Irish for the Weekend

Happy day after St. Patrick’s Day you little leprechauns!

I did not celebrate yesterday on actual St. Patrick’s Day, but I was lucky enough to celebrate on both Friday and Saturday, so I think that makes up for it.

On Friday my work was hosting a St. Paddy’s social in the late afternoon , so everyone wore their festive green to the office. And I do mean everyone. Every person I saw all day had their green on. Just green everywhere. This was really funny to me because St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t officially until Sunday, so we were all just eager.

And just a quick side note. I googled St. Patty’s vs St. Paddy’s because I never know which one to use, and I found an official website for this…


No St. Patty’s. Don’t do it. Very good to know. I’ll never use it wrong again.

Anyway, after work on Friday pretty much our entire office made our way to a local pub to get our Irish on.


I found a very attractive hat and beard combo, which I sported for a while…


And this is probably the main reason why I love St. Patrick’s Day. I love to see people dressed like fools. And also dress like a fool.


I switched my outfit up a couple times.

At one point about 5o of us were jammed into this tiny pub, all in our green gear. We basically took it over. It was rammed.


I saw a few other customers make their way in, spot our rowdy crowd, and promptly turn around and head back out.

We hung out there until about 7:30 or so, hanging out and drinking beer. It’s really fun hanging out with work people outside of work when everyone sets aside their business pantaloons for a bit.


Moi, Emily, Maria, Melissa

Fun times for sure. And it be noted that I work with a few pretty hilarious characters, so I spent a lot of time laughing.

After the official social ended, about 30 of us turned the night into an unofficial pub crawl down Yonge Street (I know, my work is ridiculous). I made it until about 11 and hit up two other places before I decided to call it quits and subway it home. I still had Saturday to look forward to!

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day part two with all my pals and their friends and lovers.


Since St. Paddy’s did not officially start until midnight, we did not show up to the pub at 6pm like last year. We hung out at Dawn and Mark’s before making our way over to the bar for around 11.


Evan and the rest of the lads were in attendance also.

Dawn made the most delicious festive cupcakes.


I wanted a vanilla one and it was so big I had a bit of a tricky time eating it… I ended up with my mouth stuffed and cupcake all over my face, so everyone started laughing at me, which made me laugh, which then made me inhale cupcake, so then I started choking. That is always awkward. Choking in front of people is no fun. Your face goes all red and everyone stares at you and asks if you are okay until you are done coughing like a maniac. Good times. Anyway, it was all good, I survived, and that cupcake was really good.

My addition to the food table was green goat cheese and honey dip.


Which made Emily laugh so hard she cried when she saw it. And then everyone said it looked like playdough (which it does). It’s fine, you may snark on the green goat cheese dip all you like, it was still delicious. I really went all out with the platter also.

Eventually it was bar time, so we hit up the same Irish pub as last year (last year was insane), the Waltzing Weasel in Oshawa.

It was not busy at all, since it was not actually St. Patrick’s Day yet (midnight!), and we were the only ones dressed in green. But we have no trouble creating our own party.

We did the green beer thing…


I love the green beer.

We also met up with this lovely lady…


Sherrie had another party to attend, so she couldn’t stay for very long and that was sad. But the rest of us had a good old Irish time.


St. Paddy’s comes but once a year, so you gotta make the most of it!

A very fun night also. I felt the St. Patrick’s Day love!


I hope you guys all had a great weekend and were Irish for at least a day!


6 responses to “Irish for the Weekend

  1. I feel so enlightened. I’ve been saying St Patty’s like an idiot. Oh well… maybe I’ll remember for next year. Doubtful. 🙂 Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. I have zero memory of the bar pictures you took. GOOD TIMES!!
    Why didn’t you bring the brown beard out on Sat…it’s hilarious and may have possibly trumped Kyle’s outfit (prob not but it is worth a try). I’m surprised you didn’t get a picture of his fabulousness. Haha. St. PADDYS is my faveee!!!

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