kitten was a stuffed animal! How could you not fall in love with that?? Answer: You just CAN. NOT.

  8. I saw that you had a post and I thought I would read it. At that moment I was lying bed giving Marbles a 10 min snuggle. She was purring and snuggling fiercely. She is so strange. I was convinced she would love you. Oh Marbles. It’s probably because she was actually a spy cat born in Moscow in the 70s. Her job was to sniff out traitors and hiss at them. Lindsey, are you sure you are not a spy for the Polish government?! Just kidding. I’m more inclined to go with Mark’s theory that my mom traumatized her.

  9. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see cat material on your blog. I LOVE my cats! Oh, and Kitten is WAY too cool.

  10. They are gorgeous kitties! I was reading an article today about cat cafes in Japan – someone is thinking about doing one in London. I would love to go out for a coffee and cuddle a kitty too.


  12. Oh my gosh. That last picture is what nightmares are made of!
    So cute that you got to hang out with so many kitties though!

  13. Did you teach either one how to use the toilet?

  14. Ha! Those are some scary baby pics of kitten! Thanks for all the cat photos. I can’t have a cat anymore since the husband is allergic so we’re dog people now. With cats, I live vicariously…

  15. This was the most awesome possible start to my weekend. I am now a loyal Kitten the Cat follower.

  16. Cats are the best. Just as my three. The End.

  17. Marbles has such big eyes! And I love Kitten’s blue eyes!

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