How’d You Get Here?

Time for some random search terms, because it’s Friday and I don’t really feel like thinking. Soo, here is what people have been googling lately to somehow land here.

1. older women swimming fully clothed



Older women?! You take that back!

2. full house dolls


I know, creepy. I swear they’re not mine.

Also, is that Uncle Jesse, or is that Aladdin?

3. how would jamaica look if it was on my plate

I dunno. Maybe it would look like jerk chicken?


I think so.

4. squirrel love



Squirrel love!

5. girls with there shirt tied in a knot

First of all, it’s their. Girls with their shirt tied in a knot. Second, I can’t help you with that.

But I can give you a man with his shirt in a knot.


And you are welcome.

6. does prince charming like men

Judging by this picture


Yes. Yes he does.

7. adult nightie


I wish I owned one of these. It has teddy bears on it.

8. awkward date images




Definitely have those

9. girls with giant stuffed bears

I don’t know why you would want a picture of this but…


bear (2)

There ya go.

10. hit bully with lunchbox

Do it. It works.


You will never be bullied again.

11. horsey ride

Here’s a horsey ride for ya!


The groomsmen horsey ride.

12. angry chef

Well you are obviously looking for Chef Ramsay.


I can’t think of anyone angrier.

13. i am a proud sister

I AM a proud sister!



The proudest.

14. what song has the tune do do do dooo do do dooo

seh6p 2

Good luck with that.

15. why is lindsey always hungry?

Good question. I would like to know this myself… Let me know if you find out!


6 responses to “How’d You Get Here?

  1. HAHA! I can’t believe anyone actually searched any of those things (especially #14!!). I’m dying.

  2. Haha yesssss 14 is awesome. And the last one. That is like a common one i get “why is andrea so loud” haha sadly i also get a lot of “blogger who doesnt wash their face” (i DO tho, just to clear that up) and also “when is andrea coming out of the closet” haha greeeeeat

  3. As far as that doo doo line goes, maybe they meant this: dooooo doo do do do doo doo

  4. My favorite search term for the past month on my blog was “picture of “toilet paper drawer”..I have no idea where this would take them.

  5. I love the random search terms. Mark is always telling me the random thing speople search for and come across his blog. Like “puke stained child”.
    Hope all is well!! Xoxox

  6. Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to try online dating! And so far I’m having a pretty similar experience to yours.. hundreds of messages with poor spelling and grammar (“your cute”) and a lot of people asking me what I’m doing trying online dating.
    However, the most important development thus far is that I came across a guy with the words “Hakuna Matata” tattooed in enormous letters, covering his entire inner fore-arm. WHAT????
    Although I’m seriously getting sick of 95% of the people who message me, I have been talking to a few quality guys so thank you for demonstrating it’s not all bad!

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