Blogs I Wish I Thought Of

I still have a tiny bit of Florida stuff to talk about, but I’m putting it on hold for a day or two in case you guys are all Florida’d out. Who likes reading about someone else’s glorious vacation in the sunshine? No one. You all probably hate me. If it makes you feel any better, I’m back in Ontario and the weather is not being cool. Well it is actually, it is being way too cool. It is being freezing. Although today it almost feels like spring. FINALLY.

Also, recapping posts take me a long time to do for some reason, and I find them kind of draining. Even though I do really enjoy having them to look back on for memory-purposes.

Anyway, let me break out my lazy pants and talk about content that other people have come up with.

Sometimes I’ll come across a blog and think “MAN that’s a good idea! I wish I thought of that!” This has been happening a few times lately.

What Should We Call Me is a good example of this.


Some girls:


(not from my brain)



(also not from my brain)

Pretty much.

Yesterday I came across Reasons My Son Is Crying.

I broke this cheese in half.

I broke this cheese in half.

Died. I absolutely died laughing. Funniest blog I have found in a long time. It’s only been around for a week or so and I think it is already blowing up. And for good reason.

The slide is not slippery enough.

The slide is not slippery enough.

Funny stuff. I can actually remember crying uncontrollably when I was about three because I wanted to watch Disney (remember Disney specials at 6 on Sundays?!) and it wasn’t a cartoon. I can also remember crying once around that age because there was a chip in my nail polish. And ohh, I vividly remember my brother crying about nothing. Ahh children. What it must be like to have them.

I couldn’t have thought of that blog though because I don’t have a son. But I could have started a “Reasons My Cat Is Meowing” blog. Actually, that has potential. Don’t steal that idea. I might do it. She meows at everything.


Yes you Winnie.

Another blog I recently stumbled across that I wish I thought of is Thug Kitchen (warning: explicit language).

tumblr_mk69rbNLRJ1rfwyd0o1_1280 copy(source)

Genius. F-ing Genius! So wish I thought of this. I also wish I could talk like this on my blog, but I make a point to never use bad language. And that is only because I want to remain semi professional due to career stuff. You know. Gotta pay dem bills. I think it’s possible to be funny and entertaining without swearing, but sometimes there is just nothing like a well-placed F-bomb. Anyway, I highly recommend checking out Thug Kitchen. Incredibly informative and hilarious.

And that concludes sh-t I wish I thought of. I’ll probably have a second edition some point when I stumble across more genius blogs that I never thought of.

Any other amazing blogs out there you wish you thought of?


23 responses to “Blogs I Wish I Thought Of

  1. Now I’ve got to go visit each one of these 🙂

  2. I ❤ ThugKitchen. It makes me pee 3-7 drops of urine filled joy. GET YO LYCOPENE ON, DAWG!

  3. Gah!

    I wish I thought of “Reasons Why My Son Is Crying.” That was totally my life a few years ago.

    Thug Kitchen is genius.

  4. These are some of my favs. People are so much smarter and funnier than I am. Damn them.

  5. HAaaa we have similar humor. i LOVE LOVE whatshouldwecallme (seriously look at it everyday to laugh) and THUG KITCHEN is hilllllarious.

  6. Haha. The pics about crying are hilarious because they are so true. I need to check out this Thug Kitchen blog. Sometimes we need a little swearing at to help us be heathy.

  7. Thug Kitchen Rocks.My.World. Its so freaking hilarious!!! I die every time I read it. hahaha and I basically love all the other blogs-yours included of course!

  8. Thug Kitchen is my favorite!

  9. I’m in Toronto as well, so you must have written this early in the day, before the rain started! Make sure your umbrella is handy, forecast is calling for rain the next few days 😦

  10. Catalog Living. So funny, I would love to have come up with that idea. It’s been popular for awhile now.

  11. Absolutely love Thug Kitchen. Epic. Wish I had thought of Things That Make My Girls Cry years ago, when they were little monsters…oh, wait. There were NO blogs then. Yes, I’m freakin’ old. So?
    Great post. Thanks, Liz

  12. Oh these are awesome blogs. So glad you shared. People are so creative. And I love hearing about others vacations. We are not taking one this year because we are saving for a house so for now I am living vicariously through everyone else.

  13. Thug Kitchen is AMAZING. Legitimately one of my favorite things on the internet (along with your cartoon stories obviously 😉 )

  14. Bridget @ Type A Frame Personality

    Thank you sooo much for introducing me to Thug Kitchen…its so good.

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