A Squirrel Love Story

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know this (but you don’t know the STORY), but there is a squirrel nesting in one of the windows in my office.

There are little glass slats, and then the screen, and then more glass before the inside. So the squirrel just squeezed on in through the slats, and apparently decided it would make a nice home in there. And he is not wrong. If I was a squirrel, I’d totally want to live there.

So at first it would seem that a squirrel is just living in our window. Not much of a story there. But actually, this is a beautiful love story, and a story full of hard work and determination.

On Wednesday morning when the window was still empty of nest paraphernalia, we saw two squirrels “wrestling” in the window.


Ah, young love.

I am not very squirrel savvy, so it’s hard to say what exactly they were doing…but it did look like fun times.

The window is directly in my line of vision, so I of course spotted this immediately and alerted everyone to the action in the window.


They’re just wrestling, right?

About an hour later, one squirrel came back with one lonely twig, and set it up against the side of the window. I also spotted this, and I was all, “He’s totally building a nest!”

And shortly after that, this was happening:


Definitely some nesting going on. So we decided that we needed to monitor the squirrel’s nesting progress, and since we are the digital team and have techy people and resources, we set up a GoPro camera to make a time lapse video.


One of the designers even created a handy label for the window.


Just in case anyone was unfamiliar with squirrels. I feel like we are in a zoo (and I LIKE it).

Oh, don’t go by those squirrel facts if you are writing a report on squirrels or anything, I don’t know how accurate it is. But I can say, fist-hand, that this squirrel in particular is not lazy.

The squirrel seemed to enjoy the set up quite a lot.


Good times in there. And he didn’t even mind when people would drop by and stare at him.


When we came in the next morning, we noticed that the squirrel had been extremely busy over night. Serious improvements went down on that nest!


Big renovations! And he worked at his nest all morning long, and until about 3pm (he usually takes a break between 3-4:30ish we have noticed), bringing in more leaves and twigs and doing some general organizing, and by the end of the day yesterday the nest looked like this:


Good job little squirrel! That is a palace!

I am excited to see what’s going to happen with this. My theory is the squirrel and his lover came into the window for some alone time, and their alone time went so well that it may produce baby squirrels. And now they will need somewhere for the baby squirrels to grow up, so they decided what better place than that very windowsill? I think babies are going to be raised in that nest. It is like National Geographic up in here! With crappier photos.

If you would like to watch the time lapse video so far, see below this paragraph. It is just of Day 2 morning, as we were having some technical difficulties with the camera the day before and we didn’t get it up until well after the nest had been started. But you can see how busy the squirrel was…

I love that squirrel!

(If that didn’t work you can watch it here)

We have also set up a Twitter account for the squirrel (because we’re really cool like that) if you would like to follow along on his nesting and family progress (and of course general squirrel musings).

Oh man, this just makes me laugh so hard.

Annnnd that’s really the only exciting thing that’s been happening this week. Besides the squirrel work has been extremely busy and this week has flown by. And I am grateful, because next week, JAMAICA!

Have a great weekend!

(PS – Sorry for the squirrel porn. I think it’s important that you know the entire story, because I have a feeling it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!)


27 responses to “A Squirrel Love Story

  1. You totally need to set up a video feed like they did with the baby giraffe a few months ago on LiveEarth!

  2. When I played the video, an ad that said “Need wildlife removal?” came up. Not kidding.

  3. This is adorable, and I think that this will be your next viral thing. 🙂

    PLEASE NAME THE SQUIRRELS. Are they married? (office space reference….)

  4. haha OMG i love this. and the song is SO perfect.

  5. I love the ‘Hinterland Who’s Who’ sign… so awesome. So Canadian.

  6. I love that you guys are so techie that you set up a squirrel-cam. Awesome!

  7. This is definitely the coolest thing that I’ve read all day.

  8. Ok I have never commented on your blog before but OMG this is the cutest/neatest/most wonderful little story I have read in quite some time! I can’t wait to see what happens with this squirrel!!

  9. Oh this makes me so happy!!!! I love your workplace for doing this and setting up the camera!!

  10. Ah, black squirrels! I forgot about black squirrels! We had them when I lived in Michigan, of course, but everywhere more southerly I’ve lived has only had gray squirrels, which are much smaller. Too cute. I hope you get baby squirrels soon!

  11. Hahaha. We had this SAME thing happen with baby bunnies in our garage. Some interesting things were happening when we would open our garage door in the morning… I guess rabbits “wrestle”, too.

  12. This is seriously the best thing ever. I love how he has a Twitter account! Omg! Inc next viral thing on the interwebz.

  13. That is so amazing! I want my own squirrel.

  14. ahhhh. this would only happen to you I think! I love that you made him a twitter. I want to work at a fun techy place like that!!

  15. Haha well done with the nest bigguy!

  16. I have a feeling the squirrel doing all this nesting is a girl, not a boy. 🙂

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