Da Beaches

Yep, I’m still raving on about Florida. Sorry about that. I want to talk about the beautiful beaches we visited, because we had several really great beach days. Although I wasn’t thinking about blogging at the time so the pictures I took aren’t ideal to show them off. They’re mainly just of us on the beach. Ah well.

My main mission on this trip was to be outside in the sunshine as much as possible, so we had three solid beach days.



Evan and I checked out Lido Beach, Siesta Key Beach, Venice Beach, Nokomis Beach, and Anna Maria Island and Bradenton beaches. It was a lot of beaching, and we both have the sunburns to prove it. I have always tanned very easily and never really burned, and I have always thought of the sun as my friend and that it would never harm me. But the sun is bad now, as we all know, and it has never been so unkind to me. My back and shoulders are peeling so badly I look like I have a skin disease.

Anyway, I already mentioned Lido Beach, as we checked that out on our very first day.


It was beautiful, but it was very cold and windy, so I was too chicken to even take off my sweater.


Once it warmed up, we were ready to get our serious beach on, so on Saturday we had a beach hopping adventure on Venice and Nokomis beaches.


Venice Beach

Evan really wanted to go to Venice Beach because it is famous for shark’s teeth and he remembered hunting for them and making necklaces out of them when he was a kid (aww). In the above photo the people who are on the shoreline looking in the water are searching for shark’s teeth and shells. That was the best spot to find them. We found a few, but I totally forgot to take a picture of them. They look like this:


I guess it is kind of disturbing to find so many shark’s teeth on a beach, but they are all really old and fossilized. We didn’t see any of the sharks those teeth belonged to, not to worry. I was hoping to see some dolphins though, but that didn’t happen.


Just fake ones.

It was really fun to look for the shark’s teeth, and this ended up being both of our favourite beach because of this. Though I love just leisuring on the sand, being able to go on an adventure while beaching definitely takes the beach up a notch for me.

The sand on this beach was really interesting also, as it was made up of tons of shells, and some were not small.


I liked that I could sift through the sand from my towel and find a bunch of cool stuff. It was like I was treasure hunting while lying around and soaking up the sun. We saved a lot of shells from this beach.

Though it was beautiful and sunny, the water was pretty freezing and no one was swimming. But that was not going to stop me. I was there to swim in the ocean, so I didn’t care how cold it was. I was getting in there.


Evan and I and that man above sitting in the chair were the only ones I saw who actually swam in the ocean and weren’t just in there looking for shark’s teeth. Evan and I were in before him, and he asked where we were from (because we must have been crazy to go in the ocean), and when we said Toronto he asked “Oh, is that in Canada?” Yes. Yes it is. And then he said that explained why we liked the water so much, being from Canada we probably thought it was warm. No sir. Cold water is cold water.


Crazy Canadians

But our swimming time is limited over here and I will squeeze swimming in any chance I get.

Venice Beach also had a fishing pier that we checked out.


You could buy live bait right on the pier (as well as hotdogs, I think the sign said “Live Bait and Hotdogs”), and people were fishing all up and down it. And then leaving their fish and fish heads lying around.


At the bottom of the pier there was a restaurant/bar called Sharky’s that looked like a good time.


Nokomis Beach was very similar to Venice Beach. I didn’t really get any pictures of it, so here’s one that I googled.


Again, the sand here was full of shells.


And it was also good for finding shark’s teeth. We spent the rest of Saturday here, and some more ocean swimming went down.


Our next beach day we went to Bradenton and Anna Maria Island beaches, which are basically connected.

anna-maria-beach1(source – there’s a bunch more pictures there)

They were beautiful beaches and the sand was gorgeous, but it was so, so busy.


And we were so sunburnt from the day before that only stayed for a couple hours. But I squeezed in some more swimming. And I had the best hot dog of my life at the Anna Maria Island beach restaurant.


Also the messiest.

On our last beach day we went to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. We had heard a lot about it and it also recently was awarded the best beach in America, so we had to check it out. It was GORGEOUS.


But busy. Very, very busy.

Lots of people were swimming in the water here.


It was the warmest day we were there, and the water was a bit warmer here so Evan and I swam for hours and hours.


My dolphin impression

The water was so nice. And it was very wavy, so we had a good time trying to body surf.

And OMG the sand. The sand was like soft white powder. It was amazing.


I wanted to live in it.

It was perfect packing sand also. Evan made a pretty awesome whale.


The picture doesn’t really do it justice.


Neither does that one, but it definitely shows how beautiful and white the sand was.

All the beaches we visited were gorgeous, but Siesta Key Beach definitely wins the beach award in the sand department. No competition there. It was the nicest sand I have ever had the pleasure of sinking my toes into. But Venice was my fave for adventuring.

So all in all, I had a really good time on the Florida beaches with my lover.


Ahh, I want to live on the water.


13 responses to “Da Beaches

  1. I am not a big fan of the beaches with all the shells cuz then I have to wear shoes. I’m a big baby and something always sticks in my foot. But Siesta Beach is a winner. And always busy.
    I really hope that hot dog was street meat from a vendor.
    Sharkeys is a good time by the way. 🙂

  2. I want/need to live on the water as well! I’m never happier or more at peace than when I’m on a beach! Great pics 🙂

  3. That is a very awesome whale! And if you want sunny, warm and great beaches – you should visit Australia! Very soft sand 🙂 We live around half an hour from the beach so during summer we are there as often as we can go – even after work! We live on the south coast so it’s cold during winter, have to make the most of the summers!

  4. And after you visit mrsgillies, you can drive an hour north and visit me in Sydney and I can take you to visit our local beaches including Bondi! 😉 X

  5. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. You are making me want a beach vacation!

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