The LeBarge Booze Cruise

When I asked the people of Florida to recommend things for us to do before we left, Paula had a great suggestion.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 10.46.37 AM

A booze cruise? Yes yes. That WOULD be some fun. Thinking about it immediately took me back to our amazing catamaran adventure in Jamaica. We definitely had to squeeze LeBarge in.

So on our second last day we called and made reservations, and made our way to Sarasota’s marina to check out LeBarge. We got the boats mixed up and accidentally went over to the fancy dinner cruise boat first. As the girl was looking for our reservation she asked for the last name we reserved under, but when we reserved we were only asked for a first name. When Evan explained this she was like “Oh. You want LeBarge. It’s on the other side of the marina. The boat with palm trees on it.” And she kind of said palm trees with disgust, like LeBarge was low class compared to their fancy dinner cruise. Like LeBarge wasn’t even classy enough for last names.

But I didn’t want no fancy-shmancy cruise. Palm trees and booze sounded like a good time to me. I expected cheesy decals of palm trees covering the sides of the boat.

Not quite.


Real palm trees! And mermaids! After I saw the boat I knew LeBarge was not going to disappoint. We were excited to go aboard.


LeBarge is two hours long, from 6:30 to 8:30, and it takes you all around the coast of Sarasota. We got a pretty sweet table up top, right beside the bar, and right in front of the live entertainment.


Well hello there.

That guy was awesome. Apparently he has been playing on the boat for 30 years! I think I would describe his style as easy-listening dinner music, with a little bit of soft romantic strumming thrown in. He also busted out the harmonica a few times. And he doubled as a tour guide. Pretty talented. I snagged him during a break.


He told Evan this was his favourite part of his job. It made me laugh hard. Also, I think my Dad has the same shirt as him.

As for the booze part of the cruise, they had BUCKETS of rum punch on LeBarge, and I love a good bucket party, so I wasn’t saying no to that.


Check out the alcohol content of this bucket:


That is a lot o’ rum. Seven shots of it basically. I was feeling pretty good after that. Just one bucket for me though, and then I switched to beer.

They didn’t really have food on the boat (not fancy enough remember), but they did have some snacks. Evan and I both got the nachos.


Not my favourite cheese and I really wanted salsa, but I ate it all anyway while we enjoyed the gorgeous views.


LeBarge did a little tour around the shoreline where the million dollar houses are, so we had fun fantasizing about living in them.


I wouldn’t mind living there. Not at all.

The sunset was pretty gorgeous.


And really just intensified by the dude singing in the background with his sultry voice. Tres romantique.

We had a lot of fun, and I am so glad we did this!


If you’re in the Sarasota area and looking for something to do, hit up LeBarge! You won’t regret it!


Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “The LeBarge Booze Cruise

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked it. The entertainment is always my fave. So cheesy. So good. Like nachos. Yet not.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! A boat on the water with a warm breeze and a beer cannot be beat!

  3. You can never go wrong with palm trees, they just have such a tropical feel to them. When you see them you know you’re on vacation. Tell me exactly how many Jimmy Buffett songs did that man play? I’ll know if you’re lying, lol. This kind of looks like the water taxi that goes from Fort Lauderdale to South Beach. It doesn’t have booze but I highly recommend it.

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