They’re Magically Delicious

This story is dedicated to my mom, as it is her favourite story about me and she asked me recently why I haven’t told it yet. So heeeeere it is!

When I was just a little kitty, my very favourite cereal in the entire world was Lucky Charms.


So magically delicious. Like every child I of course looooved the marshmallows. Could not get enough. I could eat an entire bowl of just the marshmallows, easily.


Whenever I would eat my bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast I would eat all the boring oat pieces first and then save all the little marshmallows for last. I still do this with my dinner plates: eat the stuff that isn’t my favourite first so then the good things are all saved for last. It’s a good eating method. I recommend it. This way your favourite thing is the very last taste in your mouth.

One day when I was about three or four, my mom bought a giant family-sized box of Lucky Charms. She brought it home from the grocery store and as soon as she took it out of the bag I was all over it.


My mom noticed me admiring the box of deliciousness.


And she decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea to just leave the box lying around, as I’d probably get into it.



But I didn’t WANT them for breakfast tomorrow, I wanted them right NOW.

My mom thought that a good place to “hide” the Lucky Charms would be on top of the refrigerator, because I was just little, and wouldn’t be able to reach it.


But when I want something that badly, I want it, and I WILL get it.

I stared at that box for the rest of the day. And as I was going to sleep that night, all I could think about were the Lucky Charms just sitting on the top of the fridge waiting for me. I had to have them.

So I woke up super early, before my parents, with the plan of acquiring that box of Lucky Charms. And actually I am not even sure how I woke up so early, but it’s possible that I didn’t sleep at all.

But anyway, I woke up super early (it was still dark), crept into the kitchen, and there they were.


In the same spot my mom had left them the night before. Still too high for me to reach.

But I was a resourceful little minx. So I grabbed a chair from the kitchen table, quietly dragged it over to the fridge, and climbed up onto the counter.








The Lucky Charms and I were reunited.

I quickly (but quietly) put the chair back, took the box of Lucky Charms with me into my bedroom and shut the door. I was alone with my conquest. The Lucky Charms were all mine.

I immediately dumped the entire box onto my floor.


And then I sat down next to the mound of Lucky Charms and got to work.

I meticulously separated the marshmallows from the boring oat pieces one by one. It took me ages, but I didn’t give up. I picked out every last colourful piece of marshmallow and set it aside. In the end I had a pile of oat pieces (which I discarded), and a perfect pile of just marshmallows.


Which I then ate. I ate the entire pile of marshmallows.

In the morning my mom woke up a bit later than usual and thought it was weird that I wasn’t up and harassing her yet. It was very unlike me to be so quiet in my room so late. So she came in to check on me.


And this is how she found me.




As my mom tells me the story, and as she tells everyone she tells this story to, she found me eating the very last marshmallow in the box.

I spent the rest of the day alternating between laying around in a sugar coma and magically throwing up the rainbow.

But surprisingly I am not sick of Lucky Charms even now! And I still love those little marshmallows!


31 responses to “They’re Magically Delicious

  1. i thought the only way to eat lucky charms was eating the cereal first and saving the marshmallows for last!

  2. That is totally how I ate Lucky Charms too. That shit was totally magically delicious.

    Maybe I should tell you this, but you can buy just the marshmallows online now. like….a giant ass bag.

  3. I would have given a hand or at least a finger for a bowl of lucky charms growing up. My parents were all hippie healthfood, but boy did that box look delicious.

  4. LOVE the picture of you on your fridge. Such a nice touch.

  5. Hahah! I can relate to this. When I was little I spilled a bunch of fruit loops on the floor “for the dog.”

  6. I just finished a bowl of Luckies before reading this. Nom, nom, nom! Good details in the pictures!

  7. omg this is hysterical. I totally LOL’ed. I ALWAYS eat the stuff I don’t like as much first and save my favorites for last. I love salad so much that sometimes I wait to eat my dinner salad after my dinner. People always think that is weird. But I agree…you want to have your favorite flavor be last in your mouth!

  8. Hahaha that hilarious! I am the exact same way about lucky charms, to this day as well! I eat all oats first and save the marshmallows for last. I get excited when all I have left is marshmallows in my bowl and love eating a big spoonful of marshmallows! They really are magically delicious! ! Haha

  9. Who doesn’t love the marshmallows? Though I actually have the opposite eating habit… I eat all my favourite things first and save the stuff I don’t like for last just in case I get too full because who cares if you can’t finish the stuff you don’t care about? Haha!

  10. You sure were a resourceful little minx!! Also, I love the pictures on the fridge, so detailed!

  11. I LOVE the Lucky Charms marshmallows! Like you, I eat the boring pieces first, then save the deliciousness for last. They really need to sell a box of marshmallows only!

    Oh, and all of my food is eaten in the “saving the best for last” method.

  12. Hahaha so funny! A good story to tell. I remember getting sick of those marshmallows. Good times!

  13. Hilarious! I was a cool kid and loved Raisin Bran growing up. I would pick out all the sugar-coated raisins and leave my dad all the bran.

    Also, this:

  14. This is so dang cute! My youngest sister was the Lucky Charms fiend in our house. I liked Frosted Flakes because, you know, They’re GRRRRREAT!

  15. I love this story….it’s something my daughter would do:)

  16. 1. Lucky Charms must be made of unicorn tears. They are that good.

    2. This reminds my of my own little 5-year-old, early morning terrorist story.

    Twenty-three glorious years ago I woke up very early on Christmas and opened ALL THE PRESENTS (even those not belonging to me). I then meticulously taped the wrapping paper I could salvage, as best a 5 year old can, back together. I didn’t open anything with a plan, so it was shredded. Some of it couldn’t be saved, so when the sun and my parents rose, I told them that Santa must not have wrapped those ones. My mother assured me that Santa had indeed wrapped those new dress shoes.

    I don’t remember anything else about the story. I may have blacked out the consequences…I’ll have to ask my dad!

  17. Haha, I like how you’re instantly fatter because of the marshmallows.
    I love me some Lucky Charms too. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And Frosted Flakes. Let’s just call that the trifecta that I cannot have in my house otherwise I have no control. And we know I’m already trying to control the booze thing without success.

  18. peachykeane98

    Hi! I am a teacher and use the lucky charms analogy to teach how to retell a story with only the important details (the marshmallows) and throw away the stuff you don’t need (cereal). Could I get your permission to use the one pic of the girl on the floor with the two piles? I would make a poster using that image and can show it to you if you’d like. :). I may share it with colleagues.

  19. haha i live in new zealand and we dnt get those here but we do get simular types but im on the fence when it cames to what order i eat my food always eat my salad first love the fresh green crunch but i save a bit of each item then eat it all in the last mouth full i dnt knw why dnt like to be left with the one thing

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