A while ago I mentioned I was looking into getting myself a pen tablet for my computer. If you are unsure as to what those are, they are a little drawing tablet that you can hook up to your laptop (or computer) and use like a mouse. They’re good for making digital images and retouching photos, and I wanted one so I could draw cartoons.

Like of cats riding unicorns into the sunset:


Or just generally for my cartoon stories.

I have been thinking about getting one for at least a year and just haven’t gotten around to it.

Welp, Evan got me one for my birthday!


Best gift ever. I like that it is useful and practical, and also thoughtful. Winnie likes it too.

So now I am teaching myself how to use it.


Normally I just draw my cartoons on my laptop’s trackpad, with my finger, which is not exactly ideal. This will be much better and I am very excited about it, but it also feels a lot different. It feels like I am actually drawing on paper, so there is a bit of a learning curve.

I need to practice, and I can only draw so many cats. I need ideas of new things. This is where I need your help. I want your suggestions!

If you could give me a drawing suggestion, that would be faaabulous. Just leave a comment on this post with your picture idea and I will draw that puppy up and then post them all next week. You can send me an email also, if you don’t feel comfortable commenting.

Hopefully I can draw them all, depending how many suggestions I get. We shall see. Your idea may get cut, I’m sorry. Please don’t be offended if that happens. It’s likely your suggestion was just crappy (I kid).

And on the other hand, hopefully at least one person leaves a comment and you don’t abandon me here in my time of need.

Thanks in advance, friends!


36 responses to “HELLLLLLLP

  1. Sloth with a machine gun.

  2. Draw Winnie!!!! She’s such a cute kitty.

  3. A tyrannosaurus rex curling its hair.

  4. Alligators playing hopscotch.

  5. Since you already have a unicorn, can you do a unicorn/narwhal celebrity death match? I just recently learned that narwhals aren’t imaginary. Happy Birthday!

  6. I was going to suggest a narwhal with a rainbow horn, but someone already beat me to it!

  7. How about a cartoon version of your new man? Or have I missed that debut?

  8. What an awesome device! I want one. Maybe you could draw a picture of me getting one and send it to my wife? 😉

  9. WHAT!? awesome!
    um i definitely like the above idea about alligators playing hopscotch.
    This has turned from “ideas to help lindsey practice” into “lindsey proving her artistic abilities to us” haha, love it!

  10. What about panda’s riding the narwhal and unicorn in their death match?

  11. newlywedsbudget

    how about your worst date ever?

  12. I think you should draw a group picture of your girl friends! Get them all in there!

  13. Maybe a picture of Evan giving you your present and your reaction upon opening it.

  14. I need a picture of the future you and me enjoying an adult beverage together. And possibly Evan cooking us something in the background. K? Thanks.

  15. A girl on a bike! 🙂

  16. Oh…nice! What a thoughtful gift! I found one of those when we moved (I think it originally belonged to my brother-in-law). I was really disappointed when it didn’t magically turn me into a semi-competent drawer.

    Could you please draw me a picture of a very fierce-looking, sinister, EVIL urban squirrel? Those suckers are NOT cute, and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.

  17. i got a wacom tablet for christmas this year. it’s a lot harder to use than i imagined!! i think it’s because it’s really weird having the cursor move on the screen when it feels like you’re drawing with a pen. i find it hard to match lines up. cuz usually the ink from your pen comes out of the TIP OF YOUR PEN, not on a screen a foot away. ANYWAY. i request a picture of you drawing with the wacom with extreme concentraton.

  18. A panda on a pogo stick!

  19. You should draw a picture of Justin Timberlake’s new hair..you know? How he went from curly ramen noodles to Elvis Presley hair…I think it would be challenging..maybe you could do that on March 19th.

  20. Three peas in a pod ( but the peas as children’s faces) Not as creepy as it sounds! But it should be round and curvy and therefore slightly easy as a test drawing….then i want a monkey riding a motorbike over a lion while on fire….but only when you’ve had some practise.

  21. Why not draw the cartoon version of me asking you what kind of bag you wanted for your laptop? Still giggle at that….

  22. I second any drawings with squirrels in them, although it’s because I love squirrels. How about a picture of a squirrel wearing a bow tie eating pizza? or perhaps a squirrel canoeing.

  23. I love the drawing of the cat riding a unicorn into the sunset. I don’t know how you could draw something much better.
    Maybe me as a spider with you as a princess having snacks in the trailer. .

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