The Lost iPhone

Soo, Friday night I lost my iPhone. Dark times.


Just a nightmare. I have never lost a phone before, or any electronic device actually, and I woke up on Saturday morning in a panic. I had no idea where it could have gone. I remembered using it on the subway home after the St. Paddy’s adventures, but not actually having it once I got home (because I went straight to bed like an old lady).

I figured I accidentally left it on the subway, or dropped it in the street, and it was gone forever. Immediately I thought of this story about the guy who had his iPad stolen and the girl who stole it started taking self portraits which were then automatically synced to his iPhone.


But I don’t use iCloud, so sadly that wouldn’t be happening for me.

But it was a sad, sad day. Because who returns an iPhone? I assumed I’d be seeing it up for sale on Kijiji by the end of the day.

I emailed Evan to let him know, and we both tried calling it and it went straight to voicemail. I had to use Google Voice to call because I don’t have a home phone (which is actually a super awesome thing). I felt so naked without my beautiful little celly, so I was already looking into getting a new one. On the bright side, I only have six months left in my contract so I could get a new phone for pretty cheap, and on the other bright side, I had just backed up my entire phone for the VERY FIRST TIME on Thursday because I did a full reinstall of everything trying to free up some space. That was flukey. So all was not lost, I wouldn’t actually lose anything. Just some hilarious photos and a couple videos from Friday night.

But then a miracle happened! Evan texted my phone asking “Did someone find this phone?” and someone wrote back and said yes! And then the guy who had it called him! It turns out he found my phone on the stairs of my subway station (I guess it fell out of my pocket) and he wanted to return it.

I was ecstatic.


That was pretty much my reaction. I was absolutely shocked. I really did not think I would be getting it back. I had already mourned the loss of my phone and was trying to positively look forward. Even my cop friend said someone returning an iPhone in Toronto was pretty much unheard of.

The guy who found it worked in one of the mobile booths of a mall nearby, so I just zipped on over Saturday afternoon and picked that puppy up. It worked out beautifully actually, as I had a bunch of errands to run and everything I needed was in that mall.

I don’t know who found my phone, because there were two guys working, so it was either an older white man or a young black man. I am just going to say they are both angels. But I do know his name was Sylvester. So thank you Sylvester! Big time cheers to you!


I will drink to that (and I did, on Saturday). I am so, so grateful to be reunited with my phone.

I think this is just a nice story that says there are still good people in this world who wouldn’t find an iPhone and immediately try to sell it like a big d-bag. Hurrah for that.


21 responses to “The Lost iPhone

  1. You should really get iCloud…

  2. Yay! Happy ending! Ive never lost a phone (kind of wish I would- I hate my blackberry) but one time my purse was stolen out of a car. I thought it was gone forever (luckily my phone, ID, and credit cards were on me because I was at a bar). But someone found it in a snow bank and turned it into police and I got it back!!
    The wallet was gone, but I got back a lot of makeup, my keys, and even christmas cards that still had cash in them!! I was sooo happy and i wish I knew who had turned it in so I could thank them

  3. That’s awesome that you got your phone back- definitely a rare occurence!

  4. that is so good!!! definitely luck that someone actually returned it!

  5. I’m so happy for you but it also makes me angry about all the times that I lost phones and couldn’t get them back (at least 3 or 4), of course, the battery was usually dead by the time I lost them.

    But good to know there are still good people in the world. Also, I love that Leo gif so that makes everything okay.

  6. I lost my wallet in New York City last year….and when I went back to the store (LIDS) two hours later, someone had put it in the safe. So, there are great people in the world 🙂

  7. I lost my virginity and never got it back…..

  8. WOW!! That is so amazing. We felt the same way when Paul lost his wallet and a nice couple went to great lengths to get it back to us. Cheers to good people!

  9. I love that! I had a person find my engagement ring and turn it in. I was like, blown away. I love good people!

  10. So amazing that you got it back! I love good people. The New Year’s Eve before last my sister and all her friends were at a bar partying it up and then someone discovered that most of their jackets and purses had been stolen. Seventeen altogether. Phone, wallets, leather jackets. One person had Find My iPhone installed so the crowd marched on over there and they actually got all their stuff back. Dude got his ass handed to him and it turned out it was the boyfriend of the hostess working at the party that took everything. He tried to say that he thought it belonged to his girlfriend. Bahaha — so which one of these 17 items did you think belonged to your girlfriend?!?!

  11. Yay to nice peeps. I’m not surprised this happened to you because these kind of things seem to happen to you. It’s good because you deserve it!
    Once my wallet got stollen and then a girl on my swim team was walking down the street and saw my health card and Driver’s license. It was great because I didn’t have to get new ones. I still have my red and white health card to this day.
    A happish ending to a crappy story.

  12. I’m so glad you got your phone back! When I’ve left my phone at home, I felt awful. I can’t imagine the lost feeling!

  13. Thanks, I’ve recently been seeking for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

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