Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe (also known as Rum Punch Pong Day)

I wanna take a break from the resort shenanigans and talk about our Jamaican excursions. First up is Negril!

Negril was about a 40 minute drive from our resort. I think. On the way there I was honestly having too much fun on the bus to pay attention, and on the way back I fell asleep (perhaps “passed out” would be more accurate). But it was on the opposite side of Montego Bay from us.

Dawn and her fam actually booked a tour and went separately in the morning, but our friend Khaki (we call him that because he wears khakis a lot) hired a bus to take the rest of us, because it was cheaper, not as long, and there were certain things we wanted to do that the tour may have held us back from. Like if wanted to spend longer on the beach, for example, we didn’t want to be locked into the tour.

So about 1:30pm last Monday we all piled into the bus for our Negril adventure.



(That is Mark’s brother Luke and his wife Jenny. Luke looks so much like Mark, right?)

Joanna was our co-bus driver/tour guide.


I told our driver that Joanna was also a bus driver back in Ontario, and she needed to sit at the front with him so she could gain experience studying his sweet bus driving skills. And then someone else told him Joanna was a stripper, and, well, that story was better so we just went with that.

We passed some Jamaican towns.



And we waved at the residents as we passed and they waved back.

And then we pulled up to Margaritaville! Yeahhhh!



Margaritaville was super aweosme. The beach was absolutely stunning. Crystal clear turquoise water and miles wide (according to Google four miles wide, but the residents say seven).




And here is how Margaritaville looked from the water.


We set up shop on the beach and immediately made American friends.


Perhaps you have already discovered this by reading my blog, but my friends and I will pretty much talk to anyone.

The guy to the right of me came over right away and said “Just so you know, I don’t work here, I’m a tourist!” and then he picked me up, maybe to prove it?


Well alllllright then. This does not usually happen to me because I am not small. Usually we get people to pick Joanna up. But it was pretty funny. He liked the glasses.


They were really beautiful on him.

We made lots of new friends actually, like with the lifeguard…




He was a good time. He seemed to be a big fan of us.

And then we found some beach break dancers…


And they were VERY entertaining, so we chatted with them for a bit.


And then we swam out to the water trampoline and jumped around and then swam in that amaaaaazing ocean for a while.


(those are our friends, not strangers)

The boys found starfish!


They were cute. I wanted to take one home with me but I didn’t want it to die, so I was able to stop myself.

So it needs to be said, everyone had a day when they were the most drunk. This day was mine. And I don’t want to point fingers here, but I owe it to beach rum punch pong. Like beer pong, but with rum punch. Sherrie and I played a game with the Carnagan brothers, and we lost (so I don’t know why THEY look so grumpy in this picture).


Luke, Dave, Mark – Dave is actually married to our good friend Leanne! That is how Mark and Dawn originally met (and Leanne is in the above picture in the lifeguard chair).

In hindsight, the rum punch pong was not the best idea for me. I think I just got carried away with the idea of rum punch pong on the beach in Margaritaville, because rum punch and I are not usually friends. I have had a bad experience before. But I am competitive, so I was not about to pass up a game. And I was certainly not about to pass up free drinks (we would have had to pay for them here otherwise.) Sherrie and I did start to split them, because it was just too much. But by that point I believe it was too late for me. Also, I had been drinking beer on the bus, and you know what they say…beer before liquor…

But it was all good!

After a while a very sunburnt man came over and wanted to play with us.


But we told him no. He needed to get out of the sun.

And then another man came over, and we assumed he wanted to play, but then it turned out that he just wanted to dance.


So, we did.

And then it was getting close to sunset time, so we had to leave Margaritaville, sadly. Our next stop was Rick’s Cafe, the most beautiful spot in Jamaica to watch the sunset.

And we met up with our friennnnnnds! (our actual friends, they were on the last stop of their tour)


I was so happy to see them!

In addition to the beautiful sunset, Rick’s Cafe is known for cliff jumping.


All the boys did it, and I reallllly wanted to, but Sherrie told me I was too intoxicated so I wasn’t allowed. So I watched from afar. Stupid rum punch.

But it was nice to hang with the girls in the glorious setting.


I am not sure who the girl is between Julie and Joanna, but we were makin’ new friends, as you can already tell (edit: this is a lie. That is Mark’s friend’s fiance Sarah and I do know who she is, I just didn’t recognize her in this pic and totally forgot we met up with her there…whooops. I was going to delete this whole paragraph but ah, it’s funny so I’m leaving it in.)

And then came the beautiful sunset, so it was time for all the lovers to have romantic sunset pictures.





And here is my romantic sunset picture with my lover.


I loved that server. And I am pretty sure she loved me.

Alright, here is my actual romantic sunset picture with my lovers Julie and Sherrie.


It really was a beautiful, beautiful sunset.

I’m glad I have this picture because I can barely remember it.

And then we headed back to the resort and partied some more. The End (for now…)


13 responses to “Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe (also known as Rum Punch Pong Day)

  1. Lol Sounds like an awesome day in the Jamaican sun! Love how you have no clue who the extra girl in your girls group pic is

  2. I want to go to there! So jealous, but so happy you had a good time 🙂 I’ve been thinking of a trip to Jamaica, and you’re a lot like me, so if you recommend this resort, I know I can trust you. I need a vacation in the worst way…haven’t been on one in 6 years! Was it expensive?

  3. A couple of ammendments, your tour was not cheaper, (particularly with your added ‘mess’ cost) and the girl in the group shot was with our group the whole trip. Hahahaha. She’s Tyler’s fiance. I think you perhaps underplayed your mindset at Rick’s Cafe Evanoff!

    I’m going to respond to Noelle as well if you don’t mind, since I did the hotel research. the package for our wedding group was $1460/pp for double occupancy. However, this was a wedding group. It would be a little more expensive in January to go on your own (unless you did last minute) but cheaper during hurricane season. So in comparison to the several places I’ve been, it was the most expensive all inclusive I’ve been to in the Carribean but by far the nicest. You definitely get what you pay for, as you can see from jug jug’s photos and write up!!!

    • OH MY GOD! I didn’t recognize her in that photo!!! Baaaaahahaha! I couldn’t see her preggo belly. Aw, I will amend that.
      And really, I thought ours was cheaper because it wasn’t a full day? Ah well, either way, good times. GOOD TIMES!

      • I love that you left it in. That mix up is dynamite. Poor Sarah. I loved the pics from your adventure at Negril, I hadn’t seen these yet! That lifeguard was really making the rounds. He gave Jo and I the same line, ‘Where did you come from?’ to which I naively answered, ‘Oshawa’. ‘No girl, you came from Heaven.’ Bahhh. As Erin mentioned…he wasn’t really doing any gaurding, just creeping.

    • Oh awesome Dawn, thanks so much for all the info!! I’ve had six years to save up haha so I think this could be do-able. Congrats on your wedding, you looked beautiful! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing your trip. That lifeguard looks fun, but I’m not sure if he was guarding any lives that day. Ha ha. I have wanted to go to Jamaica for years, so at least I can enjoy your photos in the meantime.
    Also, I just wanted to say another quick thanks to you for blogging in the first place. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I can really relate to a lot of what you write. It actually inspired me to start blogging again!

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