Jamaican me EXCITED.


I have been a bad blogger this week, I am sorry. I am going to go ahead and blame that on my brain, because all it has been doing is this:


That is my brain with a bunch of JAMAICA!!!! in front of it. Because that’s basically what the inside of my head has looked like all week.

It’s a problem. I am SO excited and it is pretty much all I can think about. We leave tomorrow morning! Well, we leave at 6am, which means we have to be at the airport at 3am. Which means I am not sleeping. My friend Sherrie is coming over right after work and we are doing dinner and basically killing time until it is time to go to the airport (this will probably include booze).

It will also probably mean that I may not sleep for 48 hours, because we are having an impromptu bachelorette party down south for my little friend Dawnald (who is getting maaaaarried) on Thursday night. If it is anything like her actual bachelorette party it is going to be crazy.


(All of us, ALL OF US in this photo except for one [sorry Lisa 😦 ] will be in Jamaica)

And it’s all-inclusive, so free drinks for everyone = crazy.

Also, apparently the week before you go on vacation is extremely busy. In my spare time I have been packing and trying to finish up everything for work before I leave. That has been a task and a half. I have been working every night. There are very important things that I make sure get covered off, such as who is going to post on the Squirrel’s Twitter page while I’m gone. But on the bright side, this week has absolutely flown by. I did not expect it to at all, so that has been a pleasant surprise.

I am so excited to see Dawnald marry her main man Mark in Jamaica.


Remember when the three of us went to prom and Mark dressed as a lady?


Dawn and I have been friends since Grade 9, and we have had many, many adventures together. Many, many, many. Some of them you know about. Like the time we almost got arrested


And the time we stole a rowboat and then sunk it


She guest posted for me, twice, about her trip to New Orleans.


(Dawn with her mom and sister Melon on their way to New Orleans, and they will be making big appearances in the Jamaica recaps I am sure.)

So Dawn has been a huge part of my life, and I am very proud to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and share in the biggest day of hers. She asked me to do the playlist for her wedding also, which I have also been working on and which I am really excited for because we have SO MANY inside jokes with songs it is going to be hilarious (Strokin’ by Clarence Carter, for example. Funky Town would be another one).

I am not sure yet if I am going to be blogging from Jamaica… Apparently there is free internet in the lobby, but I may be too drunk to figure out how to use it. But I’m bringing my computer, so we shall see. I also want to soak up as much sun as possible and spend as much time as possible with my best friends on the beach and in the disco. That is going to trump blogging. We only have a week and I know it is going to fly right by.

But I will tell you this. Get ready for at least a week of recap posts once I’m back. You know we love to bring props everywhere…


The fries are coming with us (for the pool obviously). So we are going to have a lot of stories and I am going to want to tell them. I know it sucks to hear about other people’s vacations, but hopefully you can live vicariously through me. I’ll try to make it funny for everyone. I’ll also drink to you all, if that makes you feel better.

I also have one post planned when I am gone, but that is a surprise…

I hope you all have a great week, and with that, I bid you ADIEU.


10 responses to “Jamaican me EXCITED.

  1. Ooooh Shit Clarence Carter!

    Im mad jealous. its so cold today. Have lots of fun!!

  2. Have a fantastic time!!! I got married in Negril, Jamaica 2 years ago and loved is SOOO much that we went back again last year (Ocho Rios that time) for our anniversary! I’d go every year if I could!!

  3. I hope you have a great time Lindsay! Let Dawn know that I send my best wishes as well to her and Mark!! You guys are definitely going to have an awesome and with you it’s I expect nothing less than crazy time!! Have a blast!!

  4. Have a wonderful time and drink 10-20 drinks for me please!

  5. ohhh man you are gonna have a blast. Jamaica plus all inclusive. Can not go wrong. Enjoy every minute!!!

  6. Congrats to your friends! Have fun!

  7. Have an awesome time! I think two hours is plenty early enough for international. Ya mon.

  8. I so need to start an annual tradition of taking a mid-winter, tropical vacation!

  9. I just watched Ellen from I believe Monday’s episode and she showed your wedding wipe out!! Love it!

  10. You always go such cool places! I want in next time!

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