And then I drew more stuff

As per Gracie’s request…

t-rex curling hair

I tried…

t-rex curling hair

Now that’s just silly.

And drawing stuff is time consuming. I really enjoy it and wish I could do it all day long, but sadly I cannot. I think I’m just going to pepper your requests in once a week or so with my regular posts. I’ll get ’em done, not to worry!


13 responses to “And then I drew more stuff

  1. Again…Bull shit. I do love this drawing though, I may get your permission to use it. I’ll send you free buttons. Yes, I said buttons.

  2. This picture looks to me like the Trex wife just got home and found a vibrator on the bed and she is like “WAHHH? This isnt mine” And is probably going to question her Trex husband when he gets home.

  3. That’s the cutest thing I ever saw! Thank you!

  4. Agree with Casey. Totally a vibrator….should be a Red Devil though…

  5. I like when you draw stuff.

  6. Maybe TRex can’t curl her hair, but it’s clear from this picture she has sass and WOULD curl her hair if her arms could reach (nature’s fault, not your drawing’s fault :D)

  7. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope you think this is true too! You have inspired me. I’m a first time commenter, but thanks for always making me laugh! Ps. I was so jealous when I saw you went out for Korean food. It is the bombdiggity!

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