Jamaica Prep (Alternate Title: My Face is too Shiny)

Welp, Christmas vacation = over and I am a little sad. I recognize that I am incredibly lucky to have two entire weeks off work, but maaaan it went by quickly. Last year I also had two weeks off and I feel like the time just crept by. Probably because I didn’t really do anything. I felt really bored and I was ready to go back to work the day after Christmas. But this year I was extremely busy and I feel like I didn’t even get to squeeze in all the leisuring I had planned. Big problems eh?

But in a week and a half, about 40 of us are heading to Jamaica for a week for my friends’ Dawn and Mark’s wedding!


You may remember they had a tropical themed Jack & Jill to celebrate their tropical wedding.

I am DYING of excitement for it, and it is definitely lessening the blow of the back-to-work thing.

So I have been preparing for that a bit over the holidays. Since I plan on living in my bikini every day for a week and I would like to feel at least a little comfortable, and since I have been eating like a champ over the holidays, I have been trying to get back into the regular gym thing. I have been really good since New Year’s and I’ve gone almost every single day. And all I have to say about that is…


Ohh wait. I know why. Because I keep eating crap like this:


My friends and I went out for brunch yesterday and that was mine. Pure deliciousness.

I also had to get a new passport recently, and apparently I am just not meant to have one because my face is too shiny.


When I originally went to get my photos done, the girl who was taking it had to take my photo about FOUR times because my face was too shiny and was creating a big glare on the camera. The way she was going on about my shiny face I’m surprised she was even able to take a picture of me without being blinded. Finally she handed me a tissue and just said “Here, wipe your greasy face.”

Well fine, she didn’t say greasy, I just added that.

Finally my photo was suitable with minimal glare. So I took them into the passport office and the guy who was helping me looked at them and was immediately like “Um, your face is shiny. There’s a glare on your forehead. These are going to get rejected.”

Stupid shiny face.

So my greaseball face and I went next door to this super sketchy convenience store that did passport photos, and the man working there set me up for a new one. And then he took it and looked at the camera and said “No, face too shiny!”

I said “Yes, yes I know. Apparently this is a big issue…”

He handed me a compact with powder makeup and I loaded it on my grease face and FINALLY I took a decent photo with no glare. But holy that was an ordeal.

In other Jamaica preparation news, I bought a new camera!


That baby was like $70 off and was less than $100 with tax. Huge score. I have been wanting to get a new camera for a while, as mine is a big piece of crap and chokes under pressure (ie – any time I want to take a photo). It’s waterproof though, so it’ll still be coming along on my trip for water excursions.

So far it has taken beautiful photos…of my cat, as that has been my only subject.

And my friend Sherrie (who is my date to the wedding) and I went shopping yesterday and found a bunch of really cheap bathing suit coverups/dresses, so I am excited about those. And I got all my little travel toiletries.

So I am all set and ready to go. In a week and a half. In the meantime I will play the waiting game and I guess throw myself into work so the time goes by quickly. Hopefully.

I hope you guys had a great weekend!


14 responses to “Jamaica Prep (Alternate Title: My Face is too Shiny)

  1. Caring about distinguishable passport photos must be a Canadian thing…I had my passport picture taken in New Orleans and it doesn’t even resemble me, For one thing, the glare is so massive that it looks like a shooting star is bouncing off my chin, and for another the angle is so low that all you can see is the bottom of my chin, two huge nostrils, and a fringe of eyelash. Not only is it hard to tell it’s me, it’s hard to tell it’s even a person.
    Oh, and then the passport office mailed me someone else’s passport. Go, New Orleans!

    • Okay, yes. Apparently it is. I saw another blogger full out smiling in her passport photo, and my first photo was also rejected because I had the corners of my lips turned up in a tiiiiiiiiny semblance of a smile. WTF is that.

      Your photo sounds hilarious though. You should probably blog about it and post the picture 🙂

  2. Stephanie Fusco

    Oh man, I had adventures in passport photos yesterday. After successfully lobbying to not go straight from church and to actually fix my hair + makeup first, something about the lighting gave me one hugely baggy eye. Just one.

    I look like a very well made-up Quasimodo.

  3. That brunch looks sooooo good.
    Your passport photo ordeal sounds like my worst nightmare. I am a shiny faced freak and hate it when people comment on it. When I got my passport photo taken I was told I have wonky eyes and the lady took the photo loads of times until my pupils focused properly. Then in my driving license photo my hair is scraped back so I look bald and for some reason my chin is jutting out and I completely look like a criminal.

  4. Shiny face = passport photographer/passport office conspiracy? We experienced similar problems with our son’s photograph. They wanted the poor little guy (a couple weeks old) and his floppy head to go for another photo. We refused and he managed to get his passport. For the original picture he was somehow expected to sit on a stool and keep his head upright. Luckily I was able to muppet him into an adequate pose. Muppetting, however, is not easy and not something you want to try twice.

  5. I totally felt the same way about my winter break this year. I took more days off, but somehow felt like it went by faster? No idea. Also that passport story is ridiculous. I do not think your face is exceptionally shiny, if I were you I would have had a hard time not shanking someone (kidding! or am i…).

  6. How exciting!!! I love tropical vacations, I’m going to Cozumel for the 2nd time in May and I am pumped!!. Thats crazy that your face is so shiny. Have you ever tried the oil blotting sheets from Clean and Clear? Those are little miracle workers:)

    • Ahh that’s amazing! I am jealous! I will be even more jealous once I am back and my tan has faded.
      Oh yeah, I am a big fan of those things. Usually my greaseface isn’t TOO bad, apparently passport photos just bring out the shine.

  7. I have that same problem with my body! haha. I ate well for 2 days, told Fabian that I hadn’t lost any weight, and he’s all…”awwww, 2 days didn’t do that for ya?” haha, jerk.
    I need to get some cover ups as well. I’m sure those should be sprouting up around here once summer starts next month. #IHateFloridaWeather

  8. I am so jealous you get to escape to someplace warm!

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