30th Shenanigans

While Friday night was a good eating relaxed time, Saturday was party time.


I don’t typically do a lot for my birthday because I don’t really like to plan things for myself and I don’t really like being the centre of attention. That probably sounds funny because I have a blog where I guess I am basically the centre of attention, but an entire event for just me where people have to sing me happy birthday and stuff makes me feel uncomfortable.

But since it was my 30th, it was kind of a big deal, and I definitely wanted to go out. I originally was thinking about having a night out in Toronto, but since most of my good friends live out of the city it didn’t seem very convenient for everyone. I just wanted to hang with my best pals. When Dawn offered to host at her and Mark’s love shack, I immediately took her up on that offer.

So the plan was to hang out at Dawn and Mark’s until about 10:30 and then go to a local bar in Whitby called the Tap that we have been going to since we were freshly 19.

As I was getting ready for our big night out (I curled my hair which takes me forever because my hair doesn’t like it), Evan was having a spectacular napular on my couch. When I came out and saw this going on my heart just about melted into a puddle on the floor.


Oh Winnie you saucy little minx. She LIVES to nap and was very grateful for a mid-afternoon nap partner. Lovers.

Anyway, my dad and stepmom Mona live pretty close to Dawn, so we stopped by there first for dinner.


Hello beautiful carbs.

A giant plate of spaghetti before you have to squeeze into a dress and are expected to drink quite a lot was probably not the best of ideas. But my dad makes the best spaghetti sauce of all time and I just couldn’t resist. It tastes like my childhood. Also I heard he slaved over that sauce for an entire day, so I cleaned that plate. Like my pasta the day before, not a noodle left behind.

They also got me the most delicious birthday cake.


Normally my birthday cake of choice is vanilla with buttercream icing, but this cake was AMAZING. It was all chocolately and delicious, and though I was pretty full from the spaghetti I somehow managed to squeeze in two pieces. I loved it.

We hung out there for a couple of hours and then made our way over to Dawn and Mark’s, where I wrestled my full body into a dress for our night out.


I was really excited for Evan to hang out with all my crazy friends. He had met Dawn, Mark, Emily, and Corey last weekend at the hunting camp, but I wanted him to experience us in a going out setting with all our crazy props.


Dawn and Emily got me a bunch of animal masks for my birthday, and Spongebob waterwings (which, yes, we brought to the bar) as well as a bunch of other amazing random things, like sparklers and silly string. I loved it all (especially the silly string, new favourite bar prop).

So that would explain this picture of wild animals I posted yesterday.


I think my favourite part of the evening was Marni, our high school English teacher, came out to celebrate! (she’s in the tiger mask) We reconnected with her recently and she came to Dawn and Mark’s tropical Jack & Jill also.


She’s beside me in that pic. Marni is the cutest. I was so glad she came, it was great to see her!

As I have mentioned before, we went to an extremely small school and became friends with a couple of our teachers. You may remember we have also hung out with our music and history teacher Mr. B on several occasions, and actually had dinner at his house this summer.

Marni regaled us all with tales of our high school antics. She told us we were the craziest class she taught and no one has compared to us since. I will take as a compliment, as we all managed to stay on the honour roll while being crazy. It’s possible to be weird while keeping your priorities straight.

To celebrate Marni’s appearance, we took a picture with everyone who attended Cartwright high school.


Marni is between my friend Lisa and I. Our school was really good times. It is closing after this year and I am really sad about it. But more about that another time.

I think Evan had a good time hanging out with everyone.


And Dawn had a good time hanging out with Bolt.


I just wanted to post that picture. Bolt is such a snuggler. He’s like a cat.

Anyway, we hung out for a while until it was bar time!


I love that Emily brought Gummy Bears to the bar. I also love that Evan is purposely not looking at the camera. Also, I am not wearing a choker, my birthday tie is just backwards.

We also met up with these beauties.


Who I enjoy quite a lot. And I would just like to tell you that they LOVED the silly string.

And again, we love Marni.


Anyway, no big stories. But it was a really fun night with all my pals. And former teacher. And lover. Definitely a good 30th!


12 responses to “30th Shenanigans

  1. ….”and lover.”
    GAH. The cuteness!
    I definitely want to copy your props idea for my 23rd birthday next week. Waterwings?!! bahaha
    And what’s up with dads and amazing spaghetti sauce? My dad could beat Prego with his ridiculously delicious saucey creations.
    You and Evan look so cute/happy together. He’s a lucky one!

  2. “I don’t really like being the centre of attention” – this made me laugh. I’m sad that my water bottle of doom did not make it into the bar. I’ve written a well worded letter to the Tap. However, we’ll bring the silly string to Mr. B’s and spray the birthday boy and we’ll get some green ammo for St. Pats 🙂 I’m glad you had a good night Birthday Buzz!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I find the older I get, the less I want to do anything for my birthday. Except eat cake, lots of it. I will use any excuse to do this.

  4. Happy 30th!!! I love love love your blog, it’s the highlight of my stressful days. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Happy belated birthday. That cake looks AMAZING!!

  6. Happy 30th! I’m the same as you – I don’t like making plans for my birthday and feel weird being the center of attention, but this year my sister convinced me to visit her in Chicago for my 30th, a few of my closest friends traveled to meet us there and we had a huge birthday blowout. I am SO glad she suggested it and helped me plan but now I’m birthday-bashed-out for at least a couple of years.

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  8. Happy 30th again lova! I’m trying to catch up on reading your blog-a-roo. Sounds like you had a fun night. I love all your props. And I love that you keep in touch with your high school peeps. I love my high school peeps. Though I don’t see any of my teachers.

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