Alright, you may cook me dinner.

Something I have really been enjoying lately is how much Evan likes to cook. He genuinely loves it and says it is like a hobby for him. While I was in Jamaica he would send me pictures of the elaborate things he was making back home, and even though I was in paradise and eating very decently, I was jealous of his meals!

He cooks so healthfully and creatively that he could probably have his own healthy living blog (but he’s not obsessively healthy or anything, which I also enjoy). One of his favourite staple dishes is lentils and rice, and he also makes a lot of beans, but never canned. He boils dry beans himself, and then seasons them, which is a bit more of a process since it requires that you soak the beans overnight. Even I am too lazy for this, and I also like cooking.

Last weekend he made the BEST black bean dip. It was so amazingly good that I have not been able to stop thinking about it. He put black beans, a tomato, garlic, cilantro, and some spices in a food processor, and blended that up into pure deliciousness. I ate it with these amazing tostadas that Evan buys for about two hours straight.

I have never had a boyfriend who actually enjoyed cooking and took the time to make himself decent meals, and I am discovering how great it is. I like it quite a lot. He is broadening my food horizons!

A couple weekends ago Evan brought over all the ingredients to make me minestra.


Including a pressure cooker. And bay leaves! That is just attention to detail right there. He really does not mess around.

Minestra is kind of similar to minestrone, and it is a staple dish at Evan’s Slovenian grandmother’s house. You can make it with pork also, but Evan wanted me to try it how his grandma makes it, pork-free.


It was great and he made so much of it that I had enough for lunch every day for an entire week.

Last weekend he made barbecue steak and salad.


Very, very good. I really liked the addition of potatoes in the salad (he said his grandma also likes to do that). And he used an oil and vinegar dressing, and it tasted closer to my Nana’s salad dressing than I have ever been able to make. I was so impressed.

But so far the most impressive has been Valentine’s Day dinner, which he would not let me help with.

Evan made me chicken thighs that he seared with butter and thyme and then baked, mashed potatoes with both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, and a tomato, cucumber and feta salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing and fresh basil.


And my apartment is tiny and I don’t have a dining table, so he brought in my patio table from my balcony and then set it all nice for Valentines. It was so nice.

But his dinner was amazing, and I need to tell you about his gravy. You can kind of see it in my potato volcano above.

He boiled a bunch of vegetables on the stove in a small pot with rosemary while everything else was cooking…


He also added the drippings from the chicken, from both the pan and after he had baked it in the oven. And then he poured it all into a blender and blended it into a gravy. It turned out thick and delicious, and he added nothing to it. It was pure vegetables, chicken drippings, and water. No flour. And the rosemary gave it a kind of a turkey stuffing taste. It was so good! This was around the time I told him he should start a food blog.

Evan really likes Star Trek also, in addition to cooking (but he is not a Trekkie, I should clarify), so for big V-Day I got him a Star Trek robe so he can pretend to be Spock.


Pretty sure he liked it…

So anyway, that is that. Evan likes to cook me dinner and I am a big fan of this.


27 responses to “Alright, you may cook me dinner.

  1. Iiiiii totally missed when you got a boyfriend? HOW DID I MISS THIS? He’s cute as shit.

  2. Haha Ditto with Liz. I was like… wait a second who is this man who is cooking delicious food? Obviously you did good because he cooks you food. YUM!

  3. Being cooked for is the best!

    All this food looks amazing – if he started a blog I would absolutely read it.

  4. I would kill to have a food talented man like this. Kill I tells ya! My man can work the microwave like a champ. Sometimes, he can even open a bag of chips without ripping it down the middle. And he’s all mine, so don’t even think about it Lindsey!
    So…will Evan be cooking when you come to FL? I need to know if I should prepare for his greatness.

  5. Um, he’s a keeper.

    So happy for you!

  6. Sounds like you found a good one, Lindsey!
    You are a perfect fit! And gravy out of veggies?! Brilliant! He definitely needs to start a food blog!

  7. Lindsey, whatever you do, DO NOT let this boy go. The only reason you should is if you find out that he keeps, like, little baggies of toenail clippings or something. Otherwise, a man who mixes sweet and regular potatoes should be honored. Amen. (P.S. My boyfriend bought me a bottle of bacon-infused olive oil for Valentine’s day. I mean, come on now. You just don’t let awesomeness like that slip through your fingers.)

  8. ZOMG, he sounds so great!! I love that he brings over everything and cooks for you 🙂 Such a sweet guy… does he have a twin that maybe lives in BC?!

  9. Ahhh I’m sooo happy that you found someone that shares your love of food and actually likes making it for you! So amazing. Evan seems awesome!

  10. Wow. I’m speechless, good find, lady 😀 It’s so rare to find a guy who likes to cook – let alone likes to cook something other than just grilled steaks and potatoes! Your Valentine’s Day dinner looked phenomenal!

  11. ahhh so jealous! does he have a younger brother who also likes to cook and is single? could use a guy like him in my life. all of that food looks delicious.

  12. Cute & cooks = keeper!

  13. Yeaaahh!! Love a man that can cook! Tell Evan that, like you, I am a fan of eating and that is the best way to get the bestie seal of approval….just sayin. Also props on the festive table cloth. Nana should be proud of the dressing also.

  14. How great is it?! My husband is a chef (that’s how we met – he was the chef at the restaurant i waitressed at) and i love food. It’s a match made in Heaven! He cooks me all sorts of glorious things and in return i wash up 🙂 Haha.
    P.S. The Star Trek robe is awesome.

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