Jamaica: The Shenanigans

I’ve definitely talked about some of our shenanigans in Jamaica already, but there are some things I haven’t mentioned yet that don’t really fall into other categories, so this is just some of the random adventures we got into (and I am almost done recapping, all that is left is Jamaican food!).

The first night was probably the messiest, as our flight was at 6 in the morning and no one seemed to get a lot of sleep. We pretty much just started drinking as soon as we arrived in the afternoon, and after dinner in the buffet we went to the disco to get our dance on.


I loved the inflatable parrot that made an appearance. A man stole it from us and then somehow a girl had it and Dawn saw her in the bathroom and approached her saying “Excuse me, I believe you have my parrot.” So thankfully we were able to get it back. It came around with us for the first few days.

We had some other inflatables as well…


Which were good times in the pool for sure.

Anyway, the first night we were all hot and sweaty from dancing after the disco, and we decided around midnight that we wanted to go swimming. So, we went in the pool. Fully clothed.


We were probably in there for about half an hour or so, and then we got kicked out. But no worries, we just made our way down to the beach and jumped in the ocean.


Still fully clothed. There was some dangerous coral on the first beach and we kept bumping into it in the dark and screaming. My legs got cut up pretty badly and the next day I had a MASSIVE mystery bruise on the back of my thigh. But it was so funny, and definitely one of my favourite trip memories.

Another super fun beach thing we did on our very last night was the sparkler party.



We brought the sparklers from Ontario (don’t tell anyone from customs, we didn’t), and we were going to break them out on the night of Dawn and Mark’s wedding but then didn’t get around to it. It’s okay though, they were the perfect ending to our trip.



Something I haven’t really gotten into yet was how much we loved the staff at the resort.



Seriously, loved them. They were all so friendly and nice and helpful and HILARIOUS (except for two, the girl who worked at the front desk in the lobby, and Clyde in the sports bar – though fair enough, someone did hit him in the face with nacho cheese so he may not have liked us. Also Clyde, if you ever read this, we know you have Troy.)

Anyway, we pretty much had favourite servers everywhere we went. Keisha in the Mexican restaurant could not get enough of Troy. She just loved him. She made him take off his pants.



And then she brought him his own Bloody Mary.


Which we stuck his face in.

The male server in the Mexican restaurant was a big fan of Troy as well.


And of course the glasses.


But all the servers really loved the glasses.


And I liked their vests.


Thumbs up!

Sherrie’s favourite bartender made the BEST pink drinks, and he was the only bartender on the resort who knew how to make it just right. We stopped by his restaurant on our last night to say goodbye, and then we ordered 12 pink drinks from him to go.


Sherrie liked them so much she got him to write down the ingredients for her so she can make them at home.

And I’m pretty sure all the bartenders now know how to make Uncle Steve’s. Uncle Steve kept bringing us these bright green drinks the night of the wedding, so we called them “Uncle Steve’s”, and eventually you could just go up to the bar and ask for an Uncle Steve and they would make the green drink for you. Uncle Steve’s for everybody.


That is Uncle Steve.

My favourite bartender worked at the swim-up bar, his name was Martin.


And he told me I was his favourite tourist as well.


He was a good time.

I should probably also mention that I was kind of proposed to… By this man:


He let me wear his bling, and then he pointed to my wedding finger and said “I think you need some more jewelry right there,” and told me that he would have a ring for me the next day. The funniest thing about this was my friends told him my name was “Jug-Jugs,” so he was all “You come back here tomorrow and pick up your ring, Jug-Jugs!” He was very nice, but I avoided that area of the beach the next day.

All the males we encountered who worked on the resort extremely respectful though. They would call us “pretty girls,” and sometimes they would invite us to some hip club in Negril (obviously we did not take them up on that offer) but they were never inappropriate with us.

Though there was one guy who kept telling me he had a “surprise” for me every time I walked by him. I have a feeling the “surprise” may have been inappropriate, so I avoided the area where he was working after the first few times that happened. I like surprises usually, but not of that nature.

I feel like our very favourite trolley driver was an angel sent from heaven.


His name was Peach! And he drove us all around the day of Dawn and Mark’s wedding. We LOVED him.


And we asked him if he could take us on a safari (because of his hat). Whenever we got on the trolley we would call it Peach’s Safari.

In other random adventure news, I had never drank out of a coconut before, so on our very last full day there Sherrie went on a coconut hunt and got one of the maintenance guys to cut down one for me as a surprise.


It was so nice of her, I was excited. THAT was a good surprise, and the kind that I like.

Sometimes we liked to tie up the shirts of random people on the resort…


And in Negril someone found a women’s tank top lying around so we made Mark wear it, and then of course we tied it up for him.


And there are a few wedding pictures that I saw recently and would like to share.

Like our attempt at a jumping shot…


And the groomsmen horsey ride…


And Dawn and Mark’s wedding workout.


I died laughing when I saw that picture. I didn’t even know that happened.

There was another picture from Negril that I forgot even existed.


That guy was one of the beach break-dancers, and absolutely wins at jumping on the beach. I’m sure he has a lot of practice.

On our last day we hit up a Jamaican market to check things out on the souvenir front, and I met this lovely man.


He was the sweetest man of all time, and he was carving beautiful mugs out of bamboo. I bought one from him that says “YEA MON” and then he carved my name in it for me. I liked him.


It was quite an experience in that market, let me tell you. I have never been harassed to buy things so much in my life.

And that is pretty much it. I just have one last thing to share. Dawn’s carry-on bag.


It is my favourite.


13 responses to “Jamaica: The Shenanigans

  1. You guys have way too much fun…can I be your friend? 🙂
    And PS-those glasses freak me the hell out…but strangely, I really want a pair of my own!

  2. Holy Moly, those are some shenanigans for sure! This reminds me of a trip last year to the DR where I ended up swiping a mannequin from a trash pile & taking it all over the resort with us…classy!

  3. This is an exhausting amount of fun! Shenanigans for sure. And possibly even tomfoolery.

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  5. Love Uncle Steve

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