Get Back on the Horse

I have noticed over the past week or so that some of you seem to be curious about Evan. I’ve had a couple of comments asking where he came from and how we met, and someone commented yesterday and said it seemed like he just appeared out of nowhere.

I guess he kinda did. I originally mentioned him briefly when I talked about the murder mystery dinner, and to be honest I struggled with this introduction. It’s weird to talk about your love life in such a public forum, and I didn’t want to make a huge deal about it. I always wondered how other bloggers felt about handling relationshippy stuff on their blog, breakups in particular, and posting about someone all the time and then not. It’s an awkward thing. I can say that first hand because that happened to me and at the time I didn’t know how to deal with it. When you blog about your life and then your life changes, you have to address it or else it becomes weird. Or it becomes weird for me anyway, because I feel like I’m hiding something and it changes how I write. But of course you don’t want to air all your dirty laundry either, and you have to think of the people you are writing about, so it is a bit of a challenge.

My blog has always been kind of a “whatever is happening at the time” kind of thing, and I like it like that.

I guess it’s like Facebook. I’m sure we all know a couple who seems to be in and out of a relationship all the time and their status constantly changes publicly or they just write cryptic messages about relationship stuff, and their entire friends list collectively rolls their eyes. I’m much more vocal about the things going on with me on here than I am on Facebook, because at least on my blog I have a better forum to explain myself and my actions.

So I wanted to talk about Evan, but I didn’t want to do it too early, and I didn’t want to be too dramatic, and I didn’t want to give too much information. Also, Evan reads my blog and I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.

But since people are curious, I want to address this. Evan and I met online. I know, I know… I had sworn off online dating due to a very bad experience. But then a month or so later, I don’t know. I felt lonely one evening and signed back up on a whim (but on a different dating site this time), and Evan was one of the first people who messaged me. He lured me in right away with his first message. He seemed cool, and I liked his profile and messages (immaculate spelling and grammar), but I was skeptical because of my past experience. So I made him tell me his name and I Googled him and I also put his photos into Google images like a big stalker, and nothing weird turned up.

We met for a drink shortly after so I could make sure he existed, and he did. He was legit, and the rest is les histoire. I tried to go into our drinks date with zero expectations because of my prior experiences, but we totally hit it off right away. Unlike anyone I had previously met online (or even offline). We both deleted our profiles shortly after that, and just wins all around.

SO. Now I have now have experiences from all sides of the online dating spectrum. I have gone through the entire cycle of online dating. From browsing awkward profiles, and receiving weird messages


To meeting people and having alright dates and awkward dates and horrible dates and hilarious dates


To getting completely Catfished and having that extremely bizarre experience with the guy who didn’t exist.

To meeting Evan, who is amazing. Really, he’s just a dream. I don’t even know where he came from.

As far as online dating goes, I truly had a brief stint with it (I work with a girl who has been online dating for about six years), but somehow I managed to experience all the extremes.

I don’t know if that makes me an expert. Probably not. But I think it makes me knowledgable at least.  So if you are having trouble navigating the tricky world that is online dating, feel free to email me. I am also working on cartoon something that may help you out…

Anyway, just wanted to give you a background. And I guess the lesson here is get back on the horse? Worked for me!


26 responses to “Get Back on the Horse

  1. Evan sounds like a good guy, and you totally deserve to be happy.


    Just kidding. Or am I?

    Also, OUR BIRTHDAYS ARE ON FRIDAY. Do you have any plans, birthday twin?

    • Haha.

      Yeahhh, birthday twins!!! It’s my dirty thirrrrtyyyyy. I was hoping to hang with the Biebs, since he is also our birthday twin, but I have a feeling I will get shafted. Evan is taking me out for dinner on Fri (he IS a good guy), and on Saturday I have dinner with my ‘rents and then going out with my pals, so nothing too huge. And you?!

  2. Good for you for deciding you were comfortable enough to put yourself “back out there”. Don’t let anyone judge you for it! I met my boyfriend online & at 1st was hesitant to tell people & then I was like “It works, so I’m going to roll with it”. You sound happy 🙂

  3. its weird how that happens! sometimes when you are TRYING or really hoping for something it turns out shitty and then when you just decide to go with the flow with no expectations BAM good stuff happens!!

  4. It really is difficult figuring out how to talk about relationships on a blog. This was a really great way of doing it. I swear that the universe sends those weirdos into our lives simply because we can handle it.

  5. yes yes yes! I online dated for like four years before I met my dreamboat and I experienced a lot of different weirdos. But I also met the man I will spend the rest of my life with. WORTH IT! 😉

  6. This post made me so happy! I am glad you found such a great guy and that you didn’t get discouraged by the psycho experience you had. (I hope that creepy catfish sees that you have moved on and are happy..booyah!)

    Evan, you are a lucky guy, you better treat Lindsey well! 😉

    By the way, I met my hubby online too…It does work!

  7. I am in the “online dating for multiple years” group. I’ve met some really fantastic people and some crazies too. Still haven’t met Mr. Right, though!

    • This is where I give you the cheesy lines like people did to me, like “hang in there!” “you deserve someone special!” but I’m sure you hear it all the time so I shall refrain. I think you have to date the crazies to know Mr Right when he comes along.
      Also you should probably start a blog dedicated to your online dating adventures, because people seem to really want to hear about it.

  8. I’m happy you met Evan! You deserved it after that Catfish episode of yours. I also met my husband online–although we met through my blog! He found it through Google, we emailed for a while, finally met up for coffee, and got married four months later. Crazy, right? SO yes, I completely agree–you should ALWAYS get back on the horse! : )

  9. My darling husband of almost 6 years and I met online. It can work!

  10. Oh man, the “i don’t eat” guy was my favourite. Utensils down. So happy for you. I’m always (read:50%) really happy for people when they find someone but I’m especially (for real) happy for you. That bad one I shall not mention again really set it up that karma owed you big with a super awesome guy like Evan.

  11. Yay for being happy! Do you mind mentioning which dating sites you used? I’m on OKCupid right now and keep debating if a paid site would be better.

  12. It is weird to blog about breakups and new relationships. When is the right time? How do you start? So many questions.

    Hi Evan!

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