30th Eats

My 30th on Friday got off to a good start when I arrived at work in the morning and my fellow communications girls had left this for me:


They know that food is the way to my heart. I think TimBits are pretty much the greatest things ever invented, and in that little box was the most delicious chocolate mousse tart. I like my coworkers a lot.

I like them so much that I let them take me to lunch that afternoon.


Those cheeky minxes are Melissa and Emily.

We went to Terroni, a cute little Italian restaurant not far from our work.

We started with bread, which came with olive oil, and we also requested hot peppers on the side.


What is it that is so insanely delicious about white bread? I can never say no to it. I think it might be my favourite food.

For my lunch I ordered the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese.


And I LOVED it. Did not regret my decision at all. I ate the entire thing. Not one noodle left behind.

I was incredibly full afterwards, and as we were walking back to work I was telling the girls that I had a dinner date with Evan after work and I didn’t know how I was going to manage that because I felt like I might not ever be able to eat again.

I don’t know why I was concerned about this though, because eating is never a problem for me. I can eat at any time. And by the time 5:30 rolled around I was more than ready to go again.

Evan had planned a surprise birthday dinner for me and wouldn’t tell me where we were going until it was time for me to meet him. He just told me to dress nice but not too fancy, and comfortably because I may not be sitting down the entire time. I was intrigued by his random requirements, but I tried my best to meet them. I thought about Googling places in the area we were going, but I do genuinely like surprises so I was able to refrain.

He ended up taking me to CopaCobana, a Brazilian steakhouse around Yonge and Eglinton that I had never been to before.

CopaCobana is not just any old steakhouse though, it’s all you can eat meat!

And salad bar also, which Evan and I started with.


They had some pretty good selections and I filled my plate up.


Times two. I loved the quinoa salad, the mussels, and that bread with the cheese INSIDE in particular. Could not get enough of those. The bread especially was ridiculous and was actually about 10 times better than I expected it to be.

We also ordered traditional caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail.


Which I have never had before, and I really liked.

But what I was really excited for, was the meat.


So much meat excitement. If my reaction to the meat selections was a gif I’m pretty sure it would look like this:


Because the meat selection was ridiculous and I could not get over it.


I’m pretty sure the only meat on that coaster we didn’t try was suckling pig, salmon, and chimichurri steak.

And you don’t even have to get up to get the meat. Very convenient. Servers come to your table with perfectly tender seasoned meat on rods and they shave it off for you with basically a machete.


You just grab it with your tongs and throw it onto a side plate.

For an hour and a half they kept coming by our table and when that succulent meat showed up I couldn’t say no. I tried everything that came our way and I loved it all.

That is lamb chops, beef rib, and some other kind of delicious steak.

They also switched it up sometimes with grilled pineapple with a brown sugar glaze that is apparently supposed to help with your digestion so you can eat more meat. I loved that also.

I was so insanely full afterwards that I could barely move. Luckily we were able to walk back to my apartment, which took about 25 minutes. It was nice to kinda walk it off. I felt less like a whale when we got home than I did when we left, so that’s a win.

We were still so full though that we passed out by 9pm and slept until the next morning. Party time! I guess I was practicing being 30.

Not to worry though, I made up for that on Saturday night.


But that is a story for another post.


11 responses to “30th Eats

  1. omg, birthday twin, I TOO HAD BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE MEAT EXTRAVAGANZA FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I went to a place called Fogo De Chao which is pretty much exactly like what you went to, and I was ridiculously over the moon about it. I ate my weight in meat, and they gave me free cake! It was expensive but totally worth it and totally delicious. And the SERVICE.

  2. I love Brazillian steakhouses. They are like the grandmas of steakhouses. They just want to keep feeding you. They usually have the best salad bars too. So good!

  3. Wait. Is that birthday present for you and Evan? Or is your middle name Evan? And if so, it’s crazy that you happen to be dating someone named Evan. And even so, “evan” is in your last name, so basically you are destined to be together forever!!!

    • Haha. It is because my last name starts with “Evan”, so people seem to like this. My friends have always sometimes just called me Evanoff or Evy so when I hear people start to say Evan’s name I think they are talking to me!

  4. those are some seriously amazing birthday eats! You are a lucky girl!! 😉

  5. Delicious! I would definitely have to kidnap the guy with the lamb so I could eat it all.

  6. Happy Birthday! What an excellent way to celebrate – good eats and great people 🙂

  7. Amazing! All that food. Yum! It sure looks like you had a great birthday 🙂

  8. I love Terroni! I also l love white bread, well bread in general.
    I love the Brazilian steak house. Good choice Evan! We went recently and ate lots of meat. The grilled pineapple is so great, as is the buffet.
    Fun times!!

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