Ice Ice Baby

Happy Birthday to my good friend Joanna, who is joining me in the big 3-0 club today!


It’s nice to have company here. I don’t feel as old.

Every year Joanna throws quite the party celebrating her big day, and you may remember me blogging about it. Two years ago we all took a limo downtown to the club MUZIK


Last year we again went downtown and hit up Spice Route for dinner before venturing over to Century Room.


Actually it was the night the saxophone first made an appearance.

This year Joanna planned a night out for us all in Niagara Falls. Exciting times!


It was fuuuuuun.

Joanna’s birthday’s each year are pretty much the only time my friends and I go out to an actual club, so it is very exciting and we definitely make the most of it. My beautiful high school ladies were all in attendance.


For dinner we started at Copacabana, a Brazilian steakhouse in downtown Niagara Falls, which I actually went to for my 30th birthday also, only I went to the one in Toronto. For Jo’s birthday we were there on Saturday night (aka party night) so they had live Brazilian dancers as entertainment.



My phone didn’t really capture their essence, but you get the idea. The dancers were BEAUTIFUL.


Especially the ladies. Their bodies were so healthy and fit looking. And they actually look like they ate, which I appreciate.

For dinner I just got the buffet and skipped the meat altogether because all-you-can-eat meat is bad news for me. I would have eaten all the meat. I wouldn’t have been able to stop. When Evan and I were there I ate meat for two hours, basically needed someone to wheelbarrow me home afterwards, and then I fell asleep at 9pm.

But I remembered how awesome the buffet was, so I was good with that.


Sorry about the mess that is that plate. I basically piled it up with everything. I also discovered that they have the best chicken lasagne I have ever tasted. It was so amazing. I hit that up for my second plate, plus more of that delicious cheese bread that I also enjoyed so much last time.

After we were all done eating, our server brought over Joanna’s birthday cake.

Check this thing out:


Hooooly moly. That cake is ridiculous! How are you even supposed to get into that thing? I didn’t know, but Joanna managed.


Joanna and that cake are basically the same size.

The cake was delicious. The flavour was banana Nutella.


BANANA. NUTELLA. Amazing. That is what dreams are made of right there.

We had a lot of ladies packed in there!


We hijacked a couple of the male dancers into that group shot. They liked us.

It was good to see allllll the ladies, some I only see once a year at Jo’s birthday. Like this cheeky minx:


Dinner was really funy, but the party train didn’t stop there! From Copacabana we all walked over to the Dragonfly Nightclub, where Jo had a booth reserved for us.



Bottle service is a good time. It’s a rare occurrence overhere because I’m not that fancy, so I make sure to enjoy the experience.

The night before Jo’s birthday I was out for dinner with my friends Bri and Leah who I hadn’t seen in forever, and our server (whose name was also Lindsey) mentioned she was also going to Niagara Falls on the same night as us, and going to the same club, also for her friend’s birthday. Holy coincidence, Batman. And then she told me Vanilla Ice was going to be there.


You should have seen my reaction to that news. I nearly died. I immediately Googled this information to see if it was real, because it just felt too good to be true. But it was. Vanilla Ice was going to be at the Dragonfly. In the flesh.

We kept waiting for him to appear all night but he wasn’t showing. We were getting a little antsy. Finally around midnight or so Dawn and I went on a little tour of the VIP area. And looky looky who we ran into…


VANILLA ICE! Ahhhhahaha. Craziness. He was very nice, so we brought all the girls back for a picture.


Though he was nice, there were certain things he was not down with… We asked him if we could pick him up, but he was not having that at all. He was very firm with his no, in fact. And then he was telling the girls in front that they needed to crouch down a bit because they were blocking his face, and Emily said to him “Do you wish you were a little bit taller?” and asked him if he wanted to wear her heels. He again said no. He wasn’t really impressed with that. But I still think he liked us, and he gave us all a shot, so that was nice.

I am not exactly sure what Vanilla Ice was there to do…I guess just make an appearance. We assumed he would be performing a bunch of songs, but that didn’t happen. Eventually he did sing Ice Ice Baby, but he just sang along to the song when it was playing from behind the bar.


It was still pretty cool though. I braved the mob of people and got right up in there.

Such a fun time with all the ladies.


As it always is whenever we go anywhere.

And I’m currently writing this from the airport. It is Florida time! I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging much while I’m gone, as I won’t really have the internet and I want to spend as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. But you never know! There will definitely at least be some shenanigans recapping. And thanks for your recommendations! I’ll be hitting up several of them for sure.


16 responses to “Ice Ice Baby

  1. hahahaha i dont even know what to say.
    buuuuuut there may have been a time when I was obsessed with the Cool As Ice movie. THERE. I said it. I was like 12, okay?

  2. The bad thing is when I think of Vanilla Ice, my brain immediately flashes to the theme song off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

    ….I was also young.

  3. Okay, box up some of that cake and send it to me ASAP, please. I am sure it will help my broken ankle heal much quicker!!!!

  4. Did you impress Vanilla by telling him you watch his remodeling show? I’ve seen it. It isn’t bad.
    Also did you take off your pantyhose in the middle of the evening or something? And yes, that is what I got out of this post. Pantyhose and then a lack thereof.

  5. This is awesome! Too bad Hammer wasn’t there too.

  6. Dude, this is an epic post, that cake, the dancers & Vanilla Ice, AMAZING! This would be a top-notch birthday in my book! Way to do it up right for your gal!

  7. You and your friends look like THE MOST fun group of people!

    Also, I sincerely hope someone took home the leftovers of that cake (if there were leftovers). It sounds absolutely to die for! Goodness, I love me a good cake 😀

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