A short comic about the time my friend Melissa was over for a sleepover and I accidentally crotched myself.


It hurt a lot. The End.


32 responses to “Crotched.

  1. oh no!!!! I know the pain because I too crotched myself but on my older brother’s much too big for me mountain bike. However, I laughed my way through this whole thing as soon as I saw JTT.

  2. I’m so sorry to tell you this made me snort laugh, sorry about your crotch injury, that hurts like a mo-fo! Great comic portrayal 🙂

  3. HAHAHA maaaan.
    Also, I am pretty sure I had those JTT posters. especially the one with the shirtless overalls. Hubba hubba… haaaaa

  4. OMG, dying over all those JTT posters in the background.

  5. Oh dear, I definitely laughed out loud! Sorry! (The eyes are priceless.)
    Also, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now but I haven’t commented before. Why this is the first entry I commented on beats me… being crotched is kind of a shared experience :/

  6. I always love the facial expressions in your cartoons! The transition from the closed-eye dancing to the “OMFG, I’M GOING TO FALL” is just priceless… says it all without words!!

  7. I don’t understand girls at all…why the shit were you dancing on the bed post? Why? I don’t get it? THIS IS why the profession of pole dancing still reigns on strong. Also how’s your crotch? Did it turn out okay? I’d make a perverse comment about being a professional crotch looker but I’m taken and got my hands full in that area..and you now have a new boyfriend who has never met me before or understands our humor.

  8. was the beframe rounded or square. I’m not sure really why it matters because YEOOWWOUCH!!

  9. lol! We all been there. Well, maybe not all of us – but at least any of us that lived on the top of a hill and owned a yellow banana seat bicycle with the streamers that we were too short for at the time. Sweet mother of being popsicled, it was unpleasant. ”^o^”

  10. Remember the time you did that on one of the posts of your four post bed………that was an entirely different outcome.

  11. Amaze balls!! I forgot this gem.

  12. I first read this as crocheted, like you knitted yourself to the bed or something so I was confused when I was looking through the cartoons, but I finally caught on. Good thing you had a visual ; )

  13. I had a similar experience at Pre-School. I was climbing a metal ladder and slipped. It hurt so much!

  14. i am dying for so many reasons: crotched as a word, JTT bare-chested in overalls, and love your drawings so much it hurts

  15. I love how JTT was watching the whole thing. You are hilarious!

  16. Owwww…. I learned from the Vagina Monologues that the clitoris has 3 times as many nerve endings as guys’ parts. That means your crotching hurt more.

    I hope this comment isn’t flagged as SPAM because I said the V-word.

  17. Hilarious! That had to have hurt. BAD!
    This happened to me on a bike. I slipped off the seat and crotched on the bar. It was so painful that I just laid down in the middle of the street until I could pull myself together.

  18. Well, you could have at least warned us with a spoiler alert…

  19. I crotched myself with a ski pole the other day after coming to a very ungraceful stop…in front of everyone in my skiing lesson 😦 Tried to play it off as casual, like it didn’t really hurt and I didn’t actually just forcefully stab my nether regions with a pole, but omg the pain!!!
    I laughed so hard at this post and also the comment that had read it as ‘crocheted’ hahaha. At work is not a good time to be laughing out loud!
    I’m also a first-time commenter (just recently found your blog through one-twenty-five and have been super entertained by your old posts!). Unrelated, but let me just say that your cat Winnie is the most adorable thing in the world!

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