The Best Indian Food in Toronto?

Now that I have a partner in crime who happens to enjoy eating just as much as I do (I know, score), I have been hitting up a lot of different restaurants in my ‘hood and eating out a bit more often than usual. I’ve definitely enjoyed some really, really great meals that I want to talk about, so in keeping the true spirit of Happy or Hungry alive, this post just might kick-off food week.

About the best Indian food in the city, I think I have found it. Last Sunday Evan and I went to Marigold, an Indian restaurant on Mt. Pleasant near Eglinton. It was Super Bowl Sunday, so we were the only ones in the place and the atmosphere was fantastic.


Such a cute little restaurant. Tres romantique.

We chose to eat from the prix fixe menu, which was something ridiculously cheap like $35 for two people and got you two appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts. Sounded good to me. While we were perusing the menu, our server (who was awesome, I really liked her) brought over two little samples from the chef.


That would be some sort of deep fried tofu. Normally I am not the biggest fan of tofu, but I guess all it takes is some deep-frying and green chutney sauce and I can hop on board because OH MAN it was good.

And what followed was hands down the BEST beef samosa I have EVER had. Ever. EVER!


It was so good! I was dying over it. We raaaaved on and on to our server about how amazing the samosa was. I wish I was eating it right now. I could not get enough of that thing and I savoured every last bite.  Though I do love Indian cuisine, I am probably not the most Indian food savvy (though I think I know a good samosa when I taste one), but Evan’s grandparents are from British India and he has grown up with Indian food, so I feel like he would be a good judge. And he agreed, best samosas ever.

But our entrees were pretty good as well. We got the butter chicken, lamb vindaloo (I think?!),  and beef manchurian.


And they were all exceptionally good. I don’t even think I could pick a favourite. Well, maybe the chicken. But I loved it all.


Evan would like me to tell you he took that photo.

Also, the naan bread was AMAZING! It was all warm and garlicky and naan-y and it smelled like buttered popcorn! I could eat that stuff for days. I just loved it.

India does it right, I’m telling you. I have been living vicariously through Cely from Running off the Reeses lately (as she is touring around India), and I have been drooling over all the delicious Indian food she has been posting, so this definitely satisfied a huge craving of mine.

Although one thing I am not sure they do right is dessert… I asked our server what the dessert special was, and she told me the name (cannot remember) and I asked what it was, and she said “Basically just milk with…powdered milk.”

I looked at Evan after she left our table and said “Milk with powdered milk?” and he said “Maybe it’s not like how it sounds…”

But it was.


Pretty much just milk with powdered milk. But I will forgive the dessert for not being amazing, because everything else sure was, and my sweet tea was pretty awesome as well.


I will definitely be going back here. I love Indian food and this place did NOT disappoint. I feel so lucky that Toronto has so many culturally diverse restaurants. I have every kind of food imaginable within walking distance from me and I am so excited to explore it all!


18 responses to “The Best Indian Food in Toronto?

  1. Mmm, your comments made me Google the restaurant right after I read this. Sounds delicious. I love, love food (and, like you, I don’t understand “small” servings). Now I’ve an Indian food craving that probably won’t quit.

  2. I’m with Laurie; I want Indian food in the worst way now. Mainly Chicken Tikka Masala with rice and some Naaaaaaaaaaaan! God, I love me some Naan. If I lived in Toronto, I would totally eat at all these awesome restaurants with you. My boyfriend’s not as food-curious as I am, and while he will usually eat wherever I want to go, there’s nothing like eating food with someone who’s as genuinely excited about it as you are. Am I right or am I right?

  3. Can I please, please join you ?! Dang.. Toronto!! And freaking Indian food… heaven on earth 😀

  4. Oh man, i love Indian food. My favourite curry is Malai Kofta. It’s paneer and potato dumplings in a creamy cashew sauce. SO AMAZING. And unfortunately i can’t eat Naan because i’m intolerant to yeast 😦 Lucky they have Roti (not quite the same though).

  5. I feel like I should start off by saying that I feel like a creepy stalker because I truly had nothing to do at work today (and a ridiculous need to distract myself from my own thoughts) so I read way too many of your posts. But admitting to it makes me way less creepy, right? RIGHT? C’est la vie.

    For serious, though, this post made me miss living in Ontario like crazy! I’m in Calgary now and NOTHING is nearby and delicious – having to drive everywhere is the lame!!

  6. 1. The tofu is called Paneer ( or fresh cottage cheese).
    2. The milk with powdered milk is because the Rasmalai ( I assume from the pic) is made from cottage cheese which is a product of milk … and its doused in a sweet milk concoction with cardomom, cloves and bay leaf. Most Canadians I know are not too fond of this particular dessert but if you have the good kind with saffron thats made fresh and not thawed, which is what I assume they did, it is ridiculously addictive.


  7. This was very informative, thank you. Rasmalai sounds familiar now that you mention it. I actually really liked the milk part, I should have mentioned that. It was the powdered part that I couldn’t quite get down with. I think it was just the texture. I’m intrigued to try it fresh now…

  8. Also, since you love Indian food, may I suggest Mount Everest on Bloor and Brunswick(ish). They have loads of Nepali food as well and its all pretty authentic.

  9. I started drooling halfway through the article 🙂
    Did you try 5th Element?

  10. I love that samosa at marigold! the only other place better than marigold was at 5th Element which used to be on bay but now is on queen. It was a bit more western-y at 5th elementt nonetheless quality! I loved by husband’s lamb shank and my madras chicken. It was such a cool little indian western fusion dish. the lamb just fell off the bones and melted in our mouths. my sister tried the goat and it was decent. she loved it because it was a tiny bit chewy. The servers were super cool and very fun! I felt good being there. Music was a bit all over the place but i can live with that since they played raggae for a while!

  11. Hey Linds,
    There is an amazing indian restaurant in Yorkille call The Host. Its probably alittle more expensive but it’s amazing. Maybe for a speical night out. I’d order the pakoras, Butter Chicken, palak paneer, and aloo gobi and maybe a lamb dish. It’s soo good! I think I better have some indian this weekend!

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