Mr. B’s Big 60

Hanging out with your high school teachers is apparently becoming a weekly occurrence over here. Last weekend we brought Marni, our high school English teacher, out to the bar with us, and this Saturday we partied down with our favourite high school music and history teacher, Mr. B.


He looks ready to party, right? It was his birthday! The big 6-0! Exciting day.

We have kept in touch with Mr. B over the years, and try to get together with him about once a year. He and his lovely wife Jan hosted a dinner party for us at their house this past September…


And last March we all met for dinner at Baton Rouge.


Whenever I mention to people that we are hanging out with our former high school teacher, they usually give me a weird face. But I would consider Mr. B our friend, and I think I have to attribute this to the size of our high school. Everyone was friends with everyone.

It still feels weird to call him John though. He will forever be Mr. B.

Anyway, in celebration of Mr. B’s 60th milestone, Jan held a surprise party at Safari Bar and Grill in Ajax and invited all of Mr. B’s best pals. Including us, his favourite students. He thought he was just going out for dinner with family, so imagine his surprise when he walked in and saw all of our bright shining faces.


Mr. B is a rosy-cheeked gem. And it was SO good to see Allison and Sam in the front. I maybe see Allie about once a year, and I’ve kept in touch with Sam but I don’t think I have actually seen her since high school. I have missed both of their beautiful faces!


And we all just love Jan. She is so nice, and she and Mr. B are such beautiful lovers.


We were really excited to be included on the guest list. I was even more excited once I saw this spread.


Fries, sweet potato fries, and chicken wraps! Yes yes and yes. A ton of pizza was brought out a bit later, but I forget to get a pic of it. I assume you’ve all seen pizza before, so you can probably imagine. I had several wraps, a few slices of pizza, and some sweet potato fries and I was just loving my life.

There was a pretty awesome Simpsons cake also (Mr. B is a diehard Simpsons fan), but the one picture I have of it Mr. B is blowing out the candles and it is so blurry you can’t even tell what’s going on. It was really good, you’ll have to just trust me on that.

I brought Evan along for the ride, as he and my friends have taken quite a shining to each other and I wanted to introduce him to Mr. B

Mr. B reads my blog so he knew who he was and immediately came over to him and said “You must be Evan. I have been looking out for this girl for a looooong time, so if you don’t treat her well I will hunt you down like a dog!”

This made both Evan and I laugh quite hard. But Evan is the nicest, so no worries there.


Mr. B is funny when he acts like our dad. It reminded me of the time in Grade 9 when Mr. B got a boy in trouble for squirting Ketchup on my jacket.

And speaking of Mr. B reading my blog, he is kind of my blogging moral compass. He is an upstanding young gentleman, so if I am unsure about writing something about my shenanigans with my friends I will think to myself “Would Mr. B find this funny?” If the answer is yes, I will post it.

Because he tells me that he likes that we like to have good, clean fun…


And that makes me laugh.

Anyway, it was great to see everyone, and it was a really fun night!

We hope you had a great 60th Mr. B!


13 responses to “Mr. B’s Big 60

  1. I think it’s awesome that you hang out with your former teachers! My friends and I were really close with our choir director in high school and used to hang out with her all the time; she even had us over to her house a few times to sing and have dinner. Her kids were awesome, too–I used to play Barbies with her daughter. Ahh, good times.

    P.S. Not that you needed to, but have you lost weight? You look fab!

    • Aw that sounds like a good time! So we’re not completely weird with the teacher hanging then. And ohh man how I love Barbies. I will play with any child that’ll let me.
      And hahaha, no. Definitely not. Probably gained actually, so I think it is probably a trick of the camera and maybe a flattering shirt. You just made my day though, so thank you!

  2. P.P.S Happy 60th, Mr. B!!

  3. Um, I think my bestie and I should have gone to Canada for high school! That way we’d know where the heck Mr. Smith went!

  4. one time I had a friend named LindsEy and she was like oh my god I’m so proud of you. I was like whoa linds…relax..i do what i do. get your shit together and watch me be a star…gah. I’ll be expecting to hear from you today…

  5. I really like that shirt you’re wearing!

  6. I love that you still have contact with your old teacher. He seemed pretty amazing the one time I met him. And Jan was lovely too.
    Happy birthday to him. It’s good to see some pics of Evan. Glad things are going well.
    I haven’t read your latest post but I hope my request is in there!

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