Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre

Just because I am back in Ontario does not mean the fun has to end! Yeah there will be no more sun fun for a while, and I will miss the week where I didn’t have to worry about bundling up before I went outside. I can’t even explain to you how liberating it is to just go out in your bathing suit and coverup and be absolutely fine for the entire day and have no worries except what time you are going to eat and what delicious fruity cocktails you are going to drink, for free. Now it’s all coat, hat, scarf, mittens, boots, purse, wallet, phone, keys, etc. Bah. I miss bikini + sunscreen = good to go.

However, I will not be wallowing in my winter sorrows. No sir. Work has been busy and alright (the squirrel and his lover have done nothing except sleep, so not much of an update there), but I have been trying to pack my weekends with fun times to make the time fly by until it is summer again.

Last Saturday my friend Catherine asked me if I wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner with her. A MURDER. MYSTERY. DINNER.


She had an extra GroupOn to Mysteriously Yours and needed a couple to come with her and her friends, and this particular mystery dinner theatre was in my neighbourhood and I had wandered by it countless times since the summer and wondered what exactly it was. I was so excited when she asked me. And this is probably around the time I should tell you guys that I have a boyfriend, because I brought him with me.

His name is Evan, and he is seriously awesome, and we have been dating for just under two months. I have been trying to think of a way to bring him up on here without being all overdramatic about it, or without mentioning him as an afterthought…and it is a tricky thing. I tried to Google how to introduce your new boyfriend on your blog, but the only results I got were “How to introduce your boyfriend to your children,” which doesn’t really apply. But I can’t talk about what I’ve been up to without mentioning him. It feels weird to leave him out, and I feel like I am hiding something. So I am just casually mentioning it now, and I will tell you more later.

Probably you guys want to see a picture though…


So there you go. 😀

Back to murder mystery night!

Leading up to this I had been wondering what it was going to be all about. Was it going to be a play, where we would watch the mystery unfold onstage? Or was it going to be like Clue, where we would be sitting with a bunch of random party guests and the murder would happen at our table and we had to guess who it was? I had a lot of theories.

Our show was called Once Upon a Murder, and it was a fairytale mystery. But I definitely wasn’t expecting what it actually was. It was an interactive murder mystery show. Basically we were all invited to the royal wedding of Princess Celeste and Prince Charmin (yes, like the toilet paper).


Before the show everyone sat at their tables in a big room, and the characters came out and went around to all the tables to talk to us, like we were actual guests at the wedding. They stayed in character the entire time, and it was pretty funny.


That is Princess Celeste in the background… I wasn’t really allowed to take pictures, so I had to be sneaky about it. Jack and the Beanstalk was my favourite during this, because he came over and chatted to our table for a while, and he was a big stoner who lived in the enchanted forest and all he cared about was protecting it.

We also got dinner while this was going on. You could start with either soup or salad, and I chose the soup.


I think it was cream of broccoli, and it was GOOD.

I can’t remember what the other choice was for the main dishes, but I got the beef with garlic mashed potatoes (I pretty much only got it because I wanted the potatoes).


I really loved it, though the portions were not that big.

Dessert for me was a chocolate brownie with whipped cream.


Nothing amazing, but I do love a good brownie.

The show started while dinner was happening, and it was basically a play that just happened in the middle of the room. And the actors would still incorporate random dinner guests into things.

The Queen was poisoned during dinner, and each of the characters had a motive for wanting her dead. The Princess didn’t want to marry Prince Charmin’, but of course that’s what the Queen wanted. The Queen wanted to chop down the enchanted forest, which did not sit well with Jack and the Beanstalk. The other sister was dating a guy who was in some gang (he was really funny also), and the Queen did not approve. And Prince Charmin’ wanted the Queen out of the way so he could grow his toilet paper business and take over the kingdom. Each character also had contact with the Queen right before she died, so any one of them could have poisoned her. The entire thing was very entertaining.

Prince Charmin was my FAVOURITE. Every time that man opened his mouth I would be dying laughing. He was perfect for his character. He reminded me of John Lithgow’s character Farquaad in Shrek. His voice was just the right amount of whiny.


We had a paper where we could write down all our clues, and at the end of the play we had to put our guesses on a ballot, and if you were correct your ballot would be entered into a draw for a prize. I cannot tell you who murdered the queen (I don’t want to ruin it!), but I will tell you that I was the only one at our table who got it right! Sadly I didn’t win anything. Just bragging rights, of course.

After the show we got pictures with the cast members, and I asked Prince Charmin if he could pick up Catherine. He happily obliged.


(My iPhone is doing something weird to our skin…)

And then we asked if he could pick up Catherine’s manfriend Eric, and he was happy to do that also.


Such a random and funny evening. I would totally recommend doing something like this with your friends or on a date. I think it’s kind of expensive if you don’t have a GroupOn like we did, but it’s also worth it. It was at least two hours long AND you get dinner. Perfect random Saturday night activity.


23 responses to “Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre

  1. Ooh I went there a couple years ago for a work party! Ours was themed around Top Chef, and I think someone got poisoned or something. it was HILARIOUS and they had participation from the audience in it (including my boss!)

    I dont think I guessed correctly though. I am a terrible sleuth

    congrats on the new man-friend! does he have any single friends?? 😉

  2. Oh that looks so fun!! In October I did a murder mystery party at my friends house. It was a 1920’s gangster theme and we got our character cards in the mail so we had to arrive in costume with specific props and we didn’t know if we were going to die until we got our first card character card upon arrival. It was SO much fun!

    And- “How to introduce your boyfriend to your children.” hahahah aww adorable though. I think you did it well! 😉

  3. blablabla theater blabla bla I stopped reading after “i have a boyfriend”. You have what? And he’s cute! I might be living through you but YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!! Haaaaaa. So cool. Okay now I can read the rest.

  4. hahaha….BERTHA!!

  5. Lindsey and Evan sittin in a tree… 😉
    Love it! And I also love his hoodie, so nice work on snagging a good dresser.
    I went to a murder mystery dinner once and it was not nearly as fun as yours!!

  6. HOT COUPLE ALERT!!!! lol. Good job lady! happy for you.
    Looks like a fun time!!

  7. I love dinner theatre! And your beau is a cutie. I’m glad that you’re happy!

  8. I’ve been there for a “family night out” and it was lots of fun… I have to agree with Cinnamon’s comment – love Evan’s hoodie!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. Your new beau looks like a poor mans David Duchovny (todays David, not from the xfiles era)

  10. I hope we see more of Evan on the blog 😉

  11. Happy for your new found romance 🙂

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